Pantyhose stories

Caught wearing pantyhose

The first time I ever got caught wearing pantyhose was when I was 24, I used to run my own business, doing small property repairs and gardening jobs. One day a lady in her fifties call in my shop and asked if i could go round and look at her garden, so we made arrangements and i called round her house two days later. The job didnt last long, it only took fours to finish,she then made a coffee whilst we were talking i found out she was a widow and she then asked if i could do some DIY around her house, I said no problem, I called back a few days later and she wanted me to up some curtain rails in two of her rooms .Anyway to cut a long story short it was a hot day and I had to take my jumper off, So i was just working in my t-shirt, jeans, training shoes and of course my pantyhose{which are usually a nude or a tan colour}. As i was working, Julie the womens house i was in kept coming in, checking if ineeded anything. One time she came in, I was was reaching up and she started talking and then just stopped and stared, Then just walked out of the room. After I had finished we were having a cup of coffee and just chatting and then she told me she saw the waist band of my tights {pantyhose}. I was embarrased she had seen that, My face must of been bright red, But before I could say anything she started asking me questions, Why did I wear them and so on, I told her I wear them everyday, because I like the feel of them on my bottom and legs. She then stood up and told me my secret was safe with her and she was just going to get her purse to pay me .I waited for a few minutes and she returned in just her dressing gown, She then opened it and she was naked apart from a pair of tan pantyhose. We went into her bedroom and had a full afternoon and night of pantyhose sex. When she sucked my **** through my hose, It was like nothing else id experience before, When i came she licked my **** and my hose clean. I then spread her legs and started to kiss and lick her moist ***** through her hose, I made her come three or four times, I couldnt get enough of that hose clad *****. That day we sucked, licked, 69d, ****** and both *** numerous times.

An Affair To Remember

Grabbing her robe while climbing out of her bed, Jenny was startled at the knock on the door and looked at the clock. “2:45am” she said out loud to herself. “Who could be knocking at my door this early?” Running down the stairs, she yelled “coming.” Jenny opened the door and to her surprise, there stood a tall blond woman crying.

“Can you help me?” The woman asked. “Please come in,” Jenny said. Offering a tissue she grabbed off the end table, Jenny asked, “What’s wrong?” “I’m sorry to bother you at this early hour but my boyfriend and I were fighting on our way home from a party and while passing your house, he threw me out of the car.” “It’s about 30 miles to my house and I need to use your phone to call a cab.”

Jenny turned to get the phone when she heard loud yelling though her front door. “Come on Jessica” “I know your in there you bitch.” Pounding became to be heard on the door and Jenny went to see the man who Jessica was going home with. Quietly looking through her peep hole, so he wouldn’t know she is there, Jenny could see the man at her door. He was a tall man wearing a black leather coat, had a skull for an ear ring hanging off his right ear. “Look you bitch” he yelled.

Jenny turned to Jessica who was trying to stay quiet for some kind of information as to what she wanted her to do. Jessica whispered “please don’t open the door.” Jenny didn’t know what to do. Here stood in her living room a stranger in need of some kind of help. At the same time, thinking to herself she didn’t want to get involved with the situation.

“Jessica, I’m sorry. I know you are in there” he said as he continued to pound on the door. Jessica wanted to have no part of him after he threw her out of the car. Jenny slowly started to walk to Jessica when she heard the door knob starting to turn. She was safe though. The door was locked and the dead bolt was latched. But still the sound of the knob trying to turn back and forth made her quiver. “What do you want me to do?” Jenny asked quietly to Jessica. “I don’t know” Jessica whispered. “But please don’t open that door.” Silence came from the door. “Is he gone?” Jessica asked. “Let me look” Jenny turned and walked to the door.

Looking through the peep hole, she couldn’t see him any longer. She turned to Jessica and said “I think so.” Jenny turned around and walked to the couch where Jessica was sitting. She sat on the couch next to her and put a hand on Jessica’s knee. Jenny felt a familiar feeling on her hand and thought to herself, Jessica is wearing pantyhose. She couldn’t tell before as the room was dimly lit by the upstairs hall light. They were nude she thought. Jenny loved to wear pantyhose and wore them often. This was her first time feeling them on another woman’s body and it felt good to her. Jessica started to ask again to use the phone when Jenny stopped her and said “Why don’t you spend the night here just incase your boyfriend looks for you at home.” Jessica thought that was a better plan because they live together and maybe he would calm down. She said that she would call for a cab in the morning. After feeling Jessica’s pantyhose covered leg, Jenny didn’t want that to happen. She offered to drive her home instead. Jenny didn’t notice that her hand was moving up Jessica’s thigh until Jessica moved to face Jenny. She moved her hand from Jessica’s leg. She never had any thoughts about being with another woman. But for some strange reason, she wanted to get to know Jessica better. Maybe it was the feeling she was getting from Jessica’s leg.

