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When did your nylon fetish start? One of our Members submitted the following:

This is how my nylon stocking fetish started for me….

Before it even became a sexual fetish I can remember being drawn to nylons. I can remember events with nylons as far back of the age of 5.

I can remember being fascinated and intrigued with women’s stocking tops, the dark shiny wide bands and long seams running down the back of their legs disappearing into a very high heel. The seams of the stockings turning into a big reinforcement of dark nylon cupping the heel of a woman’s foot as she wore a pair of slippers or high heel open toe mules. The dark reinforced heel and toe of the sheer shiny stockings kick-started my nylon foot fetish at a very young age.

The sight of those shapely female legs in sheer shiny nylons, and stockinged feet arched in high heels galvanized me. I would almost squirm as women would dangle their heels or slide her stocking foot in and out of her pumps. I can remember that thick smell of worn stockings and shoes.

I can remember like yesterday as a boy hiding in my Aunt’s bedroom closet playing hide-n-seek. As I stood there in that small dark closet waiting to be found by my cousins, all of a sudden I realized that my Aunt’s shoe rack was hanging right in front of me with my nose just inches away from all of the soles of her spiked heel pumps. I can remember being drawn deeply into that thick musty shoe smell. I can remember leaning forward and placing my nose deep into her shoe and smelling her leather soles. So strong was the odor that one would think to pull away but some how I found myself drawn to it closing my eyes with visions of my Aunt’s stocking feet.

As I got older my obsession with nylons became sexual, very sexual. I would masturbate for desperate relief from having to deal with a constant erection and visions in my heard from all the sights of girls and women’s stockings and nylon feet I had remembered from the day. How I dreamed of being able to kneel in front of a woman, kiss and rub my hands up and down those smooth nylon encased legs.

I found that just touching and caressing nylons I came across at home was not enough. My desire to feel how they felt on my legs burned deeply. The first time I slipped on a pair of my moms nylons I could not believe the swish swish feel, sight, and sound of them against my legs! Since I could not rub my hands on a women’s nylon legs I could feel them against my own as I smoothed the stockings up my legs and hooking the garter tabs. I started to dress into my moms nylons, girdles, garterbelts and high heels and masturbate every chance I got when home alone.

When ever I was over one of my aunt’s or parents friends home I would almost always find stockings hanging in bathrooms. Touching and caressing them led me to put them on and masturbate to the feel of them. Knowing I was hidden behind a locked bathroom door with other women’s stockings to worship was extremely erotic for me.

At a age to stay at home by myself, I remember the first time I acted not feeling well enough to go to school. As my mother got ready for work I would lay in bed with a huge erection thinking about her nylons and what was to come. The hour it took her to get ready for work seemed like hours. She came into my bedroom to check on me one more time before leaving for work. I lay on my side not to show a tent from my erection under the covers. As she sat down next to me on my bed and crossed her long beautiful legs, the quite room filled with the swish sound for her nylons. My eyes gazed down to her foot and over her tall thin spiked heel pump hoping to get a peek of the dark reinforced nylon heel slip out of the back of her shoe. I could see her garter tabs showing through her tight skirt and as she leaned forward to give me a kiss on the forehead her skirt rose up and I could see the beginning of the dark brown band of her stocking tops peek into view. I could feel my erection grow another inch and my whole body become numb at the sight of her legs in the shiny brown stockings that were just inches from me. How I wanted to reach out and feel them. As she kissed and felt my forehead she said “You do feel a little warm and flush…poor dear just rest today!”

Moments after I heard the front door close and her drive off I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I walked to her bedroom door with a full erection and pre-cum already appearing against my white cotton briefs thinking about being alone in the house and the freedom to wear her stockings all day. Before touching anything in her room I studied everything so carefully as to replace anything I touched perfectly back in the order it was. My favorite were her jet black and off black stockings. I finally now found myself starring at my reflection in the full length mirror with my legs in the ultra sheer shiny seamless black nylons and my ankles shaking trying to gain balance from the height of a pair of pencil thin 4 inch spiked heels.

My erection straining harder than ever up against the satin front panel of my moms shiny open bottom girdle, and the 6 garters tight against my thighs holding up and pulling the stockings tops so smooth and taunt. I loved my moms old worn office pumps best as they had toe impressions on the soft kid leather, and the inside leather soles heavily marked from her stocking foot being tightly in them for hours that retained the strongest smells. I loved most to slide into her 4 inch tall open toe spiked heel mules so the dark reinforced heel and toes of the nylon were visible on my feet.The morning sun would filter through the bedroom window and the shiny black stockings would sparkle and almost dance from the sunlight. I loved the feel and sound my nylon feet made sliding in and out of her shoes. I could feel the garters tug and pull on the stockings tops as I walked and felt my stockings tops rub and create that swish sound that I loved. I loved to hold a pair of my moms spiked heel pumps to my nose, but the best scent came from my moms unwashed stockings I would find in her hamper. After a long day at work wearing her leather pumps nothing smelled stronger and better than those almost crusty feeling dark reinforced toes of the nylons. I would rub my throbbing erection with her nylons and gasp and moan at the smooth silky feel of the long dark stockings sliding over my full erection. I would wear her nylons and heels all day, and the built up pressure and erotic sensation from wearing her stockings and heels had me in a total excited state all day. I would find relief and pleasure from masturbating at least 3 times during the day.

Though the pleasure I got from wearing nylons was a big release for me, I found shame in my secret of dressing in nylons and having a women’s foot fetish thinking know one else does this and is not normal. Also the fear that I would slip and be caught by my mom or one of my aunt’s was always on my mind and it placed a huge guilt feeling with me. How could something that made me feel so good make me feel so shameful. When talking about sex at school with friends I never heard any of the guys ever talk about the same things I had such a passion for. I knew I was not gay and my jerk-off sessions always ended up with visions of women in stockings and having sex with them. The older I got the passion for wearing nylons and seeing women in them became stronger. I was still so very young and so consumed with it all and found it very difficult to hide my feelings inside and not to discuss my fetish with anyone.

There were a couple of incredible moments growing up with girls and women in my life that relate to my fetish for nylons. Some of the incidents are about my secret being discovered and finally being able to share my erotic thoughts and behavior. Finding out that I was not the only one with my fetish and I did not have to feel so shameful and guilty. I look back now and feel so lucky that some of my dreams came true and still can’t believe they happened to me.

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