Stocking Tease – The Best Reason to Wear Nylon Stockings

The following article was taken from the now defunct Stocking Vixen blog


Stocking tease is an art the biggest names in stockings have perfected: Tina Grant, Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page.  Why do so many of us who love nylons think it’s sexier not to give everything away? There’s some quality about nylon that lends itself to teasing. Maybe the sheerness, maybe that nylon stockings and pantyhose are reminders of a more demure time when most women dressed in a way that was clearly feminine. In those days, a pair of beautiful legs wrapped in nylons was a stocking tease, in and of itself, because it was often the only visible piece of a woman’s sexuality. I’m sure many a man (and woman) was driven crazy following a back seam from the base of a heel, up the back of a leg to the logical conclusion. A good stocking tease is about creating anticipation and longing.


In the two years I’ve been blogging, I’ve interacted with thousands of other people with a nylon fetish and, although many prefer things to be explicit, I’d say that overwhelmingly people prefer stocking tease over anything else. I have some theories about this. I believe nylon fetishists, like many material fetishists, are sensualists. We’re in love with the way nylon stockings feel under our fingers, the way they catch the light, the way they shine against skin. Stocking tease appeals to us, because we love the silken swish of stockinged legs brushing together, the feel of a finger lightly run beneath a garter strap. Some love inhaling the scent or nibbling on nyloned toes. Nylon is something that can be experienced with all our senses. No wonder we want to be teased. We want to savor the thing we love.


A great stocking tease artist allows you to revel in all the sensory pleasures of nylon stockings. She strokes her legs together and runs her fingers along her thighs. She displays the surface of her nylon stockings to the light and admires the shine. She adjusts the tops of her stockings, taking care to pretend she doesn’t know you’re watching. As a rampant stocking tease myself, one of the parts that’s the most fun for me is pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Men can also be wonderful at the stocking tease in their own way. I love to watch my own legs being gently kissed in nylons. That anticipatory moment as I first feel his warm breath through the nylon stockings, followed by the soft pressure of a kiss always makes me shiver.

Why do nylon lovers love to tease and be teased? Why is the stocking tease so sexy? Why? It’s like the foreplay before the foreplay, the appetizer before a great meal, a moment to slow down and let desire build while we dream of the moment fingers first meet nylon.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Who are some of your favorite teases?

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