Boy forced into Nylons Part 2

Boy forced into Nylons-Part 2

8414021141_e7f572ea83_h (1)I arrived the next Sat morning at my usual time. Once again I told my
Mom I would be gone for the day. Mr Frederick let me in and said “Ahhh
Billie, so glad you decided to show up and not let those photos I took last
week wind up in the hands of your friends showing them what a cute little
nylon stocking wearing sissy boy you are.

I have masturbated several times
since last week thinking of your cute coltish lets so sexy in the nylons
you had on. Tell me Billie have you masturbated at all thinking about what
we did last week?” I lowered my head and sheepishly and with embarrassment
I said “Yes I have,

I must admit it felt so good having my nyloned legs felt up while you stroked my cock” Even though it felt good I had made up my mind I was not going to do that again. After all I am a boy, not a girl and definitely not a sissy boy as Mr Frederick had called me. The guys at
school called boys who fooled around with other boys “queers” and I am
definitely no queer.

Mr Frederick told me to follow him to the living room. When I walked in
their was a projector setup and a movie screen. He told me to sit on the
couch cause we were going to watch a few movies. I sat down and he
darkened the room and put on the projector. The first movie was about 45
mins long and was a movie about women getting dressed. They would come
into the room naked and then proceed to put on their bras, garter belts or
girdles, panties, nylon stockings and slips.

The particular emphasis with each woman seemed to be in putting on her nylons, making quite a production out of it. Slowing letting each stocking hang down then rolling it up into
a type of donut, then sticking her leg straight out and then bending the
knee to put the nylon over her toes. Then she would slowly unroll the
nylon up her leg, very slowly till she had it pulled all the way up and
tight. Then taking her front garter strap and attaching it, then standing
up – bending over backward and attaching the rear garter strap.


Then she would do the same with the other leg. Mr. Frederick told me to pay
particular attention to the way the women were putting on their nylons.
Then the women would slowly very slowly smooth their nylons up their legs
starting at the ankle and smoothing and what looked like taking wrinkles
out of their nylons as they went till they reached the tops of the nylons
at which point they would pull the tight and make a show of reattaching
the garters.

I had seen my mom and sisters do this many times and I must
admit it did excite me to watch them do it. Now they did not quite put on
the show of doing it that these women were but mechanics were pretty much
the same. Yes, I must admit I had masturbated many times while spying on
my mom and sisters, especially my sisters. I would rub my cock through my
jeans and just cum in my jeans as I spied on them getting dressed and
especially when they would be putting on their nylon stockings.

AND yes, this movie was getting me quite excited and I felt my cock harden in my
jeans. Mr. Fredrick looked down and saw my bulge and said “Hmmm, seems
like little Billie like watching these women get dressed — let me guess my
sweet Billie what part do you like best – I bet it is watching them put on
their nylons” With that he reached down and traced the length of my bulge
through my jeans. With that I flinched and got up and told him “NO Don’t
touch me there” He just smiled and said “Now Billie — you have to remember
our deal”. Then he grabbed me by the arm and led me to his bedroom. There
on the bed was a small bra, a garter belt, some tan nylon stockings, a full
white slip and some white nylon panties similar to the kind my older sister

I figured out right away what he had in mind and turned to run out of the
room. He grabbed me and pulled me back into the room. He glowered at me
and said, “here look at these” and reached into his pocket and pulled out
the pictures from last week. “Remember these my sweet one – we want to
keep them private don’t we. I am sure you do so for starters — STRIP –
take off ALL your clothes” I started to cry but knew I had no choice but to
comply with him. I could NEVER allow those photos to go out and my friends
see me dressed like a girl — NEVER. They would think I was queer and I am
NOT a queer.

