Cheerleader’s Mom: Fist Training

Cheerleader’s Mom: Fist Training


Summary: Submissive Mom is punished for disobeying Mistress Daughter.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for doing the visuals for this story.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, tenzin_p and Wayne for editing.


In Part One, A POWER SHIFT: 39-year-old mother, Michelle, decides to try on her daughter Allie’s slutty cheerleading outfit. Once she has it on, she begins fucking herself with her daughter’s vibrator on her daughter’s bed. Caught by her domineering daughter and her friend Kim, she is forced to eat her daughter’s pussy and also Kim’s before being told she is now her daughter’s pet.

In Part Two, BLACKMAILED PET: Michelle tries her hardest to not fall completely under the spell of her strong-willed daughter. But Allie’s strong demeanour and blackmail evidence is too much for the submissive mother and she falls even deeper into a web of submissive lesbian sin.

In Part Three, CREATING A LEZ: Michelle rekindles her marriage’s dormant sex life; Michelle is taught how to please a pussy properly by a tender teen Mistress; Allie finally allows her mother to bring her to climax with her tongue.

Cheerleader’s Mom: Fist Training

Michelle fretted as she made breakfast in her black thigh highs and robe. She knew she had disobeyed a clear order from her daughter by coming last night (twice actually, truth be told) and was worried about a punishment. That said, her last punishment, the encounter with Cassandra, was pretty awesome.

Allie ate breakfast and knew instantly her mother had disobeyed last night. The avoidance of eye contact, the look of guilt was written all over her mother’s face.

Once her father left, Allie ordered, “To your bedroom, now. And be on your knees.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle nodded, hoping she would get some breakfast pussy. As she walked to her room, she shook her head at the reality of her sick and twisted thoughts.

Allie got dressed, and sauntered into her parent’s room. She smiled at seeing her mother on her knees in the position she had been instructed to assume. Today there was no protest, just obedience. “So you came last night?” she questioned, as she walked past her kneeling mother and sat on the end of the bed.

“Pardon?” the mother asked, surprised her daughter knew already.

Allie sighed, “Don’t play dumb with me, mother. I know when my sluts lie to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle whispered, feeling like she was the daughter and Allie the mother.

“You will be,” Allie said tersely, as she patted her lap and ordered, “Come lie across my lap, Mommy-slut. It’s time for your punishment.”

“Pardon?” the mother asked again.

“What happens when you disobey?” Allie asked.

“You get punished,” the mother whispered.

“Exactly,” Allie nodded, “now get up here right this second, I’m in a hurry today.”

“Allie, please, I’m sorry,” the mom pleaded.

“Now, Michelle Emily Weber,” Allie ordered, using her mother’s traditional three name listing when she meant business.

Michelle couldn’t help but laugh at how she was being treated. Reluctantly, she stood up, moved to her daughter, and awkwardly lay across her.

Allie caressed her mother’s fine ass as she asked, “Have you been a bad girl?”

“Yes,” Michelle admitted, oddly turned on by this.

“And what happens when a girl is bad?” Allie questioned, as she moved her finger to her mom’s pussy to confirm an assumption. Of course, she was right… wet, wet, wet.

Michelle moaned, her pussy wet, as she answered, “She is disciplined.”

“And how did you discipline me when I was a bad girl?” Allie asked.

“A spanking,” Michelle replied.

“How many times did you come last night?”


“Thank you for being so honest,” Allie said, as she moved her finger out of her mom’s pussy and moved it back to her mom’s ass.

Before Michelle could respond, she felt the sharp slap of her daughter’s hand against her bare ass. “Aaaaah,” she screamed.

“I don’t want to do this Mommy-pet, but if you can’t listen and be a good pet, what choice do I have?” Allie asked, as she gave a second slap.

“I understand,” Michelle responded, through clenched teeth.

“Good,” Allie said, as she gave the third and final slap, her mother’s cheeks now red.

“I won’t disobey again, Mistress,” the horny, yet in pain, mom promised.

“I know you won’t,” Allie purred, now caressing her mom’s ass. After a moment, she revealed, “I have another guest coming over to see you at lunch today.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Michelle replied, trying to sound eager to obey her daughter, not wanting another spank.

