How I got started! – Member Submission Story

It was when I was 13. I was home alone for 2 days and I went into my mom’s lingerie drawer. It was full of panties, stockings and pantyhose. I was in heaven. I put on my mom’s panties and stockings attached to a black suspender belt and I started walking around the house. It felt so nice. I could not resist and I took a pair of pantyhose for myself. I would wear them everywhere I go, under my jeans of course. I used to hide them under my pillow until my mom found them while cleaning my room. We had a conversation and she told me that I should have spoken to her about my curiosities. She asked me if I tried on anything else while I was home alone and I told her that I tried on her panties and stockings.

My mom was surprised that I was honest to her and she told me that I shouldn’t wear someone else’s underwear without permission. She also asked me if I liked wearing panties and I told her that I fell in love with them because they were so comfortable. She told me that we will go out shopping tonight. That night we went in town to a lingerie shop (i don’t remember the name of the shop, sorry!) and she told me to pick the panties that I liked the most. I remember choosing some purple hipster panties. I tried them on until I found the right size. The experience was so nice. She ended up buying me panties so I wouldn’t use hers again. The next day she came home from work and she told me that she bought something for me. It was a pair of black pantyhose. I hugged her and then I thanked her. A few weeks later, every time I went shopping with my mom I was asking her if I could get another pair of panties and she never refused me. Best mom ever!

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