Jarolowski, Stockings and Vintage Clothes!

After last weeks attempt I wondered if I could get my first video made on a budget so I employed Polish film director Jarolowski to help out… it worked – but not immediately!

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20 thoughts on “Jarolowski, Stockings and Vintage Clothes!

  1. Ms. Dashwood, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. If you were my girlfriend I would spend every hour I wasn’t working to provide you with more retro clothes going down on you.

  2. Miss Dashwood you are a sloe-eyed siren with designs of robbing men of all reason and I defy you. Oh, the hell with it. I would be honoured just to kiss the hem of your skirt, but please Miss D don’t go out onto the streets, you would stop the traffic stone dead.

  3. HILARIOUS. This video has everything. Classy, erotic and very funny. I cackle every time I watch it. The actress has a great poker face. VERY DROLL. Rose Dashwood for Prime Minister. We could do great things under her leadership.

  4. klvo you’ve embarrassed yourself with that inane comment. Pinup, Burlesque, Retro, Art Deco, Vintage & Ms Dashwood … so refreshingly classy! Pleeeeeeez keep up the good work!

  5. WHY ON EARTH did some idiot flag this? I’m a 67 year old hetero woman who collects vintage clothing and find it entirely inoffensive and quite delightful. What’s the problem?

  6. Ho god, Your face, your hair, your legs, your shoos, your feet, your stockings, those clothes yes those clothes, Hoooo! yes, yes!!…

    Please show us more, more…. please I beg you.

  7. I love anything from the 1920,s,1930,s and 1940,s especially Art Deco period. I wish women wore feminine clothes from that period these days! Think you look great in the old clothing. Do you do the WW11 rallies like Pickering as I go each year in my old car.

  8. Thank goodness for Polish directors (and Kiebasa) and lovely women as yourself who grace and entice us
    with vintage nylons and hot bothered humor.

  9. Rose, you are a vision of vintage beauty. It was a pleasure to view your film. I will happily volunteer my services for video, phot and technology services….


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