“Stand up,” Allie ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle obeyed, a new slight pain coursing through her as she stood up.

“See you after school, Mom,” Allie said, “part two of your discipline will occur the moment I get home.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the Mom nodded.

Allie walked out, her multi-day discipline training just getting under way. She knew her dad was gone for the weekend and thus she had the house to herself… just her and her Mommy-pet.

Michelle was rattled by the spanking, confused as to why it turned her on. She was also now worried about lunch and after school as she now knew not all of the punishments were kinky lesbian adventures.

Sighing, the mother went and grabbed an ice pack for her butt.


When Michelle went downstairs, she saw a pair of nylons on the kitchen table and a note:

Wear these today slut.

She immediately obeyed, taking off the one pair of black ones and putting on a different pair.

She was immediately disappointed as they were not the pure silk nylon, but rather fishnets which she disliked for a couple of reasons: they looked skanky, compared to the sexiness of nylon; and they were not soft and sensual like nylon.

Regardless she wore them and noticed she even got a little rip in them in the back when she put them on.

The next three hours ticked at a snail’s pace as she waited for whoever was coming over today. She hoped it was Cassandra again, but she doubted it. She assumed the parade of submissives would continue.

At almost 12:30, when Michelle had begun to wonder if anyone was coming over, there was a knock at the door.

She went to open it giddy with excitement, like a child wondering what Santa had left. She opened it and was shocked again. It was Mrs. Walker… her daughter’s English teacher. She already knew she was her daughter’s pet, so she probably shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Hi, Mrs. Walker,” Michelle greeted, the teacher somehow looking sexier and more alluring than she had when they had met a month ago. They had met at parent-teacher interviews. She wondered if she had already been her daughter’s pet when they first met… it would have explained the glorious reviews Allie received from her.

“It’s just Jasmine,” the friendly teacher replied.

“Okay, hi Jasmine,” Michelle nodded, as they walked into the living room.

Jasmine smiled, “You have a lovely home.”

“Would you like to take a tour?” Michelle asked.

“Sure,” Jasmine nodded, nervous about the task her teenage mistress had ordered her to do today. Many of her tasks had been challenging, nerve wracking or dangerous: pleasuring her on her desk after hours, masturbating at her desk while her students took a test, fucking herself with a stapler in the staff washroom or wearing ben wa balls during parent-teacher interviews. Yet, this was new… going to a parent’s house, during work hours. Thankfully, Principal Anderson was also under Allie’s spell and had given her the entire afternoon off to do what she needed to do.

“Follow me,” Michelle said, and she showed her the entire house, finishing up with the two bedrooms.

Once in the master bedroom, Jasmine said, “You know your daughter sent me here today.”

“I do,” Michelle nodded.

Jasmine wondered if Allie and Michelle were committing incest, as that would be delicious. Even Allie didn’t know Jasmine’s biggest secret. That besides being an English teacher, a married mother of two and a submissive, she was a popular erotica author that went under the pseudonym silkstockingslover. It was her fetish for nylons that got her in this submissive position in the first place. Allie wore them often and she became hypnotized with the teen student’s dangle of her shoe or swinging of her leg. She was a submissive by heart (anyone who reads her stories knows that) and her fantasy was to be seduced and dommed… thus she submitted quickly and easily, even as she fretted about the consequences.

Jasmine said, “Please get undressed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Michelle replied, sensing that Jasmine was not a Mistress in any sense of the word, based on her own nervousness.

Jasmine said, “Please wait here at the edge of your bed with your legs spread, I need to get something from Mistress Allie’s room.”

“Okay,” Michelle nodded, before adding, trying to sound sexy, no longer shamed by being naked in front of a stranger. “Like this?”

Jasmine, who loved the look of pussy, felt a rush of adrenaline go up her spine. She smiled, “Yes, exactly like that.”

Jasmine quickly went to Allie’s room, which she had already been in during the tour, and grabbed the razor and shaving cream at the corner of Allie’s dresser, exactly where Mistress Allie had said it would be. She then returned to the master bedroom, which was bigger than both her children’s rooms combined and maybe even her own.

Michelle wondered where Jasmine was going, curious what was about to happen… curious and excited.