She shrugged it off for a moment and said to Jessica, “come on. I think I have a night shirt you could wear.” They went upstairs to Jenny’s room. Looking through her drawer, Jenny pulled out a shirt. She handed it to Jessica and told her where the bathroom was so she could change. Jessica went down the hall and shut the door. Jenny lay back on her bed and the thoughts came back. “I wonder what it would be like to have pantyhose sex with another woman.” She said quietly to herself. Just then Jessica came out of the bathroom. She had her clothes balled up and asked where she could put them for the night. Jenny noticed the pair of pantyhose and thought why she couldn’t have left them on. Jenny said give them to her and she would run downstairs and put them in the wash. Next thing Jessica asked was where she could sleep. I have a spare bedroom across the hall you can sleep in she said. Jessica handed her clothes to Jenny and turned to walk out the door. She stopped and turned around and said “I want to thank you for taking me in. Not many people would” Jenny said that it was her pleasure to help.

Jessica walked into the spare bedroom and got into bed. She could hear Jenny getting ready to put the clothes in the wash when she asked if she needed any help. Jenny replied. No, that she had it taken care of. Jenny went downstairs and started to put Jessica’s clothes in the wash. She paused when she was putting the pantyhose in to feel the fabric and smell Jessica’s aroma. A sweet smell it was. Jenny knew that she had to have the woman that was just in them. She put them in the wash and went back upstairs.

She stopped at the spare bedroom door to look on Jessica. She was fast asleep. “Look at her” she thought to herself. Then another thought came to mind. “What am I’m doing?” This is wrong. How can I want another woman? And with that, she went into her room. She couldn’t get the feeling of pantyhose off her mind and went to her drawer to put on a pair to sleep in. She picked out a high lace French cut off black pair and proceeded to encase her legs with them. She could feel herself getting aroused at the thought of Jessica. She climbed into bed and started masturbating herself with one hand and rubbing her breasts with the other. After a few minutes, she let herself go into one of the best orgasm she has had in a long time. She attributed the unusual exploded climax she just had to the thoughts of Jessica’s pantyhose covered legs in her mind. She then turned over and went to sleep.

Pantyhose education

It was a Friday afternoon and I was sitting at my desk staring out the window….

I was thinking about my evening with Fawn…it had only been two days since she came into my life.

Fawn was the new 18-year-old office assistant at our company…

She stopped in my office 2 days ago and asked me to help her with her business wardrobe. When I invited her to my home to give her some pointers she confessed that she was really interested in my pantyhose….

I introduced her to pantyhose and gave her first pair of real pantyhose.

What transpired in the next two hours that evening was the most intense pantyhose sex I’d ever experienced.

Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Her lithe young girl body was constantly on my mind. Her gorgeous tanned hairless skin.

Her perfectly shaped, small, perky tits… her rosy young nipples and areola, protruding and puffy …her flat smooth stomach, her perfectly tapered waist and her beautifully flared hips that led to a pair of slender but incredibly toned legs with beautifully defined calves….and her tiny perfect feet and delicate toes.

But it was her pussy and ass that I was now fixating on…a warm glow overtook me as I thought back to how she took my breath away when she exposed her perfect pussy and luscious round perfect ass for the first time that night…

My mind replayed pictures of that sweet, soft pussy…cleanly shaved except for the delicate vertical strip of wispy pubic hair…no more than an inch long…just enough decoration to hold one’s interest…and that perfect sweet round ass…firm and toned like her legs…

I promised myself that if we were together again I would spend an hour lavishing kisses on her sweet ass…and I vowed to worship and tease her asshole with my tongue her…I longed to see what must be a perfect asshole…just like the rest of her….

I wanted her…I wanted all of her….

Suddenly I was jolted back to the present by the ringing of the phone…

I picked it up….
The sweet girlish voice on the other end was unmistakable…it was Fawn!

“Hi Aysia…sorry to bother you. They have me over at the Fifth Street office today; that’s why you haven’t seen me.”

