“Stocking Tales”: Face Full of Cum

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“Stocking Tales”: Face Full of Cum


Summary: A teacher and an ex-student fall for each other.

Kelly looked in the mirror as she finished getting ready for work. Although today’s young teachers dressed casually, some even considering Lulu Lemon yoga pants as acceptable professional fashion, Kelly believed in the more traditional skirt, blouse, pantyhose or stockings, and heels. She strongly believed that to gain the respect of her very opinionated senior students, she had to earn it. A mixture of a strong personality, professional attire, and compassion for all, built that sense of respect or trust. She rarely had discipline problems and her students genuinely, for the most part, enjoyed being in her class, even if the students didn’t always like the subject itself.

Kelly also wasn’t naive…she knew that her big firm 36C breasts and her well-toned legs drew a lot of attention from the boys in her class, as well as some of the girls. She liked the attention. She also knew that many of the boys talked about fucking her in the locker room; Coach Walter had told her so many times. “You are killing my team, Ms. Anderson,” he joked, “all they talk about is did you see what Ms. Anderson was wearing today or worse.”

Kelly quipped playfully to the handsome but married football coach, “And what would the worse be?”

“It is not for the ears of a lady,” the handsome coached smiled.

The sexy teacher smiled, “If you knew the real me you wouldn’t call me a lady.”

“Let’s just say you are the star of many of the boys’ wet fantasies,” the coach revealed.

Kelly knew some of the boys noticed her legs, or her breasts, but she never had put much thought into them jerking because of her. It should have repulsed her, or at the very least had her dress less sexy, but instead it got her off. She started dressing more provocatively at school, not slutty by any means, but she would go without underwear, or wear thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose and had even recently purchased a pair of crotchless pantyhose. Dressing naughty underneath her professional attire was her secret rebellion against the prototype teacher stereotype.

Putting on her glasses, Kelly looked at herself one more time, her stocking tops just barely hidden by her skirt, and headed to work feeling sexy and beautiful, slowly forgetting the recent harsh break-up with her boyfriend of over two years.

Thinking about the break-up still made Kelly sad. She had thought she was going to marry Kevin. He was handsome, had a good job, was a great provider, and had a similar ferocious sexual appetite, at least at first. But as he climbed the corporate ladder at work, he was gone more and more and eventually his priorities shifted from Kelly first to his job first. Kelly didn’t notice it at first, but as the shift occurred, the sex happened less, with much less creativity and passion than their first intense year. That said, Kelly was still surprised when he said it was over. He didn’t give her a good reason, just the standard, ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ line which is just the chicken-shit way of taking no responsibility for the relationship.

Kelly hadn’t had sex with a man in over a month, and although her large box of toys did the job in theory, it wasn’t the same as the intimacy and touch of a man. The heat of a kiss, the warmth of a body on her and the thrill of a cock inside her was not possible to recreate with any toy and she missed it immensely. She had a ferocious sexual appetite and a month felt like an eternity to her.

Thus, the attention from Kelly’s younger students was validation of her sexuality as she went through her depressing dry spell. At thirty, the biological clock was just starting to tick, a time bomb reminder that her window for starting a family was slowly getting smaller.

She shook her head to erase the sad memory when she arrived at work as if her head was an etch-a-sketch. Putting on her teacher persona, she took a deep breath and headed into school.


Some woman eat after bad a break-up, others dive into their career, others get revenge, Kelly decided to renovate her basement, slowly attempting to eradicate any evidence of her past.

Kelly called a local contractor and was to meet with him right after school. A chaotic day at school had her five minutes late for meeting him. She pulled into her driveway and saw a truck waiting for her.

The pretty teacher quickly got out of the car and walked over to the guy leaning against the side of the truck. She stopped a few feet away. “No way, Chris Gunnerson, is that you?”

A handsome young man looked up with this trademark smile. “Yes it is, Ms. Anderson, long time, no see.”

“Indeed,” Kelly said, walking over and shaking hands with a student she had taught back in her first year of teaching seven years ago. “Well, what a pleasant surprise!”

Chris agreed. When he had gotten the call from her, a flood of memories had come flashing back to him as he reminisced about the daily stroke sessions he had back in his senior year. Besides being funny, beautiful and intelligent, she also wore pantyhose every day which was his personal fetish. The amount of times she dangled her heel while sitting on top of her desk had him constantly distracted, his cock constantly hard and his mind constantly creating naughty fantasies.

Chris flashed back to the most constant fantasy from his past, an after school rendezvous:

“Ms. Hamilton, I just do not understand how the motivation of Hamlet is believable.” I said, just finding lame excuses to spend alone time with her, clinging to the long shot that she would be into me.

“What exactly do you not understand, Mr. Gunnerson?” she asked, her sweet, girl next door smile making me weak at the knees. I also loved how she always called me Mr., as if we were on the same standing.

“Well, he seems unrealistically weak,” I explained, which I did believe.

“How so?” she asked, playing with her hair the same way girls my age did to hint they were interested in me.

“W-w-well,” I stammered, “If my father was killed I would avenge his death instantly, not mope around like a pus…” I stopped catching myself.

“A what?” she teased, her smile widening with a hint of playfulness.

“A pussy,” I finished.

“And a pussy would be?” she asked, uncrossing her legs in what felt like slow motion, her skirt riding way up.

