She Caught Me…

She Caught Me…


She Caught Me And Made Me Do It!

This is another story of fiction:

She found out that I’d been authoring these hot fantasy stories when I left my computer on and my “secret” files were there. She used my computer to check for something on the internet and I had left my word file open to a story. She read it and then read others – she was shocked at my stories about dressing up and sucking cocks.

That evening she said: “I read some of your stories today.”


“I read some of the stories you wrote today.”


On your computer, when you went to the post office, you left it on there was a story about a “stocking wearing cocksucker” I think was the term you used. I read some of the other stories also, did you write all of those?

Ah, yes. I did.

They were interesting, interesting and disgusting. Do you do all those things?

NO, I don’t.

Why do you write them, do you want to do all those things?


Hmmm.. really? They sure read like you want to do it.


Really? Then why write them?

Ah, they turn me on.

So you do want to do those things.


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Listen to yourself, “Tina.” That’s what you call yourself, isn’t it?

I nodded my head yes.

They have a common thread, don’t they? You want someone to lead you to do it, because you don’t have the nerve to do what you want to do. Isn’t that right?

No, I don’t think so.

Yes, I think so,


You want someone to lead you because you don’t have the balls to do it by yourself. If you had the balls, you’d be sucking cocks all of the time, wouldn’t you?

I don’t think so.

You want to get dressed up in your girlie things and get with a guy, don’t you? You want someone to talk you into going down on a guy. You want to give a guy a blowjob, to be a cocksucker, don’t you?

I just looked at her – I didn’t know what to say.

Well, Tina – do you want to suck a cock? Oh, that’s right – you like to be called a cocksucker, don’t you? Well, COCKSUCKER – do you want to get a hard one between your lips, do you want to feel a hard cock in your mouth? Can I watch you suck a cock? Don’t you want to get dressed up in your stockings and get on your knees to give a guy a blowjob? Don’t you cocksucker?

She reached over and felt my cock through my pants. “Just as I thought, this is turning you on, isn’t it? You are getting an erection just thinking about sucking a cock. You are excited, aren’t you?”


This is turning you on, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.”

Do you want to be a cocksucker?

Yes, I do.

Tell me.

Yes, I want to be a cocksucker. I want to do it.

If you are going to be a cocksucker, you need to swallow the cum, don’t you? Tell me.

Yes, I want to be a cocksucker. I want to eat cum, I want to taste it.

Let’s get you dressed the way you like, I don’t know if that hard cock is going to fit into your panties. Maybe you should get dressed and show me how you jerk off to those stories. Would you like that?

I think so.

If you get dressed up and jerk off – let’s talk about the rules. You want rules, don’t you?

What rules?

You get dressed up so you can think about sucking a cock and swallowing cum. If you get dressed up and jerk off, you must eat your own cum or else you can’t do it anymore, understand?


That’s the rule dear, that’s what you want to do, that’s what you think about. So you have to do it.


While you are getting dressed you are agreeing to eat cum – yours or someone elses, that’s the deal. If you don’t agree, you can’t wear your stockings and your sexy lingerie. Also, if you do get dressed, you can’t take it off until you eat some cum. Agreed?

I guess.


NO, not I guess. If you are a cum eating cocksucker – that’s what you are going to do, eat cum. You want to do it don’t you? Isn’t this what you want?


Tell me.

Yes, I want to be a cocksucker. I want to eat cum, I want to taste it – I’m a cum eating cocksucker.

When you get dressed, you are agreeing to what?

When I get dressed, I’m telling myself that I want to eat cum, mine or someone elses. That I must eat it or I can’t take my stuff off and I have to stay dressed until I do it.

OK cocksucker, go get dressed. From the looks of that buldge, we may have to get you some relief as soon as you get dressed. So you might be eating some cum real soon, right?


Do you still want to get dressed?

Yes, I do. I really do.

Will you eat some cum?

I will.

Go get dressed cocksucker.