“Oh….that’s where you are; how are you doing sweetie?”

“I’m fine Aysia…I just called to tell you that I bought my first pair of pantyhose…I’m so excited!”

“That’s great Fawn….I hope you picked out a nice pair,” I said.

“Oh I did Aysia..and I wanted to ask you…ummmm…..if I could…well that is…..”

“Don’t be nervous Fawn; what is it?”

“Well..I wanted to ask you if I could come by tonight and show them to you? Would you like to see them…they really look nice. And sexy too.”

My head was swimming…

I answered, “Of course you can Fawn…I’d love to see them…why not come by at 8 again…like last time.”

“Oh cool…that would be neat!” she giggled.

“Perfect…see you 8 Fawn.” I started to hang up.


“Yes dear?”

“I’ll be there…but I wanted to ask you, when you answer the door could you wear just your pantyhose and heels…don’t wear that robe. I love seeing you naked Aysia…that is except for your pantyhose.”

I wanted to gobble her up through the phone, “Of course sweetie.”

“And Aysia?”


“Could we play more games tonight? You know…..could we fuck again…in our pantyhose?”
I almost passed out …. “Of course sweetie…we’ll do whatever you want; how’s that?”

Fawn giggled a little and then said, “Cool!”

And then she was gone.

I hung the phone up … and then I paused to collect my thoughts.

I was lightheaded…anticipating what was to take place in just a few hours….it was Friday…perhaps she would stay the night.

My pussy was tingling and suddenly I was aware that I was wet….the crotch of my sheer to the waist pantyhose was completely wet.


It was 7:30 pm…I was finishing making sure everything was perfect for my young visitor.

I had put clean linens on the bed…and once again I lit the candles….

I had a small table set with fresh fruit and mineral water….

I was ready.

I took off my robe and folded it.

>From my pantyhose drawer I pulled out a pair of black Wolford Synergy Light 25 pantyhose.

The style was a semi-sheer pantyhose that had a bit of support and a shimmery finish that I love so much. I like this style because the lycra in them hugs my legs and ass and pussy more than regular styles….and this particular style is silky smooth.

I pulled them over my legs…my pussy tingling as the fabric touched my smooth legs…and then I slipped on my high heeled mules….

I paused before my full length mirror…now…everything was perfect…the pantyhose hugging my legs and the candlelight casting their soft glow on the shiny material….I turned around…the 4 inch heels of my mules caused my calves and legs to look sleek and defined … the nylon hugged my legs…I reached down with one hand and slowly felt the silky smooth nylon around my pussy….I was already wet!

I admired my body and what I saw….standing there wearing nothing but sleek black support pantyhose and 4 inch heels…and the rest of me naked…my ample breasts heaving in anticipation…


A knock at the door! She was here!

I walked quickly to the door and opened it…

There she was…standing there smiling.

She lunged forward and hugged me…we embraced…then she backed up a bit and looked at my boobs and slowly moving forward she kissed the nipples on each of my boobs. She then looked up at me with her soft blue eyes and then softly said…. “I missed you so much Aysia.” And with that she softly placed her pretty head on my damp, perspiration covered boobs.

“I missed you too Fawn,” I answered as I stroked her soft blond hair.

“Now, come in…let me take a look at you.

We walked into the living room and I sat on the couch and crossed my pantyhosed legs…one of my mules dangled from my foot.

Fawn stood before me….she was wearing a pleated blue and red plaid schoolgirl type skirt, a very tight stretchy crop top that stopped just below the bottom of her perfect small tits…a large expanse of her firm tummy was exposed.

On her legs were silky, very sheer shiny black pantyhose…and as usual she had on a pair of high heeled sandals with very thin straps.

She smiled she look at me and then raised her skirt to show off her pantyhose covered pussy.

As she did she twirled around allowing me to catch the first glimpse of her nylon covered ass…the silky nylon hugging both perfect cheeks.

She giggled as she twirled around….

And then as she faced me again…and then I watched as she stripped off her top and then unbuttoned her skirt dropping them both on the floor.

I was speechless.

The naked woman-child stood naked before me…dressed only in the some very sexy sheer black pantyhose….

“Well, Aysia…what do you think? I bought the best like you told me. They’re Wolford Satin Touch. Look how shiny they are … I love them.” She giggled again.

“They are very nice Fawn. And sexy too. Come closer…let me look at you.”

She moved within a few inches of me…teetering a bit on her heels.

