Top Five Reasons Why These Guys Suck!

So you get your jollies off raiding clothes donation storage bins?  Why?

5 – WTF?

4 – Ever hear of air pollution?  Take a big whiff of toxic fumes.

3 – Do you hate women and girls?

2 – Try wearing nylon instead of burning it?


1- You have raided clothes donation bins of usable clothes that were destined to those families that need clothing!

Hope you RIH!

I know this may be tough for true nylon lovers to view.  Lingerie and hosiery were not meant to be burned!

Watch this video and give your comments below!



2 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why These Guys Suck!

  1. So according to you –
    These clothing has been gathered on the garbage place.
    In my town, there is a day which collects clothing garbage once every month.
    It is bundled, or the clothing into which it was put by the appointed garbage bag is placed on a garbage place, and the recovery vehicle collects them.
    Before a recovery vehicle comes, I am sorting out and bringing favorite clothing home.

    You robber! I don’t understand your motive for doing this, however I have come up with this thought.

    Your significant other caught you dressed up as a little girl. Your reaction then was to show your revenge on all women by burning clothing that has been
    donated to charity efforts!


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