I stared like the eighteen year old horny pervert I was, completely mesmerized by her black nylon legs. I gasped as I saw the top of her stockings and realized she was not wearing pantyhose, but thigh high stockings.

“What is wrong, Mr. Gunnerson?” she asked, her smile dripping with knowledge of what she was doing to me.

I babbled, “N-n-nothing, I-um-just.”

“So if I am correct, you are arguing that Hamlet can’t just go ahead and take control of his fate. Is that true, Mr. Gunnerson?” she asked, leaning back, revealing she was wearing a sexy bra.

“Y-y-yes, exactly, he doesn’t go for the kill,” I stammered, trying to look intelligent as I blathered on.

“Could you go for the kill, if the opportunity arose?” my pretty teacher asked, now revealing way more of her body than was socially acceptable for a teacher.

“I-I-I…” I stuttered, completely overwhelmed by my teacher’s sexual innuendo.

“Could you take control of your fate?” she continued, as she leaned forward allowing her fluffy white breasts to almost pop out at me like a 3D movie.

“Y-y-yes,” I replied, although I suddenly realized how Hamlet could be so indecisive. The apple was right there, ripe to bite, I could literally taste the juiciness, yet I couldn’t open my mouth.

“How long have you been considering, yet not following through, Mr. Gunnerson?” my stocking-clad fantasy teacher asked. “Even though Hamlet took a long time planning, he eventually executed it, didn’t he?”

Was she telling me I should take a big bite out of the apple? Was she challenging me to take control of this moment of intimacy? Was she willing to cross the invisible line of teacher and student?

Answering her question, trying to confirm without a doubt that we were talking about the same thing, like Hamlet did before following through with his full throttle revenge, I replied, “Since the first day of class and every day since.”

Her smile dripping with sweet sexiness, her tone teasing with flirtatious fun, she challenged, “That is a long time to let things simmer below the surface. You know that is what Hamlet did and that didn’t go so well for him did it?”

“No,” I said, frozen in indecisiveness.

“Imagine if Hamlet would have been more aggressive, maybe he could have got everything he wanted, including the girl,” Ms. Anderson continued, making it clear she was willing to cross the invisible line, as she leaned back in her chair, putting her feet on her desk and allowing her breasts to break free from their blouse prison.

I tried to make a joke. “Well, he did get Ophelia.”

“He did indeed, and could have had her over and over and over again if he would have been more aggressive in taking what he wanted.”

Building a bit of confidence I countered, “Ophelia always did what she was told, did she not?”

“Yes, she was a very good girl, yet she wanted to be bad,” Ms. Anderson retorted, her tone dripping with implication as she stood up and sauntered over to me, her breasts like two headlights coming right at me.

Suddenly confident I wouldn’t be rebuked, I replied with a question, “Is Ms. Anderson a lot like Ophelia?”

“Well I am a good girl,” she smiled, her hand going to my fully erect cock. “But, I also can be a very, very bad girl.”

Going for broke, I put my hand on her shoulders and gently lowered her onto her black stocking-clad knees. As hoped, she didn’t resist but looked at me playfully from her submissive position. “And what does Hamlet want Ophelia to do?”

“Pull out my cock, Ms. Anderson,” I ordered.

“I love a man who knows what he wants,” she smiled, fishing out my cock from my jeans. My fully erect cock ready for action, my English teacher purred, “Hmmmm, you have a very impressive sword, Mr. Gunnerson.”

“You know what to do with such an impressive weapon, don’t you?” I questioned, my confidence growing.

“That I do,” she purred, opening her mouth and extending her tongue around my cockhead.

Watching my fantasy become reality, I let out a moan as her tongue swirled around, a tempting tease.

“Can you deep throat my sword?” I asked, desperate to see my beautiful teacher bobbing back and forth on my fully loaded weapon.

“Is that a demand?” she smiled, sucking on my mushroom top and slowly moving back, a loud plop occurring as her suction-cup lips released my cock.

“Yes, Ms. Anderson,” I said.

“Tell me, sexy, what do you want your teacher to do?” she asked, slowly flicking her tongue on my cock.

“Be a bad girl, Ms. Anderson and suck my cock like a hungry little slut” I ordered, pushing the boundary with some name-calling.

She looked up at me and asked, “You want your teacher to be your slut?”

“No,” I said, tapping my cock on her lips, “You will be my cocksucking teacher, won’t you my teacher slut?”

She moaned as she agreed by taking all of my cock in her mouth. After the early tease, this time she bobbed on my cock with reckless hunger. I watched in glorified awe at the reality I was living, having my beautiful teacher becoming my personal cocksucker.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t last long as I moaned, “I’m about to come.”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pumped furiously and opened her mouth wide. “Does Hamlet want to come on Ophelia?”

“God, yes,” I grunted, shooting rope after rope of cum on my kneeling teacher.

“Oh yes, baby,” she moaned, as I coated her beautiful face.

Once spent, she sat up and looked up at me, our eyes meeting. I couldn’t believe I had just shot my load all over my fantasy teacher. Smiling, taking her cum covered glasses off, she naughtily scooped my cum from her glasses and face and slowly put it to her mouth. “Hmmmm,” she moaned as if my cum brought her to orgasm. …..

“I thought it might be you when we talked on the phone, but I wasn’t sure,” Chris replied, pushing his recurring high school fantasy aside, even though she looked as radiant and sexy as she did all those years ago.

“Well it is me,” Kelly shrugged, as she noticed just how well her ex-student had developed over the years. “Come inside and take a look at what we discussed yesterday on the phone.”

