Getting caught wearing her pantyhose!

Ladies what would you do if you found your boyfriend or husband wearing your pantyhose?

This question was asked at a fashion/style blog.  See what some had to say!


I can tell you what my wife did.

She stopped wearing pantyhose soon after we got married. I used to like it when she wore pantyhose, so I was disappointed. But she generally prefers to wear pants or shorts now. She doesn’t like wearing tight fitting clothing in general.

I on the other hand prefer to wear compression pants and leggings. They help my legs with fatigue and keep my muscles warm.

Anyway, I decided to try pantyhose one day, because I figured they were similar to compression leggings. Well my wife decided that if I was going to wear them, I was going to need to wear them properly. She had me pick out a maid dress, since I’m the one who cleans the house. She works full-time, I work part-time. Then she had me wear the pantyhose with the dress, which she calls my uniform and said it was the 21st century. She was the one out working and it was my turn to wear the pantyhose.

I asked her why the dress?

She said why not? Was there something wrong with dresses?

I couldn’t answer no, she still wears them on occasion. Besides, the dress was more practical with the pantyhose. Wearing shorts, or some other type of pant over them usually causes the waistband to bind over more. Mainly because they push in on the waistline.

So now when she’s home, she basically takes it easy and lounges around on the couch, on her ipad.

I meanwhile clean up around the house in my “uniform”

At first, she teased me and would say things like, keep your stockings straight. Or don’t get you pantyhose in a twist. Or I want to take a shower, get your fricken pantyhose out of the way…since they were hanging in the bathroom.

Now its just an expected routine for me to wear my “uniform” while I clean up.

Noel Lynne

Assume his tights for historical re-enactments had worn out. I’d also offer to buy him some new ones as he is a foot taller with much slimmer legs than I have, so they’d bag really unattractively.


I’d make him contribute to my hosiery budget. Hey…If we’re gonna share, you’re gonna pay your way. These things ain’t cheap!

Seriously though, I’d make him walk the cat walk for me and give me a twirl. Then, we’d pour a glass of wine and talk about his interest/affection for my pantyhose. Is it MY pantyhose, or just pantyhose in general that interests him…and what is it about wearing them that works for him. I just want him to talk to me and tell me all about it.

Other than that, if he was to become a full time wearer, then I’d probably make it a requirement that he shaved his legs. Nothing looks as gross and disgusting as long leg hair trapped between pantyhose and your legs. Yuck! He’d have to go the smooth and soft route, same as me, if he wanted my endorsement.


I would secretly video tape or snap a photo! BLACKMAIL CENTRAL! Haha jk but it’s good to have handy just in case you don’t feel like cooking dinner or doing dishes haha

Then I would sit down and look him straight in the eyes and ask if there is anything he wants to tell me. If your married you should have a certain comfortability at that point to be able to discuss even the weirdest quirks. See what happens. Listen to your gut. And then let him know you have pictures.


Since my husband is 6′2 to my 5′4 .5, I’d ask if he was uncomfortable, since they’d be too short for him. Actually, my husband has a pair of tights for an Iron Fist costume that he wore, so he wouldn’t need to wear mine.

I’m guessing you’re asking about the possibility of cross-dressing or even him realizing he was born in the wrong body. That answer is easy: I will do my best to support him on that journey. There will be times when I get confused, but I’ll ask him to help me understand the journey.


I just made a $2000 dress for a man, so honestly I wouldn’t care. I helped him and his wife source fake boobs, shoes to fit him and a wig.

When I worked in retail a woman came in and wanted to be fit in a man’s suit for an event. I helped her and fit her when other people wouldn’t.

In this day and age it’s not unheard of, it wouldn’t shock me and I’d be supportive of whatever their reasons were.

People get too caught up in what something means and judge people based on stupid things that don’t really matter.


Nothing. I would probably hand him my bra and tell him to put it on and give me a show. There is nothing wrong with men doing things like that and it doesn’t make them gay either. Women wear mens clothes all the time and no one says anything about that. Clothing is just clothing to cover the body . Heck there are still places in the world where the people still wear no clothes at all. Society has made the rules about what it thinks is normal. Way back when the men used to wear tights and even wore wigs and make up. A person should be able to wear what ever they feel comfortable in.


My husband has his own. Usually if I see hubby has put tights or stockings on before his work attire then I know it must be cold outside and I go for a thicker pair myself.


I refuse to wear the monstrosities, so he’d be wearing his own.

I’d ask him a lot of very probing questions about his fetish in a non threatening way, because it wouldn’t bother me. But establish boudaries, he can’t wear my underwear.

But, big deal. I wear mens’ suits, I look pretty sharp in them too.

Jessie Lee

I would be extremely concerned, depending on what pair he chose. Did he damage them in any way? You don’t just pull on pantyhose; there’s a technique to it. God help him if he put a run in them because I’d kill him!

I’d then assign him his own pantyhose, so that he doesn’t ruin anything from my hosiery hoard. I wouldn’t stop him, but it doesn’t really turn me on. I am only sexually aroused by women wearing nylons. When it comes to sexual attraction, I like men to be manly and women to be very girly.

Sandy Zou

I think it will be a funny story .because my boyfriend always cooking for me ,when I feel cold , He will get clothes from home to wear or take off my coat to cover me .and if one day I find my boyfriend wearing my pantyhose ,I think he is Detect the quality of the clothes ,if I find he like pantyhose ,I will buy some pantyhose to he ,he love me and I love he .I think this is love . and he know I usually buy clothing from Cesila ,So when this brand have new fashion clothing he will brought at the first time.


She should said it’s not stopping there she should make him get fully dressed make up bra high heels everything and take him out like that to the clubs and see how any guys try to pick him up. Let me tell you that what my ex did and it was all over for me the next day when I woke up in one of her gay friend bed. I’ll tell you it was wonderful cuz I was sore and I was walking funny too.


I’d ask him it’s really true that “gentlemen prefer Hanes” …?

Laura B

Men who cross dress are not for me. I would have to end the relationship. I like manly men, not “non binary “, gender fluid or transvestites or whatever else they may be called.


My girlfriend at the time caught me wearing pantyhose, and at first she was confused about it. So I explained to her why I enjoy wearing them and she had no problem with it. We have been married for over 17 years and we both still wear pantyhose. I wear them a lot more often then her. And she has actually become attracted to me in pantyhose. If we dress up and I am not wearing pantyhose, she gets all bummed out.


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