Cheerleader’s Mom: Fist Training2

Cheerleader’s Mom: Fist Training


Michelle lapped up the pussy juice that filtered out of the woman, as if she was a kitty lapping spilled milk.

“Keep licking,” Jasmine whimpered, putting her hand through the pet’s hair.

Michelle had no intention of stopping until instructed. She was in heaven when licking a pussy. After decades of a bland sex life, her daughter had awakened her true purpose and she planned to fulfill it at every opportunity.

Eventually, Jasmine sat up and said, “Get over here and kiss me.”

Michelle obeyed, crawling up and kissing the teacher.

Breaking the kiss a minute later, Jasmine smiled, “That was amazing.”

“Agreed,” Michelle nodded, completely enamoured with the beautiful teacher.

“I think we will have to meet up more often,” Jasmine said, meaning it. She liked the idea of exploring her dominant side.

“I am always at your service,” the completely submissive and eager to please Michelle replied, staring into the teacher’s blue eyes.

“Good to know,” Jasmine nodded, standing up, knowing she was going to ask Mistress Allie for permission to use her on occasion. “You really are an amazing pussy pleaser.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Michelle replied, enjoying the compliment. She added, “You are pretty amazing too.”

“So your daughter tells me,” the teacher smiled.

“She doesn’t tell me that,” Michelle replied.

“Well, you’re still in training,” Jasmine pointed out as she grabbed her skirt.

“So I’m told,” the mom nodded, feeling rather strange talking about her incest lesbian training with another person.

“Well, I hate to eat and run,” Jasmine said, once dressed, “but I only have coverage until 1:30.”

“Oh, well, you may want to wash up a bit,” Michelle added.

“Why? Do I look like I just ate cunt?” Jasmine bluntly said, loving talking nasty, unlike her boring teacher persona.

“A little,” Michelle laughed.

“Could you imagine if my students knew what I was really doing today?” Jasmine asked, with a big smile on her face. She loved that her students, besides a couple other pets, had no idea that she was an insatiable pussy muncher and, truth be told, would eagerly drop to her knees and munch almost any of her eighteen year old female students if offered or instructed. The reality was she could never resist the opportunity to munch snatch when given the opportunity… ever.

“I couldn’t have imagined it myself, before today,” Michelle replied.

Jasmine walked over and kissed Michelle once more. “Until next time.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle nodded, hoping that ‘next time’ would be very, very soon.”

Once Jasmine was gone, she noticed the rip in her fishnets and took them off. She went and had a shower before putting back on the silky black ones. They were her favourite pair.

She was responding to emails online when Allie came home a couple of hours later.

Allie asked bluntly, “Did you come today?”

Michelle’s face instantly went white as a sheet. She hadn’t even considered that during the heat of the fisting.

“The guilt written all over your face speaks volume,” Allie smirked, already knowing the truth after talking to Mrs. Walker after school today. She even agreed that once the training was complete, Mrs. Walker could have her mother on occasion.

“I’m sorry,” Michelle apologized, not wanting to be spanked again.

“I think you like being punished,” Allie said.

“The fisting was rather intense, Mistress,” Michelle tried to defend herself.

“I know,” Allie nodded, before ordering, “now get undressed.”

“Here?” Michelle asked.

“Hurry up,” Allie demanded, “Dad should be home soon.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the mom obeyed, learning not to argue and upset her daughter which only delayed the inevitable… her obeying. She took off the sundress she had put on after Jasmine left and she had showered, remaining only in the black thigh highs.

“You really like those black ones,” Allie said, noticing the fishnets were no longer on.

“They are so soft,” Michelle nodded, moving her hand to her leg to rub them.

Allie, realizing her dad could be home soon and not wanting to get caught, ordered, “Go up to your room and get on all fours on the bed.

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle obeyed, happy to be somewhere more private. She was also hoping for another orgasm, but prepared for whatever her daughter may have in store.

“Good girl,” Allie smiled, happy with her mother’s quick obedience, as she followed her mother to her bedroom.

Once in her bedroom and in the position ordered, Allie walked over to the bed and joined her. She asked, “Did you enjoy being fisted?”

“It was unique,” Michelle answered.