Chris followed behind, watching his ex-teacher’s ass sway so perfectly from side to side, being pulled in as if looking at a hypnotist’s watch.

Once downstairs, Kelly explained what she wanted done. Chris took notes and gave a quick appraisal of the cost. “Ms. Anderson,” Chris began.

“Please call me Kelly,” the beautiful teacher replied.

“Kelly,” Chris continued, “Because you were such an awesome teacher and an inspiration, I will give you my best possible rate.”

Kelly smiled, wondering how she could be an inspiration based on her teaching English and him ending up in the trades. “No, no, you don’t have to do that.”

“I insist,” Chris replied, writing down a number and handing it to her.

Kelly looked at the paper and said, “That’s it? How are you going to make any money? That is a third of the price our construction teacher suggested it would be.”

“Is old Mr. Hammerton still there?” Chris asked, always finding it hilariously ironic that the construction teacher was named Hammerton.

“Yep, it’s his last year,” Kelly replied.

“Well, he would be correct, but I insist on doing this for you,” Chris said.

“But you will be doing it practically for free,” Kelly countered.

“No, no, I will still be okay, but at that price I will have to do it in the evenings,” Chris explained.

“Well, if you’re sure,” Kelly said.

“I am.”

“Then you’re hired,” Kelly announced, offering her hand. “When can you start?”

“Tomorrow if you want,” Chris said, eager to see her again and again. By doing it at night it would take longer and she would more likely be home then during the day when she would obviously be at work.

“Sounds great,” Kelly said.

Chris would have liked to stay, but he had another job to estimate. “I would love to catch up, but I have one more estimate for the boss. I will be here around six.”

“Sure,” Kelly agreed, “but don’t eat first. I will make you supper before you start working.”

“You don’t have to,” Chris said, although he loved the idea.

“I insist,” the beautiful teacher replied. “It is the least I can do. Plus, we need to catch up.”

Plans made, Kelly hugged Chris goodbye and Chris couldn’t help but notice the firm breasts against his chest; likewise, Kelly couldn’t help notice the stiff erection that brushed her leg. Both left with just a planted seed of what could be….


That night, Kelly lay in bed horny from a lack of sex and the realization of just how hot Chris had become. He was a handsome kid when she taught him, but he had grown into a startlingly rugged man with muscles everywhere. Her hand went to her needy cunt as she fantasized not about Chris, as he was her ex-student and thus off limits, but back to Craig, a college boyfriend, who first saw through her strong façade and pulled out her submissive side.

Although Kelly was a control freak and a no nonsense teacher with high expectations, she also had another side. The stress of teaching often caused her great tension, and once she got home she wanted to let go. In the bedroom, she was the submissive and her boyfriend the dominant. Although she loved getting fucked, there was nothing better than having a cock in her mouth. She loved the silent power she had when she was on her knees pleasing a man, while, ironically, still subservient to him. Although Craig fucked her sometimes, maybe once a week, (he loved to withhold orgasms from her; even though she was expected to suck his cock daily), he also loved to cum all over her pretty face before allowing her the privilege of tasting his cum.

As she rubbed herself, she recalled the first time he took control:

“Studying again?” Craig sighed, as he grabbed himself a drink.

“I need to get a ninety on this test,” I sighed, always annoyed how he didn’t understand that I was a perfectionist when it came to my grades.

“Well, dressed like that, it’s obvious you’re wanting some cock,” he said, surprising me.

“Excuse me?” I asked, surprised by his aggressive tone. We had been dating a couple of months, and he had never said anything like that before, although he was a rather blunt person.

“You dress like a slut, I’m going to treat you like a slut,” he said.

“I wore the thigh highs for you,” I pointed out, knowing he loved the sexy lingerie.

“Dressing to please, like a good slut,” he nodded before ordering me, “Stand up!”

Part of me wanted to slap him in the face, yet another part of me was turned on by his dominant behaviour…so I obeyed.

He smiled, “I thought so.”

“You thought so, what?” I asked, his smug tone pissing me off, even as my pussy began to dampen.

“You’re submissive,” he accused.

“I’m not,” I protested.

“Lift up that skirt and show me that ass of yours,” he ordered.

“Really?” I asked.

“Now!” he firmly demanded.

I again obeyed.

“Now look at me,” he instructed.

I did, feeling sheepish, humiliated and horny as hell.

“What are you?” he asked.

“Your girlfriend,” I answered.

“My slut,” he corrected.

“Please,” I began, but he cut me off.

“Thigh highs, no panties, red fuck me heels and a mini skirt,” he listed, “you’re obviously dressed to please.”

“Yes, for you, baby,” I admitted.

“Knees,” he ordered.

“Here?” I asked, all our fucking so far being in my bedroom, except for a blow job once in his car while he drove.

“No, outside,” he sarcastically quipped.

I dropped to my knees.

“Show me those tits,” he continued.

“These tits?” I smiled, as I unbuttoned my blouse, getting pulled into his sexy game.

“Good, slut,” he nodded, “now tell me what you want, slut.”

I moaned, undeniably turned on, “Hmmmm, baby, I want that big cock of yours.”

“Now look up like the cock hungry slut you are and give me your best ‘I’m a cock hungry slut who wants to be face fucked’ expression,” he ordered, his words so nasty and yet so true.

“You love sucking my cock, don’t you?” he said, squeezing his cock through his jeans.

