Boy forced into Nylons Part 1

Boy forced into Nylons Part 1

8496559255_d19c15f316_bMy name is Billie and this happened in 1966 when I was 15 years old and
when women and girls wore real nylons and garters – before Pantyhose were
invented. I was small for my age and has almost no body hair. I have
always been fascinated by female legs in nylons for as far back as I can

I especially loved peeking up skirts and dresses and seeing the
darker tops of the nylons and garter tabs pulling those stockings ever so
taut and loved watching women/girls putting on their nylons, fixing them,
smoothing them up and reattaching the garters.

I would take the opportunity to look up the skirt or dress of every woman/girl I could; my
mom, her friends, my sisters and their friends, aunts and especially the
teachers and girls in school. I used to spy on my sisters through their
bedroom windows watching them get ready for dates. I would masturbate
furiously as I watched them putting on their pretty nylons.

In school I would constantly be looking up the desks of the girls in class that wore
nylons. These girls invariable wore nylons that were a bit big for some of
them and they would be constantly fixing them, smoothing them up, etc.
Being young they would often be careless about their modesty – lucky me
hehehe. Many of the teacher’s dresses would ride up in the back when they
would reach to write high up on the blackboard. High enough so the sexy
darker tops of their stockings would come into view.

Looking up teacher’s desks was a wonderful treat for a nylon leg lover. This was in the days
before modesty panels and I was treated to many wonderful sights of sexy
nylon legs, stocking tops and occasional garter tabs. I spent many many
nights masturbating to the day’s sights.

I had a paper route and would go on Saturday Mornings to collect the
weekly payment from my customers. One of my customers, Mr. Frederick was
in his late fifties and widowed in the past year. His wife was a very nice
lady and would often have me in for milk and cookies when I came by to
collect. They were the last stop on my route. One Saturday in in January
I decided to go ice skating with my friends after collecting so I headed
out with my skates over my shoulders and started my rounds. When I got to
Mr. Frederick’s house he invited me in for hot choclolat. I of course
accepted as I was pretty cold by then. I went in and sat at the kitchen
table – drank the hot chocolate and right as I was about done I felt really
woozy and then the next thing I knew I woke up but not as you would have

When I awoke I was blindfolded and my clothes felt – well different. I
was sitting up but couldn’t move and was obviously tied up in a chair. All
of a sudden I heard Mr Frederick’s voice “Ahh Billie, I see you are awake.”
I heard him walk toward me and then he pulled off my blindfold. I looked
down and was shocked. My legs were encased in a pair of nylon stockings
and I was wearing a half slip. I felt a tightness around my waist. My
hands were tied behind the chair and each leg was tied to a chair leg.
God, how long had I been out. Mr. Frederick had obviously put something in
my hot chocolate.

“Mr Frederick what have you done to me. Untie me and give me my clothes
back.” “Oh Billie, what don’t you like the way you look and feel. Sure I
will untie you in just a few minutes.” Then he came over and started
feeling up my nylon covered legs. “Ohh Billie, such pretty nyloned legs,
so smooth and silky, such a nice girlie boy” GIRLIE BOY!!! No way, what the
hell does he think he is doing I thought. I must admit though, it felt
good the way his fingers and hands were lightly stroking and touching my
lower legs up to my knees. So this is how it felt to the girls I would
date as we made out and I would stroke up and down their pretty silky
nyloned legs. Mr. Frederick kept mumbling over and over “Pretty legs,
pretty nylons, nice nylons” over and over while he kept running his hands
up and down them. In spite of my anger and dismay this was actually
turning me on. I felt my cock stiffen and the slip tented up.
Mr. Frederick noticed this and said, “Hmm seems like little Bille likes
having his silky nyloned legs felt up.” I hated to admit it but he was
right, it felt wonderful!!

“Mr. Frederick, please STOP. Stop this right now, I am not a girl and
this isn’t right.” With that he pushed his hand up past my knee and
slowly, very slowly pushed the slip up and up till the tops of my nylons
came into view. Dark brown silky two toned tops in contrast to the lighter
tan of the lower nylons. Then up higher till the garter tabs came into
view. Ohh God I was wearing a garterbelt. That was the tightness around
my waist. Obviously Mr. Frederick had drugged me, took off my jeans and
shorts and put on the garterbelt, nylons and slip while I was out.

When the tops of my nylon stockings and garter tabs came into view he
moaned. “ohh such pretty nylon stocking tops and sexy garters. So dark
and silky smooth” With that he started rubbing the tops of my nylons all
over. Feeling over the gartertab and then just over the top to my smooth
skin then back down to the tops again. He kept saying what pretty girlie
boy legs I had and how lovely the looked and felt in nylons.

Girlie_0604_19Then he noticed the bulge in my slip and the wet spot from my precum. I
was turned on and could not help it. He pushed my slip up higher until my
cock came into view. “Ohh Billie, such a lovely cockette” And then he did
the unimaginable. He reached out and touched the tip with his fingertips
and started smearing my precum all over the head of my cock making it
slick. Ohh God, nobody had ever touched me before and this felt just so
awesomely good. My cock started twitching and throbbing wildly while his
other hand kept stroking my nyloned legs. “Ohh Billie, such a lovely stiff
cockette you have to go with your beautiful nice nyloned legs.” He then
took my cock in his hand and started smearing my precum all over it up and
down. God it felt delicious. I knew I would come soon if he kept that up.
He started skinning my cock up and down, very slowly, pulling back on the
foreskin and down the length of my cock. Up and down very slowly. “Come
on sweet Billie, you know you love this. The feeling of my hand on your
nice nylon legs, the way I am stroking your cockette. Give Uncle Gene you
sweet girlie boy cream.” I started to moan, “Ohh Mr. Frederick, Ohhh God,
I am going to cum. I can’t help it.
out my cum. At the first spurt he took my cock and aimed it at my thighs.
“That’s it you sweet girlie boy, cum, cum, all over your pretty nyloned
legs. Which I did, I felt so ashamed but it was such a huge and
pleasureable cum.

After that he untied me and led me to the couch and sat me down. I
started to get up. I demanded “Give me my clothes back NOW – I want out of
here you pervert”. As I stood up he slapped me in the face and pushed me
back down. I landed with my slip all the way up and my full nyloned legs,
stocking tops and garters fully exposed. He told me to NOT MOVE. He then
took out a polaroid camera and took several photos of me sitting like
that. Then he said “OK here is the deal, you tell ANYBODY about all this
and these photos wind up going public, what do your friends will think when
they see you are a nylon wearing sissy?” Ohhh shit, what did he have in
mind. You be here next Saturday morning same time. Tell your mom you are
going ice skating for the day again. It is time for your next “training”
into becoming a pretty nylon stocking wearing girlie boy. I was trapped I
knew I had no choice.

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to go on with part 2 soon. Jannette

Boy Forced Into Nylons – Part 2

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