What piece of clothing fascinated you enough that started you dressing and you never looked back???

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The Question –
I bet most answers will be some type of hose or nightie.. my was a pair of stockings that my mom had thrown in the trash… I couldn’t wait to try them on… and I just wore stockings for a couple of years until I tried my first pair of pantyhose… I was almost cumming when I was slipping them on.. they were Sears Cling a longs.. and they did.. I don’t know what dressers did before hose came along… They just didn’t know what they were missing…. But I miss all the large displays of pantyhose that the stores use to have… just one little section now…. I guess guys are the only ones buying pantyhose now….. What was your first???

Slips. I would run my cars on the floor as my mom did the dishes. This was in the 60’s and women wore garters and stockings and slips and skirts and blouses at home. Anyway I would run them on the floor at her feet and would look up her skirt. The sexyness of the garters and stockings was good, but the sexy, soft, lacy slip dancing around gave me my first hard ons. I was in her drawers a few years later trying things on.
My first item was silky smooth suntan pantyhose.
Then migrated to high heels and then dress.
The first thing I ever tried on was a sexy lace pair of boyshort panties that were my gf’s….. we were talking bout our sexual fantasies and I told her I wanted to wear pantries while we had sex…. It went from there. She bought me all kinds of lingerie, then I started buying my own.
It started with my mothers long old fashion charmeuse nightgowns, later more of her lingerie from the 1940/50’s, and I still have some of her nightgowns and have bought a lot of similar nightgowns during the years, because I’m wearing nightgown every day/night, can’t stop.
My Mothers and Aunts Stockings, Mother wore them on special occasions and I found them in the washing and in her draws, I loved the feel, but my Aunt wore them all the time when she came around me being a teen and not enough chairs to go round was asked to sit on carpet and always got the best views, some times I am sure aunt knew.
silk scarves. loved the shiny look and slinky feel. then for some reason my mom gave me a half slip that i would masturbate with. after that it was all slips until i started wearing blouses that pass as men’s shirts but are a nicer silkier fabric. like to wear a scarf around the neck as an accessory.
When I was very young my moms dresses. The 40s 50s kind with the buttons all the way up the front. I got what for when I undid them all one day.
When I got old enough to find lingerie sexy it was garter belts and stockings, still a turn on.
It was my best buds, moms, pantyhose! She wore them everyday! One day I couldn’t resist borrowing a pair from their indoor clothes line! Hooked on hose ever since! Hugs Tasha
For me it was Mom’s girdle, stockings, bra, and heels. I never looked back…….have been into all things feminine but the first were these as well as lipstick, gloves and cigarettes, and for some unknown reason women’s boots have always excited me although Mom didn’t have any
My mum had a long black evening dress tried it on when i was about 11 or 12 ,not sure why and then I realized it didn’t look right so put on a pair of her black tights/pantyhose ,loved them and haven’t been able to stop wearing tights/pantyhose since
my sister, who is 5 years older than i, shared a bathroom, and it had our dirty clothes hamper in it. it was in the early ’80s when all the “preppy” and lace was in style (the modanna look and the cindy lauper look) for the girls. i was 11 or 12 in the bathroom and saw my sisters panties at the top of the hamper….i felt them……rubbed them ….and eventually tried them on and from that point on….i was totally hooked, and would “sneak” into her room when she wasn’t home and borrow things for the night and put them back and borrow something else the next day. omg what fun i had going thru her things…..her panties…..pantyhose….lil lacy tops….swim suits….bras…..skirts…etc. she did end up “catching me” and thankfully was very cool about it and started to put things she didn’t wear very often on one side of her closet for me. wow……what fun i had, and thankfully a very cool sister at the time.
The first thing I wore were a woman’s panty girdle. I took them from our family’s laundry hamper. I just loved how snug they fit around me. I got an instant hard-on. Soon after that was followed by other articles of lingerie. I got them from a number of places. It didn’t take long before I realized I adored the sensation of wearing a bra, nylons and slips.
STOCKINGS…Not Pantyhose, STOCKINGS….Grew up with my mom and grandmother, always found stockings hanging in the bathroom to dry….got curious, tried them on and BAM!, I was hooked….next came panties, slips and then bra’s.
of course this was way back in the 50’s…

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