“Yes, baby,” I purred, my mouth literally watering at the opportunity to have his big, juicy cock in my mouth.

“Beg, slut,” he demanded.

I wasn’t used to this. Our sex up to now had been borderline dull, but I loved this new side of him. “Oh baby, let me suck your big cock.”

“Is that the best you got?” he asked.

Wanting to please him, to impress him, I begged, “Oh baby, let your slutty girlfriend deep throat that cock of yours until you cum all over my face. Or maybe you want to face fuck me so your balls bounce off my chin.”

“That’s better, now get to work, I got to meet the boys for a basketball game in a few,” he ordered.

My inner slut awakened, I quickly unfastened his belt and fished out his semi-hard cock. I took it in my mouth and, unlike most times when I went slow and let it grow in my mouth, I sucked him like a slut. I bobbed back and forth, each forward movement taking more of his six and a half inch cock in my mouth.

He groaned, “That’s it, slut, suck it, take it all in those pretty cocksucking lips of yours.”

I moaned on his cock in response, desperately wanting to get him off, to indeed be his slut.

It wasn’t more than two minutes before he pulled out and ordered, “Open wide.”

I quickly tossed my glasses aside, getting cum off them always a pain, and opened my mouth ready to taste his cum. In our brief relationship, I had quickly learned his two fetishes were nylons and facials, although apparently calling me names could now be added to his list.

He furiously pumped his beautiful cock, as I began rubbing myself like the orgasm craving slut I had apparently become.

Soon his cum rocketed out of his missile and onto me. The first shot hit me in the eye, before getting some on my lips, chin, neck and tits.

“Lick those lips and let me see how much you love my cum,” he ordered.

I again obeyed, wanting to be his slut.

“This is just the beginning,” he promised, as he put his cock away. “And no touching that cunt of yours without permission.

I immediately stopped, even though my pussy was on fire.

“Good, slut,” he said, smugly. “Now go back and study, I would hate for you to fail your test.”

Reluctantly, shocked he was stopping me from having an orgasm, I stood up and obeyed.

“Yessssssssssss,” Kelly screamed, as her orgasm hit her hard.

Recovering from her orgasm, she wished she could have a fuck buddy, someone to help her with her cum withdrawal.


It was a long day for Kelly at school; she had to deal with a student who was high as a kite and refusing to admit it. She got home, poured a glass of wine just as there was a knock at the front door. In the chaos that was her day, including an after school meeting with the parents and the police, she had completely forgotten that she had planned to make dinner for her and Chris. She went to the door to let Chris in.

Chris’s cock instantly hardened as she was still dressed in her school attire. He loved how she still tended to match her outfits. In a red blouse and matching heels, a short, but not too short, skirt, and tan nylons she looked amazing. He complimented, “You look very nice, Ms. Anderson.”

“It’s just Kelly,” she smiled, before adding, “and thank you.”

Chris followed her into the kitchen where she continued, “I’m so sorry, but I had a crazy day at school and just got home.”

“No worries,” Chris shrugged, as he tried not to stare at her long nylon-clad legs.

“I’ll order something,” Kelly said, noticing that Chris was checking out her legs.

“Sure,” Chris nodded, “I’ll go and bring in my supplies and tools.”

“Pizza?” Kelly asked.

“Sure,” Chris agreed.

“What kind do you like?” Kelly asked, realizing just how good looking Chris had become.

“Whatever you like,” Chris replied, taking one last long gaze at his ex-teacher’s perfect legs.

Kelly ordered food and decided to stay in her teacher attire somehow liking the impact it was having on Chris. Although she wasn’t considering doing anything with Chris, he was still an ex-student, it felt good to have someone checking her out.

Once the pizza arrived, and they were sitting at the table, they caught up. Kelly felt incredibly comfortable talking with him and surprisingly divulged way more information than necessary about the end of her relationship with Ben.

Chris, meanwhile, listened intently, learning early on that compliments and listening were two of the biggest keys to getting a woman in bed. And although he didn’t think the odds were in his favour, the possibility was there. Thankfully, he couldn’t see her nylon legs under the table so he wasn’t distracted.

Kelly had finished two glasses of wine since she got home, and was feeling slightly tipsy, which also meant slightly horny. The more she talked with Chris, the more she saw him as a man and not a boy and she pondered what he would look like naked.

“Well, I suppose I should get back to work,” Chris said, after the forty-five minute meal and visit.

“And I should probably go have a shower and get out of my work clothes,” she said, standing up and deciding to show off her legs one more time…getting excited at the thought of teasing him.

Chris, watched her walk to the sink with her plate, his cock instantly rising at just a quick glimpse of Kelly’s nylon covered legs.

Chris slyly adjusted himself before standing up, thanking her and heading downstairs wondering if there was any chance of bedding his beautiful ex-teacher.

Kelly, tipsy and horny, went to her washroom, locked the door, undressed and got in the shower. Deciding she needed to get off, her thoughts of Chris beginning to get very inappropriate, she grabbed her shower head and, as she often did in the shower, she used the massage head as a pleasure toy. Closing her eyes, she fantasized this evening going a little differently.

“I’ll order something,” I said, noticing that Chris was checking out my legs.

“Actually, what I want is already here,” Chris said with a confident tone.

“What’s that?” I asked, acting confused.

Walking to me, he leaned in and whispered, “You,” before kissing me.

