Pantyhose Sex Sunday – story

  I sat daydreaming looking at my wife dressed in a short skirt and blackheels with sheer nude hose.
Hanes silk reflections barely there! She always dressed so nice for Thanksgiving. Listening to a
relative drone on about his doings I thought back to last Sunday morning. I had just come back from
taking the kids to Sunday school, she was dressed and ironing her clothes for the upcoming work
week. She came around the corner in a sexy black skirt and matching heels with Hanes silk
reflections suntan hose. “Aren’t you going to come in and worship my feet while I iron?”

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We had
talked about that the night before while having sex. Being a foot guy I was on the floor between her
feet before she was ready. I was on my stomach kissing her ankle slowly working my way down along
her arch. Sticking my nose in between her shoe and foot, I could smell the light scent of leather mixed
in with her lotion. She spread her feet a bit giving me more room.

As she rocked back and forth, as
she ironed I could feel her feet flex under my lips and tongue. I loved the sensation of her hose
against my face. As she finished on pair of pants she stepped away, I took this opportunity to roll onto
my back. Another few seconds of grinding my cock against the floor and I was going to cum. She
smiled at me when she turned and saw I was now facing up. Placing a heel on either side of my head
I was granted the live up skirt view I loved so much. This appealed to my giantess fetish big time.

now turned my face to her other foot and started to kiss her arch when she gently nudged my face
with her foot. Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly
to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. The sole of her pump
on my forehead and her spike resting between my lips. “They always say that when ironing or
standing for a long time you should try to rest your foot on something to ease any stress on your
back. Don’t you agree?”

I knew what to do and my soft moan was all she needed to hear knowing
what she was doing to me. I held her heel gently between my teeth as she slid her foot out. God, I
love that sound, you know the sound of a leather pump sliding off a sexy size 6.5 hose covered foot. I
let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high
arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. Turning
her foot a bit she completely covered my mouth and I worked my tongue back and forth massaging
her sole. I was in fucking heaven and I thought my dick was going to explode. “Come on we have to
go get the kids and go to church. Put my shoe back on!” I took her shoe and slid it back on but not
before I kissed her toes. Once her shoe was on, she stepped over me leaving me on the floor in total
awe of what she just did to me. This was going to be a long morning!

The short car ride to church was
just enough time for me to calm down even though I was treated to a brief tease while driving. Once
inside our kids joined us and sat between us. She crossed her leg letting her shoe dangle just a tiny
bit. She was doing this intentionally but I wasn’t the only one watching. I could see the guy across the
aisle next to her and even the one behind him were taking the time to watch also. I told her about this
in the past and she didn’t believe me until she noticed one day at a meeting for work. I watched as
she let her heel slip off her foot briefly and noticed that she had their complete attention at this point. I
wondered what they were praying for, knowing their wives I could only imagine. Focusing on the
reason we were there I made it through church but just barely. I don’t think it’s a sin to think about
some of the things that run through my head in church since it’s my wife but if it is I am in deep shit!

Once we got home and got the kids settled it was time to lock the bedroom door. This is a regular
occurrence on Sunday, always has been and I love it. I took my clothes off and she stepped out of the
bathroom in nothing but her heels and hose. Fuck I love this look on her! She walked up to me and
placed her hands on my shoulders gently nudging me down to my knees. I knew what she wanted
and was going to give it to her. Kneeling I took her left nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it
softly at first and slowly increasing the pressure. She loves this, makes her so wet! This was
something that developed in the last few years and when she finally told me about it I make sure to
do it for her. Sometimes I ignore them until she tells me, ”Suck my Nipples.” those little words just
jack me up. She doesn’t like it too hard though I have gotten carried away and bit her a few times, not
good results for that.

I love kneeling before her doing this. I slid my hands up and down her hose
covered legs feeling her ass down to her hard calves. I slid my cock between them and she trapped it
between her calves holding me there, as I slowly started to fuck her hose covered legs. I had to be
careful as I didn’t want to cum too soon. She stepped back a bit and I changed nipples, slowly kissing
my way around her areola lightly flicking her hard nipple. She slid her leg into me lifting her shoe and
pressing under my balls. I could feel the top of her silky foot starting to slide back and forth slowly. I
was starting to leak pre cum uncontrollably and she loved this, knowing she caused it by teasing me.

