Who First Saw You In Stockings Or Who First Caught You In Stockings?

Some of our Members comments below:

I was never actually caught by my Mother or My First Wife although they both at seperate times found my stash of clothing and mentioned it, neither was best pleased!.

When I first met my present Wife I agonised about telling her for about 6 months, then one evening She asked If I had any secrets she should know about?, Well I said……….

And I told her, she said she wanted to see me dressed In what I had got, So later that evening I dressed in a Black basque with suspenders, black lace top stockings, black lacey knickers, and a black see thru baby doll, finished off with some 4 inch heels.

When she saw me she said I looked sexy and loved the look, she was extremely jelous that I could walk in the heels.

We had a great night together and have had many more since over the last 10 years, the only thing that stops us enjoying each other when I am dressed is our very inquisitive 9 year old daughter and me working away a lot.

My mother walked in on me once. I was 17 or so, and thought I was the only one awake. My bedroom was downstairs, and thought I could hear anybody approaching. I was wrong obviously. I was wearing stockings with a garter belt, a bra, panties, and some elbow length gloves. She was not amused. It was quite a while before I dressed again.

My sister was….

i was wearing black stockings and suspender belt when 15, in the bath room. My dad had a porn mag with a girl in black stockings in the bath – with an accompanying story about how they felt on her legs when wet and i wanted to find out just how it was for myself. Just as i got in the door opened and there i was hard and playing with her lingerie and stockings on – she was 18.

she laughed at me and i stood up covering myself

her response was well – “at least they look good on you” and closed the door

we spoke about it afterwards and she was very understanding – and interested. she would often leave her tights and stockings on the bathroom floor for me after that.

Was just turning 15 and caught by my Aunt in her bathroom wearing her beautiful RHT stockings that she always had hanging in there. I had never been more scared, embarrassed and humiliated in my life. I thought my world was ending with my deep fetish secret out and for sure all I could also think about was now my whole family finding out. Story is was to long to tell, but it turned out to be the most shocking and erotic day of my life up to that point.

Had a similar experience when i was about the same age or a bit younger i had been trying on one of my mother’s corsets and a pair of her stocking and she arrived home earlier than expected. Despite hiding under my bed, she found me there. All i remember was being ordered to get out ‘of those things’ and put them back from where i had got them. Like you, i felt humiliated, but nothing more was ever said about the incident. But the experience didn’t in any way affect my fetish for nylon stockings, which of course remains to this day.

By way of postscript, i have been fortunate enough to have recently acquired a new girl friend who adores wearing lovely nylon stockings (and the suspender belts and corselets that support them). And needless to say, her boy friend loves to indulge her in this regard by satisfying all her requirements for hosiery.

My wife.

I would often ask her to wear stockings but she preferred not to even tho she had stockings.

One morning when I asked her again she said if it’s stockings you want then you’ll have to wear them yourself.

So I did. That day I bought some stockings, suspender and panties on my way home from work.

When it was time for bed I went to the bedroom first, put on my new lingerie and got into bed.

Then my wife came to bed. We snuggled up close. ‘What’s that’ she said as she detected my stockings and suspender. ‘Stockings darling’, I replied, ‘You did say that if it’s stockings I want then I should wear them myself. So here I am in stockings, what do you think’.

‘Let me see’ she said, switching on the bedside light. ‘WOW, and panties, you naughty man. You look great, and you have better legs than me as well, bitch. It feels a little strange seeing you in stockings and panties, such pretty panties as well, but yes if that’s what you want, as long as you promise you are not gay and will only wear them at home’.

I was in my early teens and lived in the flat above my aunt who was mid twenties I would go down stairs and wear her stockings panty girdle bra heels etc when she was at work. One day she came home early there I was in her pink bra panty girdle black stockings and black heels. She giggled as I tried to take then off when she stopped me and said she would help me. It was a great relationship we had until she moved away. She even bought me some of my own feminine things that I kept in her drawer.