I was shocked and yet his kiss sent sparks throughout my entire body, particularly my long neglected pussy. After a brief delay, I began returning the kiss with a lustful passion.

Breaking the kiss, he ordered, “Now show me those tits you have flaunted all these years.”

“I didn’t flaunt them,” I protested.

“Now,” he ordered, his tone suddenly firm.

I again protested, this time weaker, my pussy wet by his words, “But you’re a student.”

“I was a student,” he corrected, “and now you’re my slut.”

“Chris!” I gasped, at being called a slut.

“Stop feigning shock,” Chris said, “I know you want my cock and I know you are a hungry slut dying to be treated as such. Now, show me your tits.”

Turned on by his strong persona, I unbuttoned my blouse.

“Now pull those titties out,” he ordered.

I did, my pussy on fire at obeying him. “Now bend over and show me those titties you want me to suck.”

Suddenly wanting to please him, I smiled, bent over cupping my tits and asked, “Is this what you fantasized about all these years?”

“Fuck, yes,” he groaned, having the exact impact I hoped to have when I asked the question.

He moved to me, pushed me back and buried his head in my tits. He sucked and nibbled, aggressively mauling my tits. My nipples super sensitive, each rough tug on my nipples sent pleasure throughout my body and made my panties damp.

“Oh yes, suck on my tits,” I moaned, as I kicked my heels off.

He put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. I didn’t need instructions as I pulled his pants down quickly, tugged his boxers to his knees and gasped at his eight inch cock.

“Think you can deep-throat this?” he asked.

I looked up, smiled and, without a word, took all eight inches in my mouth. I bobbed like a hungry slut, suddenly craving cum.

He groaned, “You’re just as dirty and hot as I hoped.”

I moaned on his cock as I continued taking all eight inches in my mouth and down my throat.

“Want to get fucked, my teacher slut,” he asked.

I took his cock out of my mouth and replied, “God, yes, I want that big cock in me.”

He pulled me up, turned me around, pulled up my skirt, tugged down my panties, bent me over and slid easily into my inferno.

“Fuuuuuuck,” I screamed, as all eight inches filled me completely, his being the first cock inside me in months.

He held onto my hips and slammed into me hard, each deep thrust seemingly going deeper.

“Oh, God, fuck me,” I screamed.

“Fuck you’re tight,” he grunted, as he continued fucking me.

“Your cock feels so fucking good,” I moaned, not wanting this amazing feeling to end.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day of senior year,” he said, as his cock slid out of me.

“Nooo,” I whined, “shove that big snake back in me.”

He laughed, “You’re even more insatiable than I imagined,” before filling my cunt again.

“Just pound your teacher,” I demanded, loving his big cock and dominant behaviour.

“Lift your right leg up,” he ordered.

I obeyed, curious, as he grabbed my ankle and continued fucking me.

“Oh, Goddddddddddddddddd,” I screamed, as this new position caused a new pleasure to course through my entire body.

“I want you to come on my cock, teacher slut,” he demanded, as my breathing got heavier.

“Sooooo close,” I moaned, as he hammered into me.

“Come now, slut,” he demanded, lifting my leg higher.

“Oh God, fuck, yessssss,” I screamed, as my long withheld orgasm cascaded through me.

“Good teacher slut,” he complimented, as he continued fucking me throughout my orgasm.

“Shiiiiiit, fucccck,” I babbled incoherently, as the intensity of the orgasm continued to riddle through me.

Suddenly he pulled out, pushed me back onto my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. I resumed bobbing hungrily, desperate to get him off and taste his cum.

“I’m going to come all over your pretty face,” he declared, as I continued slobbering all over his stiff rod.

A moment later, he pulled out and pumped his cock as I opened wide for his sweet cum.

“Close your mouth, slut,” he ordered, “I want all my cum on you.”

“You’re a dirty boy,” I teased, as I obeyed.

Seconds later, a laser beam of cum hit me on my lips. A second stream also hit my lips, before a third stream landed on my tits and blouse.

Looking up at him, I attempted to seductively retrieve the cum on my lips.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Kelly screamed, as she held the shower head on her clit as her orgasm hit her.

Once her orgasm finally finished, she shook her head at how vivid and real her fantasy had been. Would she actually fuck Chris if the opportunity arose? He was an ex-student, but clearly an adult now, a very sexy adult. She finished showering, her head spinning with a mixture of emotions.


Chris, meanwhile, worked until ten before heading home.

Chris replayed the day, the very subtle hints she may be interested. The honest, detailed account of her ex-boyfriend’s nasty break-up and the brief looks she seemed to give him implied she may be interested. Yet, after dinner she never came downstairs, never came to check on him, which implied maybe she wasn’t.

Either way, as soon as Chris was in the shower, he began pumping his cock imagining fucking Kelly.

He remembered a day near the end of the school year where she kept dangling her shoe from her black stocking-clad feet. He kept waiting for the shoe to hit the floor, so he could see her toes and foot, but it never fell. As he kept stroking his cock, he imagined her in black thigh highs posing for him, like he always felt she was doing when she teased him relentlessly in high school, even if she didn’t know it.

Imagining her bent over, posing for him, he furiously pumped his cock. It took only a few strokes before his cum shot out of his cock as he imagined coming all over her ass, her face, and her feet. The possibilities were endless…yet at the moment that was all they were…possibilities.


