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18 Thoughts to “Jane in Vintage seamed sheer stockings”

  1. nylondevil

    mm sexy as ever, with sensual gesture & very feminine curves

  2. CobraCouple

    great video and love the lingerie

  3. rls22

    Delicious and very feminine!!

  4. Het frufke

    I think Jane is rather clumsie.I suggest the following:
    1. Put on the girdle
    2. Put on the nylons
    3. Fasten the nylons
    4. Put on the panties
    5. Finally put on the dress

  5. DomBarber

    I found watching this video such a classic retro feel

  6. Jim Beattie

    Check out this story:
    – the transforming power of an old-fashioned girdle and well-fitting ballgown.

  7. undisclosed fellow

    @Tombugs49 Are you catholic?

  8. shane smith

    Got to be the strangest way to put on your suspender belt!!

  9. jokeren7

    wow so nice to see a real lady!

  10. Andreas Pe

    Das geht natürlich auch wesentlich weniger umständlich.

  11. bigmiler

    You are one sexy lady great legs would love to stroke those babys

  12. Dick Pritt

    a stunning lady in a very erotic vid,,, lovely!

  13. Little Foxen

    You are very sexy.

  14. Robert James James

    Stunning beauty.

  15. Beto Lane

    Older girls excite us older boys most! Thank-you!

  16. Harry Craig

    Jane do you wear nylons all the time HARRY


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