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5 Thoughts to “Vintage stocking”

  1. BoobTubeBob

    Great pix of some FINE lookin gals !
    what’s with the stupid music ? if you can call it that , ANNOYING !

  2. mrcancanfan1

    These seductive ladies were the most erotic leg and stocking teasers. They understood the desires of the men who love legs and stockings, and they enjoyed satisfying those desires with femininity, not obscene vulgarity. Thanks for this excellent video.

    1. packingten

      mrcancanfan1 Women today dress like men…. men are mostly queers limp wrist sissies!. I miss old times men were men women were women!!!.

    2. mrcancanfan1

      I hope that some day the Feminists (an ironic misnomer) will suffer the same disappointment that I have since these misandrists (man haters) made it acceptable for women to dress like slobs in public. In the 21st century ladies dress as ladies only for their significant others (husbands/lovers) or when ordered to by their bosses. You are slime, Feminists!

  3. Beto Lane

    Those were the days! I wish they had never ended! Thanks for the memories!


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