She slid her foot up pressing my cock into me and took the toe of her shoe up the underside of my
cock milking me a bit. I was rubbing her sweet pussy through her hose, sucking harder on her nipple.
I could feel her heat and her hose getting damp. She knew what was coming next and took me by my
hair and pushed me further down. Spreading her legs, I slid down putting my arms behind me and
placing my face in her pussy as she straddled my face I slid my tongue out along her gusset. When I
reached her bud I did my best to press into her and suck through her hose. I could feel her thighs
against the side of my head as she started to press down onto my face a bit. I met her pressure
pushing back up. Then she did something new, dropping her weight down on me I was pinned to the
floor as she sat on my face. I liked it new things are good. I thrust my tongue even harder into her as
she slowly rocked back and forth on my face. The gusset of her hose was getting wetter with my
saliva and her nectar mixing together. Without any warning, she stood up and when I tried to follow a
spike heel was placed on my chest holding me down.

Holy fuck she knows I love shit like this. As I lay
there, she took her heel and used my shoulder to take her shoe off sliding her foot down my chest my
senses were exploding at the sensation. Placing her foot on my cock, she started to step on me.
Faster and harder, her heel was hitting my balls. My god she was jacking me off with her foot hard
and I was enjoying the pain. The two senses of pleasure and pain were like fire and ice and she knew
it was rocking me. Harder she pressed and I was lifting my hips to meet her steps. I could feel my
cock leaking and wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to last. I am sure she could tell by my
facial expressions as she slowed to a stop. Putting her full weight on my cock, she brought her other
foot up alongside my hip. Then taking her foot shoe slowly pressed her toes into my balls. Soft
sounds were involuntarily leaving my mouth I don’t think I could speak if my life depended on it Using
her big toe, she slowly dragged it up over my balls and along my shaft. She was milking my cock and
it was working.

As she got further up she was placing her whole foot on me until the tips of her toes
were resting on the head of my cock. Her delicate soft sole resting on my cock I tried to move but she
just shook her head no and I didn’t move. Slowly now she took her toes and slide them over my
cockhead covering them in pre cum. Oh my God the feeling of a hosed foot covered in pre cum on
my cock is another slice of heaven. With my eyes shut, I felt her toes forcing their way into my mouth
and I didn’t hesitate to do what she wanted. “Get on the bed,” was all she said to me. I was there in a
flash watching her slide her hose off. I admit I was briefly disappointed. She climbed up onto me,”
Please let me lick your pussy.” She didn’t say a word as my cock easily slid into her and she started
to fuck my brains out rocking back and forth making sure she was hitting all her right spots. I was
doing my level-headed best not to cum, I wanted her to enjoy every second. I brought my head up
and started to suck her nipple again as she was fucking me. Not the best porno move but it worked,
She was about to explode. Lying back down I didn’t know it until she did it but she had her hose in her
hand and placed it on my face holding me down.

I could feel her pressing and squeezing my face
harder as her orgasm built and when she came that was it I was done. I exploded into her and the
sensation was great as it felt like every drop of blood left my head. Normally when she feels me cum
inside her she cums also but this time she went first and I think the feeling was intensified for her
because she was pressing her hose into my face like mad. When she was done, she lay on top of me
and we were both spent. I don’t think we were at it very long but it was intense. We lay there for a bit
both regaining the power of speech. “Good baby.” I couldn’t answer so she knew that she just
destroyed me. I could feel our juices leaking out and down my balls a bit. “Mm… you made a mess.”
As she said, this she slowly lifted off me and slid up a bit. On all fours we both knew what was
happening and l lifted my head to watch out mix slowly leak onto my stomach. After a few seconds,
she took her hose and used them to keep the rest form coming out as she climbed off the bed and
into the bathroom. A few minutes later, she came out and I had not moved, she was standing near
the bed I slid back just a bit until my head was off the side and upside down, I started to lick her pussy
lips. She stayed for a few seconds with a soft moan. “Later baby, I promise you can lick me as much
as you want but we have things to do.” I gathered my strength and headed into the shower it was
already a great day!



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