After I was naked Mr Frederick said, “From now on young Billie you call me
Uncle Gene – remember that. Also now I want you to get dressed just like
the women in the movies. Ohh you have such a nice sleek and slim body and
almost totally hairless. How delightful. – now start dressing my cute
little girly boy” There he called me a girly boy. I am no girl damnit, why
does he insist on saying that, it’s embarrassing. I started dressing and
he was now instructing me “First Billie, the garter belt (which I put around
my waist and fumbled for a bit trying to figure out the hook and eye
connectors) Very good you sweet sweet boy, now let me put the bra on you –
I know you can’t do that YET but pay attention as I put it on you because
the time will come when YOU will have to put it on yourself” He then put
the bra on me, it was a bit tight and then he stuffed the small cups with
some nylon stockings. I must admit the nylon against my sensitive nipples
felt real good, I felt my nipples stiffen up.

After the bra was on he said it was time for the nylons. Again he told
me to do it like in the movie

Nice and slow up each leg. I let the first nylon hang down then rolled
it up like. As I sat down and stretched out my leg Uncle Gene said, “now
remember Billie, nice and slow up each leg”

As I started to put on the nylon over my toe, stretching it up my calf
very slowly I couldn’t help but notice how nice it felt. My cock started
to stiffen. Uncle Gene started talking “That’s it Billie, nice and slow,
put your nice pretty nylons on your pretty teenage legs. Ohh such
beautiful nylons you are putting on.” I pulled the nylon on all the way up
and started to attach the front garter. “Ohhh Billie that’s it, make your
sexy silky nylons nice and tight. Ohh I love seeing you do this you hot
little sissy boy.” Uncle Gene told me to stand up, twist and turn backward
and attach the back garter. I tried doing this and after some contortions
and fumbling managed to attach it. It was a bit difficult to do.

19469874749_2e68c2939a_zAs I was putting on the second nylon my cock got totally hard and started
leaking precum. The feeling of the nylons on my legs was wonderful. I
couldn’t help but get turned on. Uncle Gene said, “Billie, ohh my your
cockette is so hard, I KNEW you would love being a nylon wearing sissy.”
Ohh God he was right,

I loved the way the nylons felt on my legs. After the second nylon was on and gartered Uncle Gene made me smooth them up very very slowly up each leg and pull out the wrinkles — just like I had seen the women do in the movie. He had a look of lust in his eyes. “That’s it
Bille, make them nice and smooth, smooth out your nice nylons, that’s it
nice and slowly, Ohhh I love watching you do that” Then he did something I
didn’t expect — he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock — it looked
huge, twice as big as mine, I would say about 9 inches long and very thick.
He started stroking it and I could see his precum leaking out.

He then had me put on the panties over the nylons and the white slip. He
apparently had guessed my size pretty well cause the panties and slip fit
pretty good. He then produced a pair of 3 inch black pumps just like the
girls in school wore. My cock was straining in the silky panties — it
felt so good against the nylon of those panties. It was throbbing and
precum was staining the silk of the panties — Ohh my, I am turning into a
sissy boy against my own wishes.

Uncle Gene had me sit on the edge of the bed. He then knelt down and put
the pumps on me and then started running his hands up and down my legs.
“Billie, ohh sweet billie, your nylons feel so nice on your sexy slim legs.
Umm, nice nylons, nice legs, pretty nylons” Then he started kissing and
licking up and down my legs. Running his hands up and down my legs while
licking and kissing them, all the while saying “nice nylons, silky nyloned
legs” over and over.

“Billie lie back on the bed and close your eyes. I did as told, oh god
the feeling of his hands on my nyloned legs was fabulous. My cock was
throbbing and leaking really bad. I lay back and closed my eyes and then I
felt his hands go all the way up my legs. Staying for a while and palming
the tops of my nylons and garters. Then I felt him reach up and pull my
panties down to my thighs springing my cock free. “Ohh Billie such a
delicious looking sissy cockette you have. So hard and glistening with
your precum” Then I felt the most incredible sensation — warm and wet and
a slight pressure on the head of my cock. Oh God, Uncle Gene had the head
of my cock in his mouth and was sucking on it. It felt incredible. All
the while his hands were roaming over my legs.