The next day, Kelly had parent-teacher interviews and didn’t get home until late. Although exhausted, parent-teacher interview nights always being long and tiring, she checked on Chris when she got home. She felt another tingle down below when she walked downstairs and saw Chris working without a shirt. His upper body was Adonis like and Kelly briefly imagined what it would be like to ride him while her hands were on his chest.

Yet, after some brief small talk, Kelly went upstairs for a long bubble bath and a glass of wine, deciding that she had to behave herself.

Chris watched her walk upstairs, noticing her reaction to him shirtless. He smiled, thinking that if he played his cards right he just may get her yet.


Things calmed down after that and it wasn’t until the following week that the sexual tension increased. Kelly was reading on the couch, again staying in her teacher attire, liking the impact it seemed to have on Chris, when he came upstairs for a glass of water.

Chris walked in and asked, “Are you planning on having your television downstairs on the wall or on a TV stand?”

“What do you think?” Kelly asked.

Chris glanced down and saw her perfectly pedicured feet and got distracted, finally seeing what her feet without heels looked like after all these years. He stammered, distracted, “Well, I, um, the wall gives you more space.”

Kelly noticed Chris’s distraction, and uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way. “Well, you’re the expert.”

“What’re you reading?” Chris asked, wanting to extend his brief time with her.

“A Nicholas Sparks book,” Kelly admitted.

“I expected more from you,” Chris joked.

“What? He writes great romances,” Kelly said, always wanting to find such an unconditional love.

“If you say so,” Chris smiled.

“Have you ever read any of his books?” Kelly asked, wiggling her toes.

“Um,” Chris began, again distracted, “No, I can’t say I have. But I was forced to watch that Miley Cyrus one.”

“Well, that doesn’t count,” Kelly said, “that was a terrible adaptation. You need to watch A Walk to Remember or The Notebook.”

“I’m not sure ‘need’ is the right word,” Chris joked.

“That’s it,” Kelly said, standing up. “You are taking a break from work and watching a movie with me.”

“Seriously?” Chris asked, although he was definitely game. Watching a chick flick with a woman often led to action.

“Yes,” she said, grabbing a DVD from the shelf and putting it in her DVD player. She sat back down and said, patting the couch, “Come join me.”

“All right,” Chris shrugged, before pointing out, “but this isn’t helping get your basement done.”

“Sometimes there are more important things, like expanding a man’s horizons,” Kelly said, wondering if she was doing the right thing. He may think that this was an opening to something more than just watching a movie.

Chris sat beside her and said, “So what crap are you making me watch?”

“You haven’t changed a bit,” Kelly said, slapping his knee.

“Tough to mess with perfection,” Chris shrugged, acting confident like he usually was with women, even as he glanced at her nylon-clad knee just inches away from him.

“And still overly confident, I see,” Kelly smiled, before adding, “I like that.” As soon as she said it, she wondered why she had. There was no doubt she found Chris hot, no doubt that he made her feel like a school girl, and no doubt that the temptation to sleep with him was growing.

“Good to know,” Chris responded with a nod, sensing that their relationship was beginning to change.

The movie started and they watched it. Part way through, Chris, who had spent more time glancing at her nylon legs than the movie, began to daydream, imagining what might happen if he took the risk. He sensed she was submissive, even though he couldn’t explain why he sensed it, and felt if he just took control of the situation he could have her.

“You want my cock, don’t you, Ms. Anderson?” I asked, sitting on the couch.

She was standing up, having put the movie in, and smiled, not denying it, “And what makes you think that?”

“Well, first, you didn’t deny it when I just asked the question and secondly, you keep staring at my crotch,” I confidently assessed.

“Maybe I just don’t want to hurt your feelings,” she countered.

“And the staring at my crotch?” I asked.

“Maybe you’re imagining that,” she said.

“Crawl to me,” I demanded, pulling out my already stiff cock.

“That’s rather pretentious,” she said, even as she stared at my eight inch cock.

“Now, Ms. Anderson,” I ordered.

After a brief hesitation, she obeyed, kneeling on the ottoman to take her glasses off.

“Keep them on,” I ordered, “you look super-hot in glasses.”

“Okay,” she shrugged.

“Go ahead, Ms. Anderson, suck my cock,” I instructed.

“You want your old teacher to blow you?” she asked, smiling as her hand grabbed my cock.

“No, I want my hot teacher to beg to suck my cock,” I countered.

“You bad boy,” she smiled, as she stroked my cock.

“Beg,” I ordered.

“Oh please, Chris, can I suck your big hard cock?” she said hungrily.

I grabbed her head and guided her to my cock. I moaned as she engulfed my cock, slowly taking me in.

She slowly bobbed up and down, making love to my cock.

After a few minutes of this, I stood up, ordered her onto her knees, and began slowly fucking her face. She moaned on my cock as I took control, so I began moving faster, really fucking her face. She made loud slobbering sounds as she tried her best to continue sucking me as I used her face. Finally I pulled out and before she could even react I began coming all over her face.

I hit her glasses, mouth, cheek and chin and was surprised when she looked up and said, “You could have just shot your load down my throat.”

“Next time,” I smiled.

Kelly noticed that Chris wasn’t really watching the movie; she also noticed a significant bulge in his pants and wondered what he was thinking about. She said, “See, isn’t that sweet?”

“W-what is sweet?” Chris stammered, pulled out his daydream as he returned his gaze to the television.

“He made one of her bucket list items come true,” Kelly said, always finding the scene sweet.

