Brian: I enjoyed your comments & agree with you 100%. I am an “old lady” (69), so old that I wore hose with garter belts in high school. That was our dress code, dresses, skirts, dress shoes & legs covered. Sitting with the garters digging into our legs all day was not pleasant. So when pantyhose came out (around 1961?), they were wonderful!!! I can’t believe how women dress now days in an office. Last week I saw 3 women in a hospital office wearing skirts, bare legs & beach sandals, all 3 of them. They were in their 40’s. Also, stringy sloppy hairdo’s. Geez, It’s a total shame how women dress these days. I worked in a bank 10 yrs in my 40’s & we all dressed & acted appropriately. I miss those days. We were told in high school that the dress code was enforced to prepare us for the future. Women today haven’t a clue. Again, I enjoyed your message.

mary in michigan….. I fully agree with you. I’ll be 70 this year and I hate that women have abandoned hosiery in their dress just because some fashion designer (male who already hates women) decided they weren’t necessary. When my younger sister came of age, nylons replaced her socks and she became a young lady.

gjm11653… I too wore garter belt with hose. I had 4 sisters and keeping us and my mom in hose was a chore. I remember on Saturday night several pair of hose hanging on a line in the kitchen. When I married and wore pantyhose I was in heaven! I am seeing many very pretty women newscasters sitting displaying their legs and they appear bare. Not really terrible looking but not real attractive either. I think hose are pure class. A sundress or similar can go without, but nothing says class in a suit or dress like great hose and shoes or heels.

I am that person who wears sandal foot pantyhose or stockings with sandals–it’s a weird thing, but meh. And there’s no way that I’ll wear a skirt or dress without stockings. No one needs to see the mosquito bites and other scars on my legs, so why not cover them up a bit. I don’t wear pantyhose very often though–I have skinny ankles, and I can never get them to fit correctly. (Also, if you’re over 5’8, but not “Big Mama” Pantyhose sized, you are doomed to have a very uncomfortable day, with your pantyhose sliding down your legs all day long!)

I think another reason is that hosiery doesn’t look good poking out of the impossibly ugly shoes women wear now. Hosiery is sexy; ugly shoes are not. Plus I’m not sure women know what sexy is anymore. Seem to me like being half naked means sexy for far too many of them. As for sexy stocking well the world’s most fetching TV personality right now, Rachel Riley, could use a bit of saucing up when it comes to her gams (see how old I am???). I’ve been watching the 80’s unfunny sitcom Sledge Hammer lately and marvel at how lovely inspector Doreau is in her classic mid-height pumps (and tight mini skirts of course). 🙂 Ladies, the next best thing to a pair of perfectly tanned legs is a pair of sheer black stockings. After having written all that I realize I haven’t helped with finding out why! I don’t know!!!!!!

And of course, it is true that more and more people dress like they live under a bridge. Maybe they don’t want to get mugged? 🙂

If a woman goes out with me she WILL wear hosiery if she’s wearing a dress with pumps or there won’t be a date. BTW I’m a gentleman in every respect and I have class and there aren’t a lot of us out there. So she will wear hose or sit at home alone on Saturday night if she wants to go out with me……

I am a woman and I agree with all the men here. The way women dress these days is disgraceful! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves. And yes, I would dress nicely if a man asked me to. It’s called respect for the other person. I would hope the same from a man if I asked him to dress a certain way for an occasion. I have been online for the last 3 days looking for a slip! I cannot even find a simple slip to wear underneath a dress. That’s another issue I could go on about as to why women need to wear slips! I am a 38 year old woman, and not some old granny who wears slips and hose. But over the last decade or so, my wardrobe has become more classy, sophisticated, and age appropriate. I wear them because it is the proper thing to do. A slip makes your clothing look nice, hang better, and gives a hint of modesty. Hose make your legs look attractive. They are classy and appropriate. Ladies, please bring back hose and slips!

I was actually born in the 90’s and I do know of them. I actually have a few pairs. Typically, pantyhose are just worn for dresses and skirts. It’s usually optional if it’s casual, but if its a formal event you must wear pantyhose. Im half and half with my opinion if them. I love them and the patterns they can have but as a women for big hips, big thighs, and a smaller waist, it is so damn hard to find a fitting pair. Plus when your thighs rub against each other with them on it kinda hurts. Also, I’m really pale, so nude hose are just so contrasting it looks orange and just… Not good.

It is true that in Europe especially, Women wear hosiery including the “New Old Fashioned” Nylon stockings with garters or suspenders. Men especially find it very sexy for a woman to wear pantyhose/tights/stockings along with heels of course. Women here in America are just too inconvenienced and could care less if it looks sexy. I’m lucky in that women I date wear them. Something I read on the net stated that there are now men’s pantyhose and a fair number of men too wear nylon stockings! Fascinating.