Best Selling Hosiery and Customer Reviews

Best Selling Hosiery with Customer Reviews

These pantyhose are fabulous! I was determined not to like them because they were so inexpensive. Recently, I paid over $9.00 a pair for 2 pair of pantyhose that were terrible. The wasteband rolled down my stomach and they were very uncomfortable! But these pantyhose are so comfortable and they stay in place, and even better, the wasteband does not roll!! They are very well made, too. I saw a review where someone wrote, for inexpensive pantyhose, these are great. I say, these are great for any price!!! They can go up against L’eggs any day!

Experience. I have purchased this product five times. I buy the “one size” and it fits nicely. I’m 5’2 and a size 2. Each pair of pantyhose is individually wrapped, which is convenient for travel or so you don’t have to worry about snagging them in your dresser drawer.

Color varies per pack of 6. Over time, I’ve purchased three packs of Dark Beige, one pack of the Light Beige, and one pack of the Beige/Nude–trying to find the perfect color. The problem is that the exact color within the packs seem to very from pack to pack, and sometimes the color varies within one pack of 6. I started out with the Dark Beige, which worked well for some time. When I ordered the second pack of Dark Beige, I realized one day that it was too dark (it must have been one of the darker pairs within the pack or maybe the whole second pack was darker than before). So next I tried the Light Beige. The light beige worked, I wore them, but they were just too light. It was clear I was wearing pantyhose–they didn’t blend as well with my skin color. Then I went back to the Dark Beige and was moderately happy with the color, but decided to next try the Beige/Nude. This is the most recent one I purchased. The Beige/Nude is great. However, some of them seem to have a “gold” or “sheer” color to them. It seems, however, that each time I wash them the gold/sheer color wears off and they become more sheer. I wish they were originally like this. In summary, I’m still not sure which color I prefer, I guess I’m stuck between Dark Beige and Beige/Nude. Maybe next time I’ll purchase both at the same time and do a closer analysis.

Quality varies per pack of 6. I cannot say that these are not the best quality ever. Sometimes I can wear one pair 4 times. Sometimes they rip/snag at the moment I put them on. Sometimes they snag by lunch time. On average, I’d say I get 2 wears out of each pair. Really it depends on how rough I am with them and what I’ve done that day. Also sometimes I mess them up when I wash them. But for the price of about $2.00 per pair (if you get free shipping), you can’t beat it.

Extending the life of the pantyhose. I have found that if I put lotion on my legs and on my hands before putting them on they snag much less. Also, make sure you’re really gentle with them when you hand wash them. Even when you hang or lay them to dry make sure there’s nothing they can snag on.

So far, I’ve worn 3 pairs of these. The first pair ran from my toes on the first wearing so I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke or if we were off to a bad start. However, the second pair wore fine (in fact, I’ve worn it twice, and it’s still fine). The third pair ran from the thigh on the first wearing. While runs always annoy me, I’ve had much more expensive hose run during first wearings as well so I can’t blame the hosiery. I was impressed that the first run (toes) didn’t run beyond my shoes, so I was able to complete the day with them despite noticing the run mid-morning or so. And, the second run (thigh) worried me even though it appeared later in the day–normally I have to change hose mid-day since those ones seem to get so big so fast (what with the extra movement of the top portion). However, I immediately sprayed the thigh run with hairspray and by moving as delicately as possible the rest of the day, it didn’t run far enough to be visible under my skirt so I completed the day without changing my hose and simply threw them out at the end of the day. The hose are not “control top” supportive but are attractive and comfortable, and for the price, I’m satisfied.