“But did you enjoy it?” Allie repeated, as her fingers went to her mom’s already wet cunt.

“Yes,” Michelle admitted, before adding with a slight moan as her pussy was teased, “I came like crazy from it.”

“That you did,” Allie agreed, as she shoved her hand inside her mom’s pussy.

“Fuck!” the mom screamed, as her pussy was again filled by a fist.

“Shit, you took my fist rather easily,” Allie chuckled.

“Mrs. Walker prepared me well,” Michelle answered, as she suddenly felt lightheaded.

“I hear you really enjoyed being her pet,” Allie continued, as she wiggled her fingers inside her mother.

For Michelle, this was a different feeling than being fisted roughly. It felt like her vagina was being explored by an octopus. Strange, weird, kinky.

Michelle weakly answered, her breathing off, “Yes, I did.”

“Tomorrow I have a special surprise for you,” Allie revealed, as she pulled her hand out of her mother’s wet pussy.

“Okay,” Michelle replied, disappointed to have her pussy empty again.

“I’m heading out now for dinner before the game tonight,” Allie said, as she wiped her hand on her mom’s back.

“Okay,” the horny mother repeated.

“So feel free to fuck Daddy in the basement,” Allie continued. “But no coming.”

“Understood,” the submissive nodded, unsure she could resist coming if she was fucked again.

The front door closed.

“Daddy’s home,” Allie announced, walking out.

Michelle quickly got up and got dressed, realizing the sundress she had been wearing was still downstairs. She grabbed another sundress and quickly went downstairs. Thankfully, she was able to grab the dress without her husband noticing.

After dinner, with Allie gone, the idea of fucking her husband in the living room was quite appealing. She also thought it would be deliciously fun to dress up for him. Michelle went to her daughter’s room and looked for the cheerleading outfit that had started all this, while Jeremy showered.

Michelle looked everywhere for it before realizing the obvious. There was a game tonight which meant that Allie was cheerleading tonight. Disappointed, dressing as a cheerleader would likely have really turned him on, she instead got completely naked and walked to the bathroom. Opening the door, she said, “Come to the basement as soon as you’re done.”

“Okay,” Jeremy agreed, his wife’s tone sounding like something was wrong. He quickly finished his shower, grabbed a towel and headed downstairs.

Michelle was downstairs in only her nylons leaning against a wall as she waited, trying to look sexy and willing.

Jeremy reached the basement and didn’t see his wife at first. He called out, “Michelle!”

“Over here stud,” Michelle replied, trying to sound like Olivia Newton John in the epic final scene in Grease when she transforms into a leather goddess.

“Holy shit,” Jeremy gasped, seeing his wife naked outside the bedroom rare, the last time being a blow job in the car a few years ago at a wedding. He replied, “I’m a big fan of the new you.”

The sultry wife purred, “Can Jeremy’s dick come out to play?”

Jeremy tossed his towel aside, his cock rising quickly, and walked over to his wife. He asked, just before he spun her around and pushed her roughly against the wall, “What about Allie?”

“That’s incest,” Michelle teased, the irony of her words dripping.

“You’re so bad,” Jeremy said, shaking his head, stunned to hear such an inappropriate joke from his usually rather conservative wife, as he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips from behind.

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” Michelle replied with a moan, wanting that dick in her, quoting Jessica Rabbit even though the line didn’t actually make much sense.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jeremy questioned, looking down at his wife.

“I know what’s not in me yet,” Michelle said, moving her ass back to engulf her husband’s now fully erect cock.

“Well, we better fix that,” Jeremy laughed as he thrust forward and filled his wife’s cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” Michelle moaned, “fill my cunt with that big dick of yours.”

“Fuck, I could get used to this,” Jeremy groaned, as he fucked his wife from behind standing up.

Michelle could too. The awakening of her submission to her daughter and eating pussy had also rekindled her sex drive for cock. She was definitely not a lesbian. She liked cock too much and a real cock felt so much better to suck and fuck than a toy one.

“I expect that dick in my cunt daily, baby,” Michelle moaned, suddenly feeling like a nymphomaniac. She constantly wanted a pussy to munch on or a dick in her pussy… although his big dick, which had always filled her, suddenly seemed a little small after taking two fists.

