Motion Pinups How to Take A Walk in stockings

Amanda Lee learns how to take a walk for exercise.
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25 Thoughts to “Motion Pinups How to Take A Walk in stockings”

  1. Diamond Diva Princess

    Oh! What are you using to edit? I LOVE this technicolor look

    1. AtomicAgePictures

      I shoot with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and edit with Sony Vegas.

    2. Diamond Diva Princess

      Thank you so much! I love the vibrancy of the color!

    3. AtomicAgePictures

      Diamond Diva Princess my pleasure.

  2. CajunRose 1313

    This was fun and informative. It made me want to go walking to buy a hula hoop and look fashionable while doing so. ?

  3. BlackPin Ups

    I just love your videos! Keep them coming! I hope to star a little short film like this someday. 🙂

  4. Mandy Patterson CD

    Love it!

  5. mrcancanfan1

    Spectacular leg and stocking teasing! Very exciting! She has a beautiful face and perfect legs, hips and backside, but even a woman who is not nearly as well endowed and who might be decades older can excite me when she walks flirtatiously while wearing a vintage circle dress over a voluminous white petticoat – especially a petti that she is deliberately showing. Likewise, a tight, 1950s-length black pencil skirt and black, full fashion stockings and stiletto heels is an irresistible combo on any lady, but especially so for this lovely Nylon Goddess. (Is this filmed in the US? Is Miss Lee an American?) Thank you for this excellent video.

    1. AtomicAgePictures

      mrcancanfan1 Yes Amanda Lee is an American. We film in Arizona.

  6. RCs By A Dummy

    Love the “Lost in Space’ sound effect.. I started burning calories just watching her burning calories..Super adorable!

  7. Pyotr Leflegin

    Seeing this gorgeous hottie walking RAISES my blood-pressure! How lovely you look, ma’am – thank you.

  8. TomozukiII

    I wish I lived in the 50s.

  9. Dennis Mazza

    The video would have been much better if Amanda Lee did that hula hoop / lingerie exercise out in the park instead of the kitchen.

    1. AtomicAgePictures

      Unfortunately that would have gotten us kicked out of the park, or possibly arrested.

  10. Pentti Saarikoski

    Kukkamekko ????????

  11. Chris Davies

    What a little cracker.

  12. Steven Spaziani

    Amanda is sexy and beautiful.

  13. Robert Kibbler

    This is what a REAL woman looks like!

  14. Lord Red

    Those old styles are so much smarter,and women more sexier without showing acres of tattooed skin like today.

  15. niceone

    Beautiful. So very sexy.

  16. Dry liner 65

    Perfect ending ?

  17. mrcancanfan1

    This video is a sensational showcase of skirt, petticoat and stocking seduction. Also, your videos of the lovely Amanda Lee in vintage glamour are wonderful. Please keep making them. Thank you.

  18. Joel

    A lady must be lady like. Nice 🙂


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