Chris watched just as the Mandy Moore character straddled two states at once. “That’s corny,” he said.

“You cold hearted bastard,” Kelly quipped, again playfully hitting him.

Chris slapped her leg back, getting a brief feel of her silky legs, “You romantic fool.”

“We all need romance sometimes,” Kelly pointed out, before adding, again saying it before she realized she had, “of course, other times we all need to just get laid.”

Chris couldn’t believe she had said that. This was definitely an opening, but just before he could take advantage of it, she hastily stood up and asked, “Would you like a drink?”

Chris considered replying, ‘Yes, your pussy juice would be fine,’ but instead answered, realizing the moment was gone as quick as it had come, “Actually, I should probably get back to work.”

“Oh, okay,” Kelly said, confused by her mixed emotions. Part of her wanted to just straddle him on the couch, while another part of her kept reminding herself that he was an ex-student…a hot ex-student, but still an ex-student.

Chris worked for another hour, his balls ready to burst, while Kelly went up to her room and used her we-vibe to get herself off, again fantasizing of Chris just taking her. She knew if he made a move, she wouldn’t resist. She wanted him; she wanted to get laid; she wanted to suck cock.

As she went to bed that night, Kelly decided that if he made a move, she would give in. They were both adults and he hadn’t been a student of hers for years. And fuck…he was hot.


Unfortunately for Kelly, Chris didn’t make a move. He had felt that the abrupt end to the night they watched a movie was a pretty clear sign that she wasn’t interested. Yet for the next couple of weeks, Kelly continued to dress sexier and sexier, even getting home from school and switching into even shorter skirts that revealed she was wearing thigh high stockings in an attempt to add to her allure, her sex appeal and, according to Ben back in the day, to give her man easier access to her fuck hole (his words).

Kelly was getting more and more frustrated with the reality that her obvious signs of willingness were being ignored.

Finally, after two weeks of flirting and innuendo, Kelly decided that she would make the first move. It was only a few minutes after Chris arrived, that she called him upstairs. “Chris, can you come upstairs and give me a hand in my office.”

Chris called out, “Sure, give me a minute.” Chris had noticed that ever since the movie night, Kelly had been dressing sexier, always stayed in nylons, and had complimented him often. Yet, instead of taking the many windows of opportunity that had been presented, he continued to resist the temptation, not wanting to risk being wrong. He was greatly enjoying their talks and subtle flirtation, and was planning to ask her out on a date for this weekend. She loved blues music and a three day blues festival was starting in a couple days. He was confident she would say yes, yet this was a low risk attempt to move their relationship forward. If she wasn’t interested in an intimate relationship, he would play the friends card. Yet, he hoped he had read all the signs correctly, as he was falling for her hard.

Unfortunately, one minute became five as Chris finished the task he had started.

Kelly was frustrated at waiting, her bold confidence when she called him up, getting weaker with each passing minute. She desperately wanted to get laid, yet she didn’t want to look desperate. She felt like she was a teenager again, waiting for a boy to call. She knew he was interested, that was obvious, yet he wasn’t making the move a teenage boy would make. She glanced in the mirror; she attempted to replicate an adorable teacher look, and was startled when Chris finally entered the office. She smiled, as she gave a cute pose, and asked, “What do you think?”

Chris wasn’t sure what the question was but he couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked as she seemed to pose for him. “About what?” Chris asked.

Going for broke, deciding men were stupid and being subtle sure wasn’t working. Kelly hopped onto the desk, revealing the top of her thigh high stockings, and bluntly asked the question, “Did you ever fantasize about seeing my tits when you were in my class, Chris?

Chris was taken aback by the question. Her flirting had always been playful, often awkward, but this was completely different: blunt and hot. He also had indeed fantasized about her tits not only while in class, but at home and most recently last night.

Kelly, enjoying his shocked reaction and stunned silence, asked, her tone dripping with sultry sweetness, “Do you want to see them, Chris?”

Chris stammered, it now being his turn to feel like a teenager, “Y-y-yes.”

As Kelly moved, her shoe hit the floor. Her cunt was already wet with anticipation that it would soon be filled with Chris’s cock. Like Chris, she had enjoyed getting to know him better, loved his quirky sense of humour, his ability to listen and his damn great body. She didn’t want to just fuck Chris, she envisioned the possibility of a relationship. Yet, at this moment, it wasn’t about long term; it was about satisfying a need she had been denying for way too long. She unbuttoned her blouse, feeling sexy and wanton, as he watched with lust.

Chris couldn’t believe it was finally happening. A fantasy he had long given up on was now becoming a reality and although he was usually a confident man with the ladies, he was tongue tied.

Kelly felt giddy with excitement as she pulled her blouse open and posed for Chris. Smiling, she asked, “Are they what you imagined?”

“They’re amazing,” Chris answered in awe, before adding, “You’re amazing.”

“Come here,” she ordered.

Chris walked to her, leaned in and kissed her.

Kelly kissed him back, their tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, like explorers who have finally found their treasure.

Chris reached with his left hand and cupped her breast. They were as firm as he had envisioned. Breaking the kiss, he leaned down and took her left nipple in his mouth.

Kelly moaned loudly, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

Chris quipped, as he swirled his tongue around her nipple, “I think I’ve wanted this a lot longer than you.”

Kelly laughed, “Fair enough.”

Chris slid his tongue down her breasts, between her tits, before moving to her right breast.