He stopped for a moment and looked up at me and said, “You LOVE this
don’t you my sweet? Does it feel good having me suck your delicious
cockette while I feel up your silky nyloned legs? Say it, say you love it,
tell me you don’t want me to stop.”

I couldn’t help myself, “Uncle Gene don’t stop, ohhh it feels so good,
suck my cock, suck it some more” Uncle Gene said, “you want more then tell
me that you are now a nylon wearing sissy boy, say it” In spite of myself I
said what he wanted, “Yes I am a nylon wearing sissy boy and I love it.
OHHHH PLEASE suck me some more and keep feeling my legs PLEEEEEEZE”

With that he put my cockhead back in his mouth and swirled his tongue
over my peehole. It felt sooo sooooo good. I couldn’t help it, I knew I
was about to cum. “Ohhh Uncle Gene I am going to cum and cum NOW
Right as I started to cum he took his mouth off my cock and pointed it down
toward my nylon tops. I came spurt after spurt all over the tops of my
nylons. “That’s it sissy boy, cum, cum on your pretty nylons, you love it,
don’t you? Shoot your sweet nectar all over your nylons.”

19611030126_c82a57290b_bUncle Gene was rubbing my nyloned legs with one hand and was rubbing his
cock on my legs with the other hand. After I was done cumming Uncle Gene
told me to sit up which I did. He immediately stood up his cock now
pointed at my face. He said to me, “ok girlie boy, my turn, you are going
to suck my big hard cock now!!!! Ohh NOOOOOOOOO I couldn’t do that I am
not queer, being sucked was wonderful but sucking on a cock — NO WAY. I
turned my head.

He slapped my face and said, “what do you think — I am going to give you
a sweet cum and get nothing in return. I started to cry and turned my head
forward — he placed the tip of his cock on my lips. “Now open your mouth”
I did and he put the head of his cock in my mouth. “Purse your pretty
girly boy lips around my cock — that’s it — ohh so warm and wet” and the
he pushed his hips forward slowly and put more of his cock in my mouth.
“Now suck on it — suck like you are sucking on a lollipop. Swirl your
tongue around the head — yes like that” He then held the back of my head
and started bucking his hips. “Ohh you sweet sweet nylon sissy, I am
FACEFUCKING You, I am raping your hot mouth — Ohh God you are sucking me
so good. I need to cum. He kept talking while I sucked. I was crying and
trying not to gag. I will teach you to tease me with your beautifully
nyloned legs. Putting on your pretty nice nylons in front of me.”
Then he reached down and started rubbing the tops of my nylons. “Ohh
Billie, I am going to make you my nylon slave — you and I are going to
have such wonderful nylon sex. Ohh God, I can’t stand it, feel me rubbing
your cum into your nylons — I know you love it. Ohh you queer sissy nylon
loving girly boy. Then I felt his cock swell, oh no was he going to cum in
my mouth?? Ohh God NO not that. He then screamed, “Ohh God, I am cumming,
I am going to cum my sweet nyloned Billie, here it comes —
right as he started to cum he pulled out and aimed his cock at my legs, he
came and came and came a mountain of cum all over my legs.

When he was done he told me to get up and get undressed and put my boy
clothes back on.

He told me, “Ok here is the plan, you can go now but I want you to tell
your mom you are staying over at a friends house next Saturday night. Come
here at your normal time next Saturday and be prepared to spend the day and
night with me. Now what size shirt, pants and shoe do you wear? I told
him and he said good now you go and be here next Saturday and remember I
have those photos. You are now my teenage nylon slave girly boy and you
just better accept it.

I left ashamed and humiliated but totally confused — afraid yet
strangely anticipating next Saturday — totally mixed emotions. I LOVED
wearing the nylons and having my legs felt up in them — was I queer??

Boy Forced Into Nylons – Part 3

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