Jasmine returned and walked directly to the spread open mother of one of her students. She couldn’t help but think how surreal this was. She was about to shave the pussy of the mother of one of her students during her lunch hour. Just another thing to add to her ‘I never thought I’d be doing this in a million years’ list… a list that seemed to grow weekly.

Michelle saw the razor and shaving cream and knew immediately what was about to happen. This didn’t surprise her, what surprised her was who was doing it. Yet, she didn’t protest, she had already considered doing this herself, but hadn’t got around to it. Instead, she silently watched as it was done for her.

Jasmine knelt in front of the pussy she was looking forward to munching on… God she loved tasting new pussy, a fantasy that had become a reality through her submission to Allie. She explained, “Mistress Allie instructed me to shave your pussy.”

“Go ahead,” the Mom nodded.

And Jasmine began the strange, but sensual task.

As she was shaved, Michelle looked at the flip flops on the floor and pondered how long they had been there and how useless they now were with the reality she always had to wear nylons.

Jasmine, knowing she had all afternoon, took her time, not wanting to make any oops.

Michelle just relaxed, feeling like she was at a spa but not getting her usual pedicure and manicure.

Once done, Jasmine sighed at what she was supposed to do next. She took off her blouse, not wanting to get pussy juice all over it, stood up and put the shaving cream and razor out of the way.

Michelle was giddy with excitement when she saw Jasmine take off her blouse. That meant there was more to come… and she sure meant literally.

Jasmine walked over to her, dropped back to her knees, and warned, “What I’m about to do could be a little intense.”

Michelle, not catching on to the teacher’s true intent, quipped playfully, “I love intense.”

Jasmine leaned forward and began licking the newly shaved pussy.

“Oh yes,” Michelle moaned, enjoying the soft pleasure.

Jasmine licked for a couple of minutes, before she slid a finger inside the already moaning woman and began to finger her.

“Oh God yes,” Michelle whimpered, “finger me.”

Jasmine pumped her finger in and out for a minute, before Michelle begged, “More, please.”

Jasmine obliged, adding a second finger and beginning to pump faster, all the while her tongue never quitting its exploration of Michelle’s wet pussy lips. Jasmine was addicted to pussy and when not on her knees between a woman’s legs she craved it. She craved it in her classroom… every female student a potential new pussy to explore and sample. She craved it in the staff room… two dozen other female teachers with pussies she had not yet devoured. She craved it when she wrote… her stories being her main source of dealing with her hunger. She craved it when she was out… every woman she saw at the mall, the theatre or a restaurant a possible snack.

“Oh yes,” Michelle moaned, her orgasm building.

Jasmine, knowing the woman was soaking wet, easily slid a third and fourth finger inside the sopping cunt.

“Oh fuck,” Michelle screamed, as her pussy was unnaturally stretched, bringing a new pleasure.

After a few deep thrusts, Jasmine asked, “Ready for the fist?” Of course, she didn’t wait for a response as she slid her entire fist inside the moaning mother.

“Holy bloody hell,” Michelle screamed, as she was filled in a way she never thought possible.

“Take it all,” Jasmine ordered, feeling a rush of power she wasn’t used to in sexual encounters. With her husband or her Mistress, she was definitely the submissive, the obedient pet. Yet, as she began furiously fisting her Mistress’s mother a new feeling coursed through her… one she kind of liked.

“Oh God, so full, fuck, fuck,” Michelle babbled, her head suddenly empty of thought as the intense pleasure of the fisting literally filled her.

“Come, my sexy little slut,” Jasmine demanded, growing in strength as she shifted from her usual submissive role to one of domme.

“Oh yes, fist fuck your slut,” Michelle demanded, so overwhelmed with pleasure she was going to agree to anything.

“Now, you fucking slut,” Jasmine demanded, threatening the submissive like she was often threatened, “Or I won’t let you munch on my box for lunch.”

Immediately, Michelle’s mouth watered. She wanted to taste her daughter’s teacher’s pussy. She wanted to be her pussy slave. “Yes, Mistress,” she whimpered, her orgasm desperately close.

“I’m counting to five,” Jasmine said, as she again threatened, “before I pull my fist out and leave.”

