Sis’s Nylons

Sis’s Nylons


A tale/tail of two “sisters” Vol.1

My twin sister Bobbi and I recently turned 18. Sis is a stunningly beautiful woman who is a model that clients chase after. I look just like her and have been teased mercilessly for it over the years. At first I hated it and would go out of my way to look more manly by not bathing or shaving and having really short hair. But I also liked the feminine side of things, especially my sisters.

Ever since I remember, I loved to explore her bedroom. She had a large collection of sexy, silky lingerie that I loved to fondle. Then one day I took a pair of her pretty panties and slipped them on. My cock was poking a hole through the thin material as I stroked myself to orgasm while thinking of her lovely body.

Petit BelleThe next time I felt her sheer nylons and just had to slide them on my smooth legs. Then I put on one of her bras and put my feet in her highest heeled shoes. That was a mistake as I tripped while walking in them and sprained an ankle.

The next time I put on my sis’s things I went to her make-up mirror and started to put on her cosmetics. The foundation smoothed out my skin and the mascara gave me long eye lashes. When I put on her lipstick I was amazed at how my lips were pouty and luscious, just like hers. I found a pair of her ultra sheer black pantyhose and managed to put them on. Then I put on her blonde wig and slipped on her little black dress. I found a pair of her black high heels and squeezed in to them. Looking in her full

length mirror I was shocked to see that I looked just like her. I practically creamed in her pantyhose right then and there and lay on her bed stroking myself until I sprayed cum all inside the pantyhose.

My sister was out of town on business for a week so I had the time of my life. The next time I visited my sisters room I tried on one of her corsettes. She wore them to accentuate her bust line, while on me it helped to give me curves. Her tight pantygirdle gave me hips as well. After putting on her lingerie, make-up and perfume and wig, I found a beautiful evening gown with matching heels I put on. I had to wear her jewelry in this outfit and her long gloves. I looked in her mirror and saw the spitting image of my sis. The doorbell rang, and I thought about it for a while and finally answered it. It was one of my sister’s modelling friends, a red-headed stunner named Inga {Don’t ask?} I had always lusted after Inga, but I was too shy and she was a little slow as well. I raised my voice and asked her inside.

Inga was dressed for a night on the town in a red dress with a plunging neckline, red spaghetti strapped high heels and a slit on the side of her dress that went to heaven. I opened a bottle of wine and we sat in the living room talking about shopping and celebrities. Inga like her wine so I kept her glass full and she kept trying to empty it. We started talking about her favorite topic, Men, and I noticed she was relaxing and her tight dress was riding up her curvaceous body. Her breasts were heaving against the dress, and her smooth golden leg could be seen right up to the thigh.

The next time I filled her wine glass, I sat down on the couch next to her and asked her about her perfume. She said it reacted to ones own body so I asked if I could try some. I sniffed my wrist and she offered me hers to compare. I sniffed her wrist and then playfully licked her arm. Like I said, she was by now a little tipsy, and said “Ooh, that feels so good.’ I said I really liked her lipstick and saw her eyes sort of light up. She said it tasted like cherries, and I said I would love to try it. She said okay, and with that she reached over and locked lips with me!

I almost pushed her away, in my shock, but that thought soon passed. I returned her kiss and her pretty tongue soon darted to and fro in my mouth. My hand slid along her lovely leg until I found to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties. I moved my hand along her hot, moist pussy and she was moaning and squeezing her perky tits in to my fake bosom. Oh, Oh! I moved my head from her hot mouth to her hot cunt. I used my tongue to get her off numerous times until she finally fell asleep. She was lightly snoring as I slipped her dress off her. Her tits were so wonderful, I spent a long time licking and sucking them, while fondling her gorgeous ass. She was moaning as I released my straining cock and slid it in her moist pussy. She may have been asleep, but sure could match my thrusts and her cunt could surely clamp down on my cock. I filled her cunt with my cum and she had a massive orgasm as well.

I carried her in to my sisters room and lay her on the bed. I started up the video camera and inserted my hard again dick in her mouth. At first she did nothing, so I pushed it in and out and she began to lick and suck it. I kept thrusting in and out and suddenly shot a massive load of cum down her throat.1092085 She swallowed some, and coughed and choked a little and then fell asleep again. I went to check on her car and found a suitcase inside. It contained her clothes and included sexy lingerie. I tried on all her things including her red dress and red high heels. In the morning I left early so I would not have to face her. Later that day my sisters answering machine was full of messages from Inga and other models wanting to know the phone number of the gorgeous model staying at my sister’s.


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