“Fawn…put your hands behind your head,” I instructed…I wanted to look at just her pantyhosed legs and pelvis without the distraction of her arms.

She was stunning…the sleek black tight shiny nylon hugged her soft nude young girl body….she must have bought a small or extra small size….she had pulled the pantyhose up tightly so that the seamed crotch of the panty tightly ran between her swollen pussy lips…the seam acted to slightly separate her pussy lips…and the shiny nylon hugged per pussy perfectly …the effect was intoxicating.

“Turn around sweetie,” I instructed. She obediently complied.

The silky nylon hugged her ass cheeks much like it did her pussy. Once again the seam bisected her cheeks cleanly…the nylon was pulled tight…disappearing between her ass cheeks…each of her cheeks was clearly defined and separated……

The shiny sheer nylon ran down her legs …hugging her perfectly defined and shapely calves….her 4 inch heels made her legs look longer….

My gaze returned to her perfect ass…I couldn’t wait….

“Fawn sweetie…could you just spread your legs a little and bend forward just a bit…I want to see how the pantyhose fit your ass….”

“OK Aysia,” she giggled.

As she bent forward I placed both hands on the sides her cheeks…my thumbs meeting at her nylonned ass crack…with my thumbs I gently parted her ass and then leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down the pantyhose seam that bisected her cheeks….

Fawn moaned, “Mmmmmmm…uhhhhhh.”

I continued to move my tongue up and down her nylon covered ass crack…her smell was intoxicating… perfume and female scents mixed together.

Then I moved my attention to her ass cheeks…lavishing wet kisses on each perfect globe….now my tongue lapping her pantyhosed cheeks…the smell of her sex and ass and perfume and new nylon made me lightheaded…

She moaned some more…..

And then she turned and looked at me and asked….”Aysia? Can we fuck now? I want so much to fuck you…and I want to kiss your cunt again… can we please…can we fuck please?” She asked sweetly…in her little girl voice.

“In a moment sweetie…but first sit on my lap and tell me about your pantyhose….I want to hear how you picked them out and how you feel when you wear them.”

She whimpered a bit.

I wanted to tease her first…she was obviously horny…

I leaned back on the couch … she walked towards me and straddled both of my nylon covered legs with hers…she sat down and faced …as if she was sitting astride a horse. Her nylon covered ass rubbed against my thighs…..I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and she did the same to me…

She smiled sweetly again. and looked me in the eye… “What do you want to know?”

“Well….tell me why you picked this style of pantyhose…and tell me how they feel.”

“Well, Aysia. The saleslady said they were the sheerest and shiniest style they had…I asked for shiny because you said that’s what men liked.”

“Well, Fawn…men like shiny hose…but I like shiny hose too…I’m glad you got them. How do they feel Fawn?”

“I’m glad you asked that Aysia. When I have them on they make me horny…all I think about when I have them on is sex …I wore them to bed last night….I masturbated 3 times…I could hardly keep my mind on anything else…I think about wearing them and fucking you…and sucking your pussy through YOUR pantyhose….and the nylon is so tight around my pussy that it makes me wet….today at work when I was sitting in my cubicle….I had to reach down and play with my pussy a couple of times…hoping that no one would see me….and the guy in the mail room kept walking by and staring at my legs. Can we fuck now? Pleeeeease?????”

“We will soon. But, sweetie…that’s normal….pantyhose are a very sexy piece of clothing…it’s natural that you want to fuck when you’re wearing them….that’s one of the joys of owning pantyhose…..”

“Oh, yes Aysia…I do love wearing them….I always wanted to wear them …right from the first day I saw you wearing a pair of tan shiny pantyhose.”

She turned her face towards mine… she moved closer and I moved my mouth towards hers and kissed her lightly…small sweet kisses on her delicate lips…our tongues met … darting back and forth…finding her warm sweet mouth…as I did my hands moved down her back and I started caressing her perfect nylonned behind….my hands explored the silky ass cheeks once again….this was heaven!

She started moving her ass back and forth t my touch as we continued to kiss…now hungrily…..she was moaning….I pulled on of my hands and brought it back around her body and reached down towards her nylon covered cunt…she was soaking wet….she was ready…..

I told her to stand up and as she did I stood up and kicked off my mules and then before she knew it I picked her up in my arms….one arm cradling her back and the other clasping her sleek nylonned legs…as I did she kicked off both her sandals and squealed …”Are we gonna fuck now Aysia?”

