Caught with Mom’s Nylons

Oh No!  Your Mom was cleaning your room and found a pair of her nylons under your bed.  You don’t know what to do or what will happen, as you are almost late for school!

Give us your best scenarios about what happened. Member responses below.

Share yours and it might get posted here!

Mom had found a pair of her nylons under her boys mattress. She was taking her son to her room where she would make him put on the nylons and a bra and girdle. She would then put him over her nylon clad knees and spank him till he learned his lesson. She was sure this would stop him from ever wearing her clothes again.

He sneaks in to his moms room, and slips on her sheer stockings as often as possible. He has discovered her lovely collection of girdles and corsettes which accent her marvelous figure. He loves putting these on and strapping on her extreme high heels. He has tried her perfume, and is going to try her makeup next.

Next thing, mom is doing, she invites her sister, presenting her little sissy to her. He has to serve the tea and cookies, dressed in her clothes, and is spanked by both of them in his cute pink panties.

Oh yes – caught playing with Mummy’s nylons again. He was warned and now he will pay for his transgressions – the tawse will bring him back in line.

This brings back the most wonderful memories….wearing mom’s nylons…..then I shaved my legs and painted my toe nails red and slipped into her nylons….heaven….

I think it was the first time i had heard the word ‘nylon’ as a description of ladies stockings. I had hidden a pair in my bedroom which i enjoyed wearing when i was alone in my bed at night. I will never forget the day that Mum confronted me at the dinner table. ‘Do you mind telling me why you have a pair of ladies nylon stockings under your bed??’, she demanded to know. My face went a bright red as i struggled without success to hide my intense sense of embarasment at being exposed.

Is this not one of our biggest dreams! There is nothing more exciting than being caught in nylons panties by a woman!!!! Well, maybe being told to strip and put them on

How about being caught by your wife and her boyfriend while you are in nylons and heels!

Have you ever been caught?  Want to share a scenario and/or your experiences?

Share your experience below!


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