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20 Thoughts to “Vintage Stockings – Spick and Span”

  1. Kevin Cowell

    there is nothing more feminine than a women in stockings and suspenders the 40s to the 60s said it all bring back the fem women.

  2. Владимир Лиив

    Всё это делает женщину сексуальнее .


    A girl’s legs are her fortune and they need to be nice looking and attractive. Nude stockings are good on a girls legs & feet if they are not marred,  Nylon stockings do so well at masking blems like spider veins, skin scratches and gnarly cords & veins in the foot, and the RHT does well to hide groaty toenails and scabby looking heels.  A backseam appeals to us old guys.  Sure, seamless did away with trying to keep a seam straight, and later, pantyhose did away with ornery suspenders & belt, especially the little buckles that made sore spots when the lady was seated.
    1938, I think it was, when nylon became available for a fine thread with which to weave stockings and the women loved it.  Softer and tougher than silk, which, by the way, was an item of contention with Japan in those days.
    Anyway, tnx for the reminiscing photos.  Jerry

  4. mrcancanfan1

    These exquisitely seductive young British ladies deserve to be remembered and acknowledged as the Stocking and Lingerie Goddesses they truly were.

  5. Wendtskrts

    Retro women, retro clothing and garters and panties up those. Excellent.

  6. MichaelW-Tn

    Stockings from the women of my mother’s generation. Ironically, it was the Brits who chased nylon stockings from women’s wardrobes when they invented the miniskirt during the late ’60s. Lovely musical background.

  7. David Norman

    Even back then such a tease! Absolutely love women in stockings and lingerie! Awesome pictures!

  8. David Norman

    Our parents worked hard and at least had something to look forward to at the weekend!

  9. Alan Wilson

    Mm sexy ladies ???

  10. Kenny Griffith

    Great legs and beauties one and all

  11. Neal Freeman

    nice to see women from years ago wearing stockings sexy legs.

  12. Neal Freeman

    women back then were women . thanks for your time showing theses women

  13. Marchewka Stephane

    Très bon document d époque et très belle pin up

  14. Eildert Vinkenborg

    There is nothing but old fashion stockings !

  15. John Hulls

    Beautiful ladies,beautiful photos.

  16. anto lamo

    Tutte super sexy…….

  17. Lloyd Harry

    Garter belt under the panties, thats how you wear them ??

  18. Steven Charles

    These were the days before pantyhose were introduced. Lucky husbands/boyfriends!


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