“That I will never deny you,” Jeremy promised.

“What about this weekend?” she questioned, knowing he was going on a fishing trip tomorrow morning with the boys.

“I’ll deposit a load in that cunt in the morning before I leave,” he answered, feeling so empowered by being able to say a word that was completely off limits before a couple of days ago. He couldn’t fathom what had made such a predominant change in his wife, but he wasn’t going to question it… he was going to enjoy it.

“You’d better,” Michelle moaned, not remembering the last time they had morning sex. Michelle wasn’t really a morning sex person, but even that, she wasn’t sure was true since she had had daily morning sex teases since her accidental submission.

“I’ll never say no,” Jeremy countered.

“I’ll keep you do that,” Michelle moaned, before adding, trying to give him a reason for the sudden change in sexual appetite, “apparently menopause has perks.”

Jeremy thought his wife too young for menopause, but he wasn’t going to question it. Instead, he said, “Shit, I’m not going last long like this,” and pulled out.

“Let me take that first load down my throat, baby,” Michelle offered, hoping for a marathon sex session, already deciding she was going to disobey the not coming command. So far the consequences were minor, especially in comparison to the orgasm. She turned around, dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, tasting her own juices… instantly thinking of Mrs. Walker’s pussy and craving the sweetness of it.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, as he slid his cock in his wife’s velvet mouth.

Michelle bobbed hungrily, wanting that first load.

Jeremy, wanting to take control, began to slowly fuck his wife’s face, a sense of sexual dominance coursing through him.

Michelle felt her husband’s hand on her head and got even more turned on, imagining it was her daughter controlling her again. ‘Fuck’ Michelle thought to herself, ‘I really am becoming a little dyke. Even when sucking cock, I’m thinking of other women.’

When his wife didn’t protest at the slow face fucking, he sped up, curious if he could face fuck her so hard his balls bounced off her chin.

Michelle liked the rough treatment and just focused on sucking and not gagging.

Not surprisingly, Jeremy didn’t last long and grunted as he ordered, “Swallow every last drop, my bride slut.”

The cum hungry wife had no choice as the cum exploded in her mouth and down her throat, but, of course, she would have obeyed either way.

Jeremy kept pumping as he spewed a full day’s load down his wife’s throat, loving her sudden eagerness to swallow.

When he pulled out, he pulled her up and kissed her passionately before he dropped to his knees and began licking her very wet pussy.

Michelle moaned on contact even as she closed her eyes and imagined it was Mrs. Walker licking her. Although Jeremy tried to please her orally, the reality was after having been brought to orgasm by experienced women she didn’t find his random licking as exciting.

Jeremy licked for a couple of minutes and quickly found his knees sore and wondered how women did it. He also found craning his neck in the awkward position also was uncomfortable. Yet, he didn’t want to stop and disappoint his wife, who had just swallowed his load.

Michelle, not really enjoying the position, and recalling the sexy feeling of the foot play her daughter did to her, pushed her husband away from her pussy, walked over to the couch and sat down. She purred, “Come here baby, I want to try something new.”

Jeremy was surprised she didn’t let him get her off, she usually liked that, but he walked over to her, curious what she had in mind.

“Let’s get that cock hard again,” she purred, as she moved her foot to his semi-erect cock.

“Oh nice,” Jeremy groaned, loving the feeling of the sheer nylon on his cock.

She then added her second foot and began to slowly give him a foot job.

“Shit, this feels really good,” Jeremy groaned.

Michelle, wanting to sound sexy and slutty, looked up at her husband and said, “I want that cock nice and hard for my box,”

“Well, that won’t take long,” he laughed, as his cock became completely stiff quickly from the silky sexy tease.

“Oh, I expect a marathon fuck session next, baby,” Michelle said, wanting to be pounded all over the living room.

“Only if you beg, my sexy slut,” Jeremy responded.

“You think I’m a slut?” Michelle questioned, her tone going hard as she stopped fucking his cock with her feet.

Jeremy froze, realizing he had somehow gone too far, even though he had already used that exact word on her last time.

Michelle’s hard stare broke into a smile, as she laughed, resuming her foot play, “I’m just kidding. I want to be your complete slut.”

