Secrets in Lace- VLV Vintage Fashion Show 2011

Secrets In Lace is the worlds premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockings, elegant lingerie, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras. Their products are worn by the worlds most famous and influential people. Only they know what lays beneath their classically elegant attire……their “Secrets In Lace”. They invite you to share in this incredible feeling and expression of femininity- Remember… Keep The Romance Alive!! ™

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22 thoughts on “Secrets in Lace- VLV Vintage Fashion Show 2011

  1. I have to admit as a female now almost 60 I do sometimes miss the feel of stocking/suspenders from my teens, but tights are a lot handier and cheaper

    • terri purcell Realy Terri. if I were your partner price would not come into it. if the kit the girls had on is what you wanted to feel good then you would have them.
      it would make me feel good too to know you would enjoy wearing it. love vintage 40’s 50’s 60’s style. fab figures there no skinnys who walk awkwardly.

  2. Is this a fashion show or a strip club.!!!??
    Its difficult to tell with all the wolf whistles and men grunting from the audience.
    From the men’s reaction I think they see it as a sex show.


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