Sadie’s story

Read about how 18 year old teen Sadie, got addicted to cock and her love of vintage lingerie and nylons!

In the beginning

  That’s me at age 4.  Just your typical cute little redhead girl that loves to play “house” with my boyfriend.  Of course, I always was the wife and my boyfriend was my husband.

My husband found old men’s clothing in one of the boxes found in the basement, where we played “house”.  I would normally wear my Mom’s old clothing like dresses, hats, etc.  One day I discovered another box that contained more delicate clothing like my Mom’s old nylon slips and lingerie!  One day I dug all the way down that box and found about 10 unopened packages and boxes of sheer vintage nylon stockings.

I carefully opened one package and was excited at the feel of those sheer stockings.  It was a new experience for me and I slowly slid them up my stubby legs.  Wow!  My husband loved the feel of the nylons on my legs too!

That discovery led to my current nylon fetish.

  Now at the age of 10, I asked my Mom if I could wear sheer nylon stockings.  My Mom said absolutely not as I was too young.  Thank goodness she had forgot about her box of vintage nylons and slips in the basement!

  At the age of 13 I lost my virginity to my childhood “husband”.  Never forget that as I was wearing my Mom’s sheer Hane’s 415 rht nylons and garter belt!  Sex is so much better when you’re dressed up in lingerie.


  Today, at age 18, I love dressing for my childhood “husband”!  See my video clips I made for

Sexy 18yr old Girl in Pantyhose, Stockings, Panties and Upskirt Fantasies

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