Jeremy sighed. “That wasn’t funny.”

“You should have seen the look on your face,” Michelle smiled.

Jeremy warned, “You’re going to pay for that.”

“How so?” Michelle challenged.

Jeremy walked over to his wife, picked her up and carried her to a table. Laying her down on it, he spread her legs and slid his cock deep into her.

“Oh my, you Tarzan, me Jane,” Michelle moaned with a big smile, loving the aggressive side of her husband.

“I’m going to fuck you all over the basement,” he groaned, as he fucked her slowly.

Michelle quipped back, “This isn’t fucking, this is making love. Now fuck me, baby. Slam my cunt with that big dick of yours.”

“As you wish,” Jeremy replied, as he began pumping his dick in her, hard.

Michelle repositioned herself to brace herself for the deep thrusts, “Yes, that is much better, baby. Pound my pussy.”

“Oh yeah,” Jeremy groaned, as he put his hand on her tit for balance.

They fucked on the table for a couple of minutes before Michelle said, enjoying the fucking, but not comfortable in this position on the hard table, “Let’s move this to the ottoman.”

“Lead the way,” Jeremy agreed, pulling her up.

For the next fifteen minutes, they fucked in a variety of positions:

On her knees doggy style:

Michelle on top:

On her side:

Michelle on her back:

Jeremy, needing a break from the marathon workout, pulled out and said, “Give me another foot job, baby.”

“Am I wearing you out, honey?” Michelle asked, having still not reached orgasm, as she purposely held back, trying to hold out as long as possible.

“Just need a breather before going in for the kill,” Jeremy quipped.

“Lie on the floor,” Michelle ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jeremy quipped, as he obeyed the command, playing on her calling him Master when he was authoritative.

“We can have only one submissive here,” Michelle replied, as she joined him on the floor.

“Then get foot fucking me,” he ordered.

“Maybe you should foot fuck me,” Michelle suggested, opening her legs.

“Really?” he asked.

She smiled, “I’m your slut, use me as you wish.”

Although enticing to do something so kinky, it didn’t really turn him on. Instead, he ordered, “Get working on my cock with those nylons.”

“Yes, Master,” she purred, trying to get into a comfortable position. Once she was, she began masturbating his cock with her two feet.

“Shit, that feels amazing,” Jeremy groaned, able to enjoy this for hours.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Michelle purred.

“Oh yeah,” he nodded, watching her feet play with his cock.

“Just order me and I will wear sexy thigh high stockings for you every day,” Michelle said, thinking what a good way to hide the fact that she was really doing so because their daughter had ordered her to.

“Really?” he asked.

“Order me,” Michelle said.

“I expect you to wear nylons every day,” Jeremy ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Michelle nodded, “I will obey.”

“Fuck, I love you,” Jeremy said, in awe of his wife. He pushed her onto her back, spread her legs and slid his cock back into her pussy, determined to get both of them off.

“Oh yes, baby, hammer me with your drill,” Michelle moaned. The words sounded dumb, but they turned her on.

A couple of minutes of hard pounding and Michelle’s orgasm finally exploded out of her.

“Yes, I’m coming baby,” Michelle announced.

Jeremy kept fucking her through her orgasm as his own began to bubble.

When he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, he decided to fulfill a fantasy he had long had, and that was mentioned a couple of days earlier… the facial. He ordered, “Knees, slut.”

Michelle quickly obeyed, as she asked, while watching him furiously pump his cock, “Are you going to come all over your slut wife’s face?”

Jeremy answered with a grunt and streams of cum as he indeed came on her face.

Michelle closed her eyes just as the first rope plastered her face. Three more followed as she felt the warm cum hit her. It made her feel so slutty… so submissive… so free.

Jeremy slid his cock back in her mouth once he finished coming and Michelle retrieved any last remnants of his seed.

When Jeremy pulled out, Michelle asked, “How do I look with cum all over my face?”

“Like the cum slut you are,” Jeremy answered. Wondering if this wild streak may make another forbidden taboo possible… her ass. That said, he didn’t broach the subject now.

Cheerleader’s Mom – Fist Training Part 3

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