“No, no, no,” Michelle pleaded, desperate to come, “Call me names, use me like a fucking bimbo whore.”

“One, Jasmine began, before adding, “Only a dirty fucking whore allows her daughter’s teacher to shove her entire arm in her cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Michelle moaned, her lips pursed.

“Two. Actually, only the sluttiest women alive allow their pussies to be fisted,” Jasmine pointed out, although she too had been fisted… in her classroom… at lunch… by her scholar student… Kim.

Looking down at the pretty, innocent looking teacher, Michelle begged, “Yes, make your dirty slut come, Mistress.”

“Three,” Jasmine counted down, adding to the humiliation while testing a theory, “now you fucking incest slut.”

“Yes, I’m a dirty Mommy-slut,” Michelle admitted, so close to coming she didn’t care about revealing her immoral activities.

“Two,” Jasmine announced, as she furiously fisted the slut.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Michelle screamed, not making it to one, as her orgasm erupted in her.

Jasmine smiled as she watched the pretty mother come at her hands… well, fist in this case. She leaned down and began licking the pussy juice as she slowly pulled her arm and fist out.

“Oh fuck,” Michelle screamed again, the withdrawal of the fist creating a new wave of pleasure as her orgasm continued to course through her.

Jasmine eagerly lapped the abundance of cum that flooded out of the mother once her fist was withdrawn.

The intense pleasure of the orgasm, mixed with the tongue lapping away, intensified the orgasm for Michelle.

Jasmine kept licking for a couple of minutes, loving pussy cum the way that her husband loved his beer.

Michelle finally begged, “Please stop, or I’m going to pee.”

Jasmine stopped, stood up, got out of her skirt, took off her glasses and put them with the lube and razor, and crawled onto the bed. She leaned in and kissed the pretty woman, something she rarely got to do with the dominant daughter.

Michelle eagerly kissed the teacher back, loving the tender kissing, something that she rarely received from her husband… who was not much of a kisser.

After a few minutes of kissing and hand exploring, Michelle broke the kiss and began to splatter the teacher with kisses on the chin, down the neck and towards her breasts. Michelle cupped the perky breasts before she asked, “May I suck on your tits?”

“Yes, you may, my pet,” Jasmine smiled down at the adorable, eager pet, wondering if she herself looked that sweet and innocent when she was in the submissive role.

Michelle leaned forward and took the erect nipple in her mouth.

“Oh yes, my pet,” Jasmine moaned, loving having her nipples pleasured, something no woman had yet actually done.

Michelle licked.

Michelle nibbled.

Michelle sucked the erect nipple between her lips.

Jasmine loved the extensive attention, her own pussy beginning to get wet.

Michelle moved to the other neglected breast, and replicated the focused attention.

Jasmine finally asked, “Ready for lunch?”

“I’m famished,” Michelle replied, as she watched, the teacher moved onto her back and spread her legs.

“Come and get it, my pet,” Jasmine offered seductively.

Michelle wordlessly crawled between the teacher’s legs and buried her face in the glistening wetness and began licking. Like she had been trained by Cassandra, she took her time, exploring every crevice of the wet pussy. She imagined herself an archaeologist of pussy, investigating every crook and cranny of the teacher’s pussy.

“Oh yes,” Jasmine moaned, “take your time, baby.”

And Michelle did, even slithering her tongue down to Jasmine’s butt hole for some brief attention. She wanted to be amazing for Mrs. Walker, she wanted to be the best pet ever… as ludicrous as the notion was.

“You bad ass eater,” Jasmine teased, an act she had done for the first time in her life to Allie… again in her classroom.

“Just an eager pet, Mistress,” Michelle replied, as she moved back to the inviting, sensual, pussy.

“That you are,” Jasmine moaned, as her clit finally got some attention.

A couple more minutes of tongue teasing and pleasing and Jasmine’s orgasm was inevitable. She moaned, “Don’t stop, baby.”

Michelle didn’t, dying to feel the full wave of cum flooding out of this beautiful woman. She loved the feeling of making someone reach orgasm and she loved the sounds that escaped a woman’s lips when they reached orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yessssss,” Jasmine moaned, not screaming like Michelle, but enjoying the orgasm all the same.

Cheerleader’s Mom – Fist Training Part 2