Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings – Vintage Stockings

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Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings are making a big comeback, and what used to be something that evoked images of pinup girls of the 1940’s, they can now still be found in a variety of textures and colours. From seamed vintage stockings, to fully fashioned vintage stockings, they can be worn for every occasion. Vintage stockings are very much in style today, as the retro look is all the rage.

Retro and vintage stockings can make your look complete and more authentic, and you’ll feel fab in them too! Seamed vintage stockings go great with a 1940’s flapper dress on a night out, or if you’re wearing it for a hot date. But don’t forget to style your hair and get you’re make up looking a la flapper girls!

Todays designers are well aware of the vintage styles coming back into fashion, and are basing a lot of their work on looks that were popular in the early 20th century, and vintage seamed stockings can be seen paired with these clothes on the catwalk.

Vintage nylon stockings can be worn in various different styles, and there is nothing more sexy than wearing fully fashioned stockings with a suspender belt.So to make your vintage look complete, have a browse round our shop, we’re packed full of vintage stockings for every occasion!

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