“Yes, sweetie…we are going to fuck now…..I want you so much Fawn..”

“I want you too Aysia…I want you to fuck me and eat my pussy….I want you to lick my ass like you did…I never want to be away from you…I want to stay here forever and make love to you.”

In a second we were both in bed…each of us lying on our sides facing each other….our smooth pantyhose covered legs intertwined…she had one leg inserted between my legs…the top of her thigh….moving it back and forth against my nylon covered pussy…and I was doing the same to her… of my legs was between her wet shiny pussy….

We started writhing on the cool sheets and as we did we started kissing……we kissed a little and then I stopped and turned my attention to her perfect tits….my mouth hungrily covering almost one her tits…I was sucking and then stopping to flick my tongue back and forth her swollen teenage nipples….she leaned back and squealed….I then turned towards the other tit….sucking … kissing….tongue darting….nibbling her nipples slightly….as I did one of her hands found my pussy…my sopping wet nylon covered pussy…her hands work quickly as she attempted to masturbate me through the tight shiny nylon…..all at once she with drew her hand and licked my cunt juices off her fingers and then returned her hand to my cunt…..Furiously massaging my nylon covered clit….

And then….”Fawn…turn over and kneel sweetie…and grab a pillow and hug it….she seemed to know what was coming next…as she did she thrust her lovely sleek nylon covered ass high in the air….I moved towards her and slowly pulled the shiny nylon down past her ass cheeks…exposing her milky white soft skin….at the same time I parted her cheeks with both hands as I had done in the living room…my mouth went straight for her delicate and perfect asshole…it was like a tiny fragrant flower….I marveled…everything about this girl was perfect…even her asshole….she smelled clean…as if she just bathed….my tongue started to dart around the edges of her asshole…..flicking….darting…swirling…moving closer to the center…she moaned and squealed…she was loving this….my tongue worked its way up and down her ass crack…and then once again it found her asshole…I continued like this for what seemed and eternity…I didn’t want to stop…ever!

And then I moved my attention to her cheeks…hungrily kissing them…lavishing her perfect ass with wet kisses……

I wanted more of her…but I needed to be satisfied…..I stopped and pulled her pantyhose back up so that her ass was once again covered with nylon and I lay back on the bed spreading my nylonned legs….I gently grabbed her arm and said…”Fawn…I want you to eat me now…eat my pussy sweetie….eat me through my pantyhose…suck my cunt sweetie!”

She giggled again as her mouth headed straight for my swollen wet sex…..she was going to eat my cunt…I was delirious!

My pantyhose crotch was soaking wet…she immediately started sucking the wet nylon stopping only to nibble at my pussy lips through the nylon with her teeth…..

But I wanted to feel her lips on my pussy without a nylon barrier…I wanted her warm lips…her sweet wet warm lips touching my pussy…licking it and loving my sex….I wanted to feel the wetness of her tongue…

I reached down and with both hands pulled my pantyhose down my hips…Fawn realized what I was doing and she helped me….helping me pull them down to my ankles…I then spread my legs…exposing my pussy…my gleaming shaved wet pussy was exposed…I started to thrust my hips upward…my ankles were held together by the pantyhose wrapped around them…Fawn then lowered herself once again on my shaved mound…as I continued thrusting my hips upward to meet her mouth…my pussy felt as though it was pulsating….Fawn’s sweet lips once again nibbling and kissing my cunt…the pleasure of her touch was indescribable … nibbling, kissing, licking…moving her tongue back and forth across my shaved pubis…then back down to my clit…then licking my lips … making as animal sounds as she ate me….her lips loving me as only a woman can …. I was really wet now….and Fawn responded t my wetness by sucking my cunt…

…and then she paused looking up at me and she spoke: “Aysia…. I have to pee..can I pee please Aysia?”

“Oh yes sweetie…you can pee….let me go with you.”

….she rose up and I got up and I started pulling my pantyhose back up…Fawn helping me…then I gently took her hand and led her to the bathroom…. she started pulling her pantyhose down and I stopped her….”

No sweetie….I want you to pee through the pantyhose….in the shower….I want you to pee on me sweetie…I want you to pee on my face…and in my mouth….I love you so much Fawn… I want to feel all of you…taste all of you…please sweetie…piss all over me!”