She followed me into the bedroom where I stripped down to my panties (I always wear them) and got out my lingerie. She sat on the bed and watched as I put on my black garter belt, pulled up my black, sexy stockings and fastened them. I pulled out my black bra and slipped that on fastening the front clip and then filling the cups with extra stockings. I put on my black chemise and turned to look at her.

Where are your heels?

I got them out and stepped into my 3″ spike heels – I felt sexy!

Come over here Tina.

I walked over to her and she reached out and felt my cock through my panties. I was really hard.

She reached into my panties and pulled my hard cock out. Then she moved toward my cock and let it slip between her lips, into her mouth. She looked up at me and pulled back from sucking my cock to say: “This is what you want to do, don’t you?”

I moaned and shook my head yes.

Then she let it slide back into her warm mouth.

She was slurping on my cock and it felt wonderful. She was feeling my stocking covered legs with one hand and her other one was around my cock, jerking it and her mouth covering the rest. She let it slip out of her warm mouth and still jerking me off said, “You should be down here sucking this cock, shouldn’t you?”


Do you want to suck a cock.


Are you going to swallow?


Tell me what you are going to do.

I’m going to suck a cock, I’m going to be a cocksucker and I’m going to swallow his cum.

Well slut, what are you going to do with your cum, now that you are dressed? What do you have to do?

I have to eat it, I want to eat it. I want to swallow it.

Cum for me and I’ll let you eat it – would you like that?


Then cum for me cocksucker. Cum for me and I’ll feed it to you. With that, she slipped my cock back into her mouth and continued giving me a blowjob.

I was moaning and going wild as she sucked my cock. I felt like I was going to cum and she pulled back as I was starting and I exploded into her hand and on her cheek. When I stopped cumming, she put my cock back in between her lips and cleaned me up as she sucked my cock. She had her cum covered tongue out and my cock was resting on it just outside her mouth. There was cum everywhere and she looked up at me and said: “Are you ready, cocksucker?”

I just looked at the cum all over her and I said, “Yes, I am. I have to and I want to.” I wanted to look just like her, I wanted cum all over my face and tongue.

She slowly got up and moved toward my mouth, we kissed and I could feel her tongue in my mouth, the tongue I had just been feeling with my cock. She was sharing my cum with me and then she put her hand to my face and poured and pushed her hand full of cum into my waiting mouth. I had to eat it and I wanted to eat it. I was a cum licking, cum eating cocksucker! I ate it all and as we kissed she was also tasting my cum and sharing it.

She looked at me and said: “That was just a warm up. You are going to have lots more of that.”


Let’s get ready to go out.


Let’s find a movie house, where you can get some cock. Is the one on 5th street any good? It looks pretty raunchy and it’s open late. Do you want to go there for some cocksucking?

OK, I guess.

No, not “OK, I guess.” How about, “That sounds like a good place where I can suck a cock, where a cocksucker will have plenty to do. Where a cocksucker can swallow some cum.”

OK, I’d like to go there and suck a cock and swallow some cum, I’m a cocksucker. I want to be a cocksucker. Can I get one in my mouth?

That’s better. Now let’s get going. I want you to go out to the car wearing what you have on now, I’ll bring you some slacks and a tight shirt, but I want you to walk to the driveway like this.

I looked down and thought this could be exciting, it’s dark out and it’s a short distance to the car in the driveway. I loved the way I looked, dressed like this and I was going to go find some cock. I was going to do what she had just done for me. I thought about calling her a cocksucker, but that’s what girls are supposed to do, isn’t it?

She grabbed some clothing for me and we headed for the door. She opened the door and said, go stand by the car dear. Let me get the camera. I opened the door, it was a dark night with a little bit of moonlight, I felt sexy as I walked down the stairs and could hear my heels clicking. About half way to the car, she turned the porch lights on and you could plainly see me. I walked fast to the car and it was locked! If anyone looked our way, you could clearly see me dressed in my lingerie.

“Why did you turn on the light?” I whispered.

So we could see you dear. I think you look cute, a cute cocksucker. All dressed up and ready to blow.

…more cumming.

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