I was caught when I was 13 by my mother, I was wearing her stockings and panties with a nice night gown and knee high boots. I was taking pictures at the time. She was very understanding about the whole thing and even let me shop with her for stockings and help her to clip her stockings.

Never got caught. First person to see me would be the wife. She had suspected something was going on but never wanted to talk about it. When I finally confessed it was a relief for the both of us. She was afraid I wanted to go “all the way” as she put, meaning dress all the time……which would be nice of course but no, I’m quite happy to keep it discreet between the two of us. She was so relieved she laughed and told me to treat myself. I was annoyed with myself for not saying something earlier, if only I’d known how she would react.

Having said that, I had been practicing with the camera hoping to post some photos here. Thought I’d been clever storing them on a separate memory card but during editing some must have been saved to the pc. Found them and thought I’d bury them so she wouldn’t find them, however, she was uploading holiday snaps to a website and during the process it uploaded every jpeg it could find!! She wasn’t too pleased then and I was mortified!! She didn’t know how to delete them either! She did work it out and gave me a ticking off.

My story may be a little different.

I remember 2 girls when I was in junior school,both I had the “hots” for.

They both came to school one day,the first time both wearing stockings.

I remember having a touch up to one who I sat next too.

From then I had to find this wonderful garment in my Mothers bedroom.

Of course removed some nylons which were far to big for me along with a corset.

I found a brilliant hiding place thinking they would never be found,but of course they were..

She never actually said anything but removed them.

I then went and got some more from her bedroom.So life went on.

Fast forward to my late teens.

I had a girlfriend later to become my wife ,who was really beautiful and she had an affair with a Harley St.Dr.

He had a thing about making love with both wearing stockings,My girlfriend asked would I like to try that!

That became obviously really something nice for me to look  forward too.

Lots more came after that .But I’m not writing a book here,so here endith this story.

My mum, in my bedroom wearing one of her girdles with a pair of her nylon stockings and heels. She walked in smiled and we had a long chat. The next day she took me shopping for my own “wardrobe”.

Since that day she’s bought me undies and hosiery. Even lets me use her clothes if I want.

My mum when I was about 6, I used to try hers on while playing in the house, if my Dad came home I would take them off pretty quickly. They must have talked about it but never too me. Next time was in front of my sister when I was in my teens, She had suspender belt and stockings so I asked her if I could try them on, she agreed and help me dress. I was so turned on by it that it became a life long compulsion. I never did it again in front of my sister, she thought it was just a bit of fun, instead I bought my own, a bit nerve racking at the time and dressed in my bedroom. Later when I got married I gave up for a few years apart from trying my wife’s clothes on when she was out sometimes. I was trying to give it up but it never leaves you completely.


Forward a few more years and I’m divorced and remarried, nothing to do with cross dressing and I hadn’t worn anything for ages when one evening, sitting with my wife watching tv in shorts I decided to put on a pair of her tights under my shorts and just came into the room and sat next to her. She hardly batted an eyelid, just complained that I would ‘spoil’ them for her. That was my cue to come out and tell her my story. I think she was a bit shocked and though I was gay or a pervert or something. We had a long talk and I convinced her that I was neither of those things. Since then I wear hold up and panties with shorts most evenings in front of her, we don’t even talk about it, it’s just normal. We haven’t told anyone else so it’s just between us. I’ve got my own clothes and I don’t need to hide them, I feel liberated.


I’m working away at the moment and thought in a strange town I could go out in public wearing something without being spotted by someone I know. I’m not brave enough to wear a skirt and top so I shave my legs and  put on a pair of sheer tan hold ups

under sports shorts, it felt great, and went for a walk around the town. I was nervous and decided not to make eye contact with anyone. Needless to say, it went without a hitch, I don’t know if anyone noticed and I wasn’t bothered if they did.

