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8 Thoughts to “Vintage Spick & Span, Beautiful Britons”

  1. libraiis

    Harrison Marks was brilliant. So good to see these again..

    1. Thomas Hickland

      Mitcham old spanking mags

  2. Phil K

    When women were WOMEN not “wimmin” like the pathetic whining excuse for females most are today

  3. gourab101hyd

    there is endless webpages where girls online chatting online that are way better than youtube, i get it you all too lazy to search so ill tell you where i get all my vids type this in your browser GIRLCM.COM

    The only lies for which we are truly punished are those we tell ourselves.

  4. Ted Harding

    as a teenager these were probably as close as we got to seeing the female form in the 1950’s

  5. Digby Taylor

    great days seeing up skirts suspenders and stockings . not damn trousers like a man

    1. Digby Taylor

      great days stocking and suspenders

  6. Lloyd Whitefoot

    I totally agree with the last comment great upskirt shots especially with the stockings and suspenders would love to see today’s models wearing stockings and suspenders especially if saw them in person wow !!yes!! God is would soon get a hard on if it saw them in the flesh dressed like that


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