Fawn looked at me and smiled….she leaned forward and nuzzled my tits….kissing them and then took my hand and led me into the shower…..
Without saying a word I knelt before her…her tiny figured towered over me as I knelt on the cold tile in my pantyhose….my pussy tingled at the thought of what was coming next…Fawn gently took my head and pushed towards her nylonned crotch…my face was now nuzzling her crotch…..

Her sex mound musky smelling and warm….I waited……

…and then at first a trickle…I grabbed her pantyhose covered ass with both hands and pulled her shiny nylon covered cunt closer to my face….her warm pee was staring to flow…coursing through the nylon and covering my face…..running down my face in rivulets and onto my tits….the warmth was wonderful….the warm golden liquid then splashed onto my nylon covered legs and then onto the floor….soon the trickle turned into a torrent…I opened my mouth and pulled my face away just a bit and let the piss stream through her nylon covered pussy lips and into my mouth….my hands were furiously moving back and forth over her smooth nylonned ass…squeezing her cheeks as a seemingly never ending stream of pee continued to flow from her sweet pussy…her hands were now holding my head gently as I continued to drink her golden nectar…..everything about this girl was sweet…even her piss!

…and then the torrent slowed to a trickle……I waited eagerly for more piss….but she was done…I slowly started lapping her wet crotch….sucking every last bit of piss from her pantyhose covered pussy….and then I stood up and turned on the water….we both stood and embraced as the warm water from the shower flooded over our bodies and our slick pantyhosed legs.

We faced each other and embraced as the water continued to flow….washing away the piss and sweat …. her sweet tender body pressed against mine….and then her pantyhosed hips starting grinding my crotch…..

We finished showering and dried each other off and returned to bed…both of us naked….

We drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Our wet pantyhose lay on a heap on the floor of the shower……

When i was 16

When I was 16, I was sent to help out my Grandparents at their grocery store for the summer. After a few weeks, I had settled onto the routine. I noticed that my Grandmother hung her stockings and pantyhose to dry over the shower rod, something my mother had never done. Curiosity got the best of me, I tried on a pair of black stockings. I became hard immediately. I loved the feel of the nylon, I thought that my feet looked pretty. Of course it did not take much for me to ***. From then on, I showered as often as I could and tried on the pantyhose and the stockings each time. I was ******* so much! I loved it.

One day, as I was putting on pair of sheer to waist nude pantyhose, my aunt entered the bathroom, she was about 23 at the time, wide hips, large breasts, small feet and the sexiest pair of lips I had ever seen. I figured that I was in big trouble. She asked what I was doing, I said trying on Grandma’s pantyhose. She asked why, I said because they made me feel good. To my suprise, she asked if I would like to see her in pantyhose. I was in such a state of panic, I don’t remember saying anything, but I must have said yes, because the next week she picked me up and told my grandmother that she needed me to do some yard work at her house.

I could see that she was wearing pantyhose under her jeans, they were torn at the knees. When we arrived at her apartment, she took off her pants, she was wearing sheer to waist taupe pantyhose, no panties. She proceeded to remove her tee shirt and bra. What a body, all the better in pantyhose. I started to get hard. We went into the bedroom, she had a pair of sheer to waist suntan pantyhose on the bed. She told me to put them on. I put the hose on, looking at her all the time. Once they were on, we laid on the bed. She said I looked good in the pantyhose, I told her that she looked really really good. She asked me to kiss and lick her feet. I like how her feet smelled, like perfume. She told me straddle her so she could suck my **** through the pantyhose. I came immediately. I wanted to penetrate her, but she said I could finger her. I was not sure what I was supposed to do, but I think she came. We laid there for a while, then we cleaned up and ate lunch.

This continued for the entire summer, me fondling her breasts, sucking her toes, kissing her all over, fingering her, she kissing me, sucking my ****, jacking me off over my pantyhose, teaching me how to shave my legs. What a great summer. When I was brave enough, I told her I wanted to wear high heels with my pantyhose. She bought me a pair of tan open toed 4″ heels. We would both put on our heels and hose and please each other.

As in all things, the summer ended and so did my fun. When I returned home I started sneaking into my Mom’s room to steal and wear her pantyhose. I am pretty sure my Mom suspected something was going on, but she never said anything. A few years ago my Mom passed away, among the things she left me was her set of luggage. Inside one of the pieces was a silk bag full of pantyhose.

Almost 10 years later, I love to wear sheer to waist pantyhose, paint my toe nails, wear high heels and keep my **** and balls shaved. My girlfriend knows and supports me.