I started early at the age of 14 when I was caught by my mom. It happened just by chance. She came to my room to get my shirt for the laundry. I did not want to but had to remove my shirt and she saw the highwaisted obg I was wearing. She asked me to put down my pants and so I stood there in here obg and stockings. One of the most embarrassing moments I ever had. She did not become mad and talked to me. But it did not help. It did not take long and I was caught again. Although she did not approve I couldn´t resist to wear stockings with obg again and again.

Years later we laughed about these episodes. Now almost 30 years later the magic of the girdle is still there. I was lucky because my wife accepted my love of stockings and girdles. I wear a girdle with stockings under my suit almost every day. i could not imagine to go without.

It was my aunt she stayed across the road from us and I would go over when she was at work, my mother had a key which I would ‘borrow’ sometimes. This day I was in her bedroom wearing her black stockings, suspenders and a pink slip. Needless to say I was quite aroused and in full flight and didn’t hear her come in. I was caught red handed and red faced!! She was actually very relaxed about it, more than I was lol. She sat down on the bed and talked to me about it. She said she had suspected I was using her undies and she told me it was ok and if I ,dirtied, them I had to wash them! After that we shared some wonderfully erotic times together.

I have been a cross dresser since I was 12 years old where I first experimented with my mothers lingerie and stockings but it wasn’t until I was 18 years old that I was caught by my then girlfriend. I used to sneak into her bedroom when I stayed at her flat and I would try on her beautiful underwear and stockings. She must have realized something was going on because she set a trap. She left for work at her usual time and I was left in the house all on my own. I waited about 20 minutes to make sure the coast was clear and then I went to her bedroom to indulge myself. Unbeknownst to me she had taken the day off work and she returned to the house and caught me red handed. As she walked into her room there I was dressed in her silky satin lingerie and black seamed stockings. I felt really embarrassed but she just stood there and commented that if I was going to wear women’s underwear and stockings I should get some to fit me properly and to shave my legs. After being found out Karen did not mind at all in helping me to explore my feminine side. She was delightful in that not only did she accept me for who I was she did everything she possibly could to help me experience what it really is like to be a woman.

Mom knew I had tried hers on but never actually saw me, but my beautiful single Aunt invited me to stay with her for a 3 day weekend when I was 13. She was a professional, and wore a smart dress or business suit with skirt everyday. She picked me up at bus station a we rode to her house on Fri evening, when arriving she immediately stripped to her girdle, stockings, bra, and heels to start us a bite to eat. While waiting for it to cook, she said it was ok if I wanted to wear undies around the house since it was close to 100 degrees that day. So when she went back to kitchen, I stripped to my high waisted panty girdle and stockings and walked into the kitchen to eat at the table with her. She didn’t act too surprised, but asked why I enjoyed wearing them. I could only tell her that I love the way the stockings feel on my legs, especially when pulled tight by 6 or 8 garters pulling them taut, and keeping them that way. Told her I loved her openness in her dressing around the house and asked if we could do it everyday. She said OK, it’s just between us, I told her thank you, and told her I loved her, gave her a big hug.

After dinner, while watching the television, she asked if I wanted to go a little further, I eagerly said yes ! She took me to her favorite shops the next day, bought me a nice bra, to match my girdle, as well as another matching bra and girdle set, said” A girls has to have more than one girdle and bra.”. Then she also got me a 3″ pair of black patent pumps, so we could dress alike every night. Sitting around in our heel, stocking, girdles, and bras; well that 3 day visit stretched into a month, we told my folks I helped her with projects at her house.

I was caught and seen by my mum when I was 13 years old. I got the hiding of my life. She wasn’t happy at all. She said I was a little boy with a willy not a girl. She found me wearing a bra, panties, pastel pink tights, high heel sandels, and a Loverly 2 tone dress. I felt so girly and happy.

After I’d been found out crossdressing, every time my mum couldn’t find her clothes I always got the blame. Where are my panties or stockings she would say. Have you been wearing them? Where have you hidden them?

It never stopped me and I fully dress as a woman for my female partner who loves me dressing in heels and stockings. Not forgetting everything else makeup underwear etc.

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