Boy forced into nylons Part 3

Boy forced into nylons – Part 3

I arrived the next Sat morning at my usual time. I told my Mom I would
be staying overnight at my friend Dan’s house. Mr Frederick let me in and
said hi pretty Billie I have such a wonderful day and night planned for us.
With that he took me right into his bedroom and there on the bed was all
kinds of lingerie; white slip, white bra, white lacy garter belt and several
pairs of nylon stockings, tan and black. There was also a pleated plaid
skirt like the girls at school wore and a white long sleeve blouse with
ruffles at the neck and wrists. On the floor were a pair of black pumps
with what looked like about a 2 inch heel. There was also on the bed a
shoulder length wig with bangs in a very light brown color. Uncle Gene
said, “today you are going to be my personal nylon stocking model. Now I
am going to leave the room and you get dressed in the clothes on the bed.

20150620_175617Start off with the tan stockings. Those are extra silky. Oh and here is a
tube of red lipstick, put some lipstick on your lips, I think you should
know how cause I am sure you have seen your mother do it. And don’t forget
the wig. Then he went into the closet and pulled out a bunch of nylons and
said, here stuff these into your bra cups to fill it out so you have a nice
girlish figure.”

I started to get dressed. First the bra, I had a hard time getting it on
but after about 15 tries of trying to snap it I finally figured it out.
Then the garter belt. This was easy because I had been practicing all the
last week. For the past week, I would spy on my 13 year old and 17 year
old sisters. They had really nice legs and it was easy to spy on them. I
would stand outside the bedroom window of my 17 year old sister at night
when I knew she was going out on a date or to her girlfriends’ houses. Ohh
the sheer thrill of watching her get dressed especially when she would put
on her garter belt and nylons. Watching her slowly pull those nylons up her
long sexy legs. Smoothing them out from the ankle to the top, attaching
the garters and smoothing them some more. I would take out my cock and
furiously masturbate while watching her, spewing my cum all over the side
of the house.

4753998234_087eb33c90_zThen there was my 13 year old sister Kathy. This was her
first year wearing real nylons and garters and she was ohhh so careless. I
would stand by her bedroom door to the side and peek at her getting dressed
for school or church on Sunday morning — all the while rubbing my cock in
my pants. I had more than one accident I have to say.


She would make quite a production of putting on her nylons. She was like
a kid with a new toy. I loved watching her put her leg out and then slowly
pull the nylons over her feet, up her calf and then over her thigh. Slowly
ever so slowly and I could tell she was luxuriating in the feel of them on
her legs. One time I saw her lay back on the bed, stick her leg up in the
air and start to put the nylon on — it was one of the sexiest things I had
ever witnessed, watching her slowly draw that stocking up her leg as her
leg started bent at the knee then she stuck it straight up in the air as
she pulled it over her knee and up her thigh. As she was attaching her
garters I couldn’t help myself, I put my hand in my pants and masturbated
right into my pants. I just knew I had to try some of my sisters’ nylons
on during the week. I knew how good it felt now to wear nylons and had to
wear some and soon. My younger sister was also very careless about the way
she would sit.

Her semi mini skirts covered her nylon tops when she would stand but
when she would slightly bend over her nylon tops and occasionally her
garter tabs would show. She would sit in the living room after school and
her skirt would almost always be raised high enough on her thighs that her
nylon welts and occasionally her garters would be on display.

Ohh God she didn’t’ know the effect she was having on me. I would be ogling her
without being obvious and sporting a huge erection. God, how I wanted to
go over and run my hands all up and down her pretty young nylon encased
legs. I would have to run to the bathroom and jack off into the toilet and
some afternoons that would happen several times.

God my own sister was turning me on — fueling my nylon lust. Then on afternoon that week an
opportunity presented itself that I could not resist. Mom and Dad were at
work, my older sister was at her after school part time job and my younger
sister was staying after school that day. I ran home from school as fast
as I could and went straight to the laundry hamper in the laundry room. I
started digging through the hamper,

AssortedYESSSS there were several pairs of nylons in there and a garter belt. I didn’t know whose nylons were whose so I laid them all out. I figured out by the lengths pretty much whose was
whose. The smallest pair in the foot had to belong to my 13 year old
sister. This was what I wanted. I grabbed the garter belt and her nylons
and headed for the bathroom.

Stripped off my pants and underwear and now I was soooo soooo excited at the thought of what I was about to do. I had a very stiff erection and was already leaking precum. I put on the
garter belt — it was a bit big — must be Mom’s I guess. I didn’t care.
Then the beautiful nylons, they were a dark tan with reinforced heels and
toes. I started to put one on and ohhh god the wonderful feeling as I
pulled it up my leg. I knew I was a nylon lover for
sure now.

I pulled it up slowly very slowly and attached it to the
garters. I took my time and enjoyed every moment of putting it on. I then
did the second nylon the same way as the first, slowly up my leg, attached
the garters and then I sat on the toilet and started smoothing the nylons
on my legs, starting at each ankle and up over my calf, knee and thigh,
pulling the welts tight.

Ohh I was in heaven, I couldn’t stand it, the feeling of tickling my own nylon covered legs was too much.

mip (0525)I stood up and started to jack my cock aiming it into the toilet. Jacking with one hand
while using my other hand to caress my stocking covered legs. Ohh God it
was so wonderful. I was so turned on. I started saying. “Ohh Kathy, I am
wearing your beautiful nylons, they feel so good.. Ohh little sister, I am
wearing the same nylons you wear on your young pretty legs. Ohhh Kathty,
OHHHHHHHH, I need to cum thinking of you wearing these nylons —

And I came spurt after spurt of my hot cum into the toilet, shaking violently as I did, my legs
and knees buckling from the powerful orgasm.

Back to getting dressed for Uncle Gene. After the bra, I put on the
garter belt and then reached for the tan stockings. Ohh they felt so silky
and sheer. I started to put one stocking on my left leg. Sitting on the
bed I bunched the nylon into a donut and then put my foot in. That first
electric feeling as it came over my foot and started up my calf was so
exciting — I started to get an erection. I guess I had become a nylon
wearing loving sissy after all. I pulled the nylon up lovingly and
thoroughly enthralled by the tingling in my leg as I pulled it ever so
slowly up. Once I had it up I attached both front and back garters and
smoothed the nylon up like I had seen my sisters do. I started leaking
precum. I started on the second stocking and by now was hard as hell. God
I needed to cum but I didn’t dare. Uncle Gene was waiting for me. I
pulled the second nylon all the way up and attached the garters, then
smoothed it up my leg pulling out any wrinkles.

Then I stuffed the bra with the extra nylons Uncle Gene gave me and the
feeling on the nylon on my nipples made them very stiff. Next the slip and
then the skirt and blouse. I put on the wig and went over to the mirror.
I put on the lipstick, (I had seen my sisters do this a thousand times) and
when I was done I looked at myself — oh my God I looked like my sister
Kathy a bit. Uncle Gene will be impressed. Then I put on the heels and
backed up and looked at myself in the mirror. No doubt about it, I was a
living doll.

img_1086The feeling of the nylons on my legs was incredible, so tight
and silky. As I started to leave the room I couldn’t help but swoon over
the feeling of my nylons swishing together and the delightful rasping sound
they were making as my thighs rubbed together. The feeling was awesome.
Yes I was going to be Uncle Gene’s nylon model today.

Stay tuned for part 4 as Billie models for Uncle Gene and spends the
whole day and night being his nylon slave. Jannette

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