Man do I hate shopping for and spending money on nylons. I received these nylons yesterday and have worn them for 8 hours now. They seem perfectly fine, which for the price, is great. I am 5’3″, 150lbs and the “one size” fit well. I think somebody over 5’5″ might find them too short, though. As a pale woman, I find the beige/nude to be perhaps a touch too dark for my taste, but a coworker told me that she thought I did not have nylons on from far away so they’re probably fine. They do tend to fall down a bit as you wear them, but not terribly. I find the silkiness to be adequate. They are a tad shiny, but not blindingly so. I have encountered a few minor snags over the course of the day, but these, so far, have not resulted in runs. The toe of these is actually slightly reinforced, which I did not read in the description, so they are not a completely sheer toe if you are looking for that (although they aren’t too dark). I expect to purchase these again in the future.

I bought these as basically throw away/one time use pantyhose but have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit. I expected these to run easily but this is not the case. Also, the shine on them is a nice feature. I am 6′ and they fit great.

I like my nylons to be very nice and sheer, and I don’t want a control top. These fit both my requirements and are a fabulous price. I don’t think they snag or run any faster than any of the much more expensive nylons I’ve worn. I have accidentally put a finger through the top while pulling them on when I wasn’t gentle enough, but because the top is lightly reinforced, it didn’t matter because the run didn’t travel into the leg.

I am 5’7″, 160 lbs, wear a size 12 pants, and the regular size fits me perfectly.

I love these pantyhose and I hope they never stop selling them on Amazon. I recently did some experimenting and bought several different kinds of sheer pantyhose in an effort to find the perfect pair. At the last minute, I threw these pantyhose into the mix. I thought they might be cheap hose that I could wear to work. I LOVE them far more than the more expensive pairs! They are sheer, comfortable, and they make my legs look glossy, but not shimmery. My only complaint is that they don’t last long, but that is almost always the case with 15 denier or lower. It is worth it for me, because they are so inexpensive! Keep up the good work!

I hate pantyhose and I’m very, very hard on them- I tend to walk into things a lot and my office is full of old wooden furniture that doesn’t exactly have smooth edges anymore, so I consider myself lucky if I get five or six wears out of one pair before I have to chuck them. That said, when they’re $4 a pair at off-price stores, it’s tough to think I pay nearly $1 per day to wear something I hate wearing anyway. When I saw these on Amazon with prime shipping, I figured heck, why not, and I’m glad I got them. At just over $2 a pair, they’re a steal compared to what I find in stores, so even if they weren’t as good as the more expensive ones, I wasn’t going to be upset about it.

Even though I’m fair skinned, I went with the dark beige, because it was hard to get a read for the colors online and with pantyhose, I’d always rather go a shade too dark than a shade too light. And while I think I could probably wear the regular beige, and might order a pack of those too, the dark beige works just fine for me as long as I don’t wear nude shoes.

These are definitely not control top, which I’d read in other reviews, but I like that because I hate control top pantyhose. I’m 5’2 and a size 0-2, and these are probably a smidge too big; they feel like they fit more like a legging than pantyhose. And I actually like that too, since I usually manage to put runs in pantyhose that are “my size” from pulling too hard to get them on. These went on super easy and are nice and comfortable around my tummy rather than being constricting and giving me weird rumples under my clothes. They do come up to my natural waist and would probably go a bit higher if I pulled, but that’s how it goes when you’re short, and it provides a nice smooth line under a skirt with a clingier top.

They are thinner than the more expensive brands, but I really think that’s to be expected with the price. They don’t seem overly fragile when you consider the thickness of them. They are sheer, but they do provide enough coverage to keep your legs from freezing off in the winter walking from your car to your office building and back if you walk quick. And they’ve held up to the sillicone heel grippers I put in most of my work shoes, which have brought more than one pair of pantyhose to an untimely end.

Overall, if you’re the type that likes control top and reinforced toes and heels, and you can buy a $5 or $10 pair of hose and have them last a season, these probably aren’t worth it for you, because you get your money’s worth out of the more expensive brands, and I feel like these will show their wear faster. But if you’re the type who throws out a new pair of pantyhose every week because your nail snagged it or you walked past a rough desk edge a little too close, these are much more cost-effective than even buying name brands at off-price stores.


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