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13 Thoughts to “Vintageflash blonde in black vintage RHT nylons”

  1. backbison

    Great job! Very nice.

  2. Xzagobag

    Hot, but her hair color and style do not seem to fit her.

  3. Pratik Sangawar

    there is countless websites where babes are on their webcam that are many times better than youtube, i get it you all too lazy so ill tell you what i always use go have a look at GIRLCM.COM

    I dwell in possibility…

  4. Darla vonderheide

    Great video. Thank you. Darla

  5. Dietpepsivanilla

    How the hell do we know you have on RHTs? You don’t show any proof.

  6. Elio Viviani

    Sei la migliore!

  7. Aline Meyer

    I can’t resist !KissesAline***

  8. Didier Zonca

    Sexy classe ??

  9. Alyssa Skogs

    Spastic camera guy

  10. John Hulls

    If i was going home to this beautiful lady in the ? lovely purple dress nice shoes and those ? hot black stockings and suspenders i’d be one happy man

  11. John Hulls

    Can i ask the beautiful blonde lady a silly question?I’m a real stockings,tights,hosiery and ladies underwear ? lover,always have been but what are RHT nylons?obviously extremely beautiful stockings,tights too maybe?? love you anyway,just curious xoxo xoxo xoxo

  12. new bad boy

    I do love women in short skirts stocking’s or pantyhose with high heels on. I would love to make love to you.


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