“Bite them,” Kelly moaned, wanting more than just tender teasing. Her lust controlling her, she wanted to be used, to be fucked.

Chris obliged, shifting from tender to more aggressive as he pulled her nipple between his teeth.

“God, yessss,” Kelly moaned, the pleasure she was receiving sending pulsations throughout her body.

Chris could’ve spent all day just playing with her tits, loving the impact it was having on her.

Yet, Kelly wanted more. She said sexily, “Let’s see what you have been hiding in those jeans.” She moved off the desk, dropped to her knees, and quickly fished out his cock. She had imagined it was big in her fantasies and she wasn’t disappointed as she pulled out a nice, thick, stiff eight inch cock. She smiled, as she stroked it, “If I would have known you were packing this in class I would have been on my knees long ago.”

Chris groaned, looking down at her, “Well, let’s make up for lost time.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Kelly concurred, as her lips wrapped around his cock.

Chris watched in disbelief as his beautiful ex-teacher, began sucking his cock. She used her tongue to swirl around his mushroom top while simultaneously stroking him. After a couple of minutes of teasing, she began to bob back and forth.

Kelly usually would tease a man for a couple of minutes, take his balls in her mouth, and then deep throat him and take his first load in her mouth or on her face, then prepare for a marathon fuck, but being their first time together, and wanting to get fucked hard and now, she said as much as she took Chris’s cock out of her mouth. “Just for the record, I love sucking cock, but right now I need you in me.”

Chris had never heard a woman say they loved sucking cock. It was always a task that was expected and done usually with reluctance. He quipped, “For the record, I love eating pussy.”

“Good to know,” Kelly smiled, standing up, bending over the desk and adding, “now come and fuck me.”

“Fuck, it’s so hot to hear you swear,” Chris said, as he moved behind her.

“Then wait until you’re really pounding me,” Kelly quipped with a smile, as she lifted up her skirt to reveal she was sans underwear.

Chris loved hearing his ex-teacher, so prim and proper, talking like a horny slut. He asked, as he positioned his cock to slide into her, “Did you teach me without underwear?”

“Maybe,” Kelly smiled.

Chris rubbed his cock between her pussy lips, teasing her, wanting her to beg for his cock.

Kelly, as if reading his mind, begged, “Now stop teasing me and shove that cock in me.”

Chris wasn’t one to ever refuse such an offer, and slid his cock into her cunt. It was incredibly warm and tight.

“God, yesssssss,” Kelly moaned, his big cock feeling as amazing as she had imagined it would.

Chris began slowly fucking her, wanting to enjoy his fantasy become reality.

Kelly, meanwhile, wanted to be fucked deep and hard. After a few slow strokes, she demanded, “Come on baby, fuck me hard. Pound my cunt.”

Chris loved hearing such nasty talk out of such a beautiful woman. He began slamming into her, creating the beautiful sound as their bodies met.

Kelly was overwhelmed with lust. Chris’s massive cock filled her completely and she could feel her orgasm already building in just a couple of minutes. “Oh God, fuck my cunt,” she begged.

Chris could tell she was close and decided to use his special maneuver that almost always worked in this position. He ordered, “Lift up your right leg.”

“Kkkkk,” Kelly obeyed, having never done this before, but recalling her recent fantasy where this exact thing happened.

Chris held her by the thigh, loving the feel of her silk-clad leg, and holding her in this position let him reach new depths.

Kelly moaned and got very animated, “Oh yes, baby, pound me, fill my cunt with your big cock.”

“I love hearing you talk dirty,” Chris admitted.

“You like hearing your sweet teacher talk like a dirty sluuuuuut?” Kelly asked, loving the shift from sweet to slutty.

“God, yess,” Chris groaned.

“Tonight, I’m your slut, baby,” Kelly moaned, as her orgasm got so close.

“Come for me,” Chris demanded, as he fucked her so hard the desk moved.

A couple deep thrusts later, the dam finally burst, as Kelly screamed, “Oh yes, fuck, I love your coooooock,”

Chris could feel her cum on his cock and pulled out, dropped to his knees, and buried his face in her leaking cunt.

Kelly had never had a man eat her out as she was orgasming and couldn’t believe how intense it felt. “Oh shiiiiiiit,” she whimpered, as she gripped the desk for dear life as all the energy in her body was sapped by the intense orgasm.

Chris couldn’t believe how sweet her pussy juice tasted as he eagerly licked it all up.

After a moment, Chris’s tongue was beginning to tickle Kelly and she quickly moved around, dropped to her knees and took Chris’s cock back in her mouth. She loved the taste of her own pussy on his cock and began bobbing back and forth hungrily.

It took only seconds, sadly, before Chris was ready to shoot his own load, Kelly’s tight cunt and expert mouth too much to resist. “Fuck, I’m going to come,” Chris warned, knowing most women didn’t like to swallow.

Kelly backed off, pumped his cock and said, “You can come in my mouth or on my face.”

Chris had never given a woman a facial and the thought of coming on Kelly was the final straw. Before he could even respond, the first stream of cum hit her directly on her nose. A second rope hit her chin, before the remainder landed on her chest.

Kelly laughed, “Well, I guess that answers that question.”

Chris apologized, “Sorry, just hearing you say I could come on your face was all it took to make me shoot my load.”

Kelly, feeling cum drip off her chin and onto her tits, added, “Well, you sure had a big load in you.”

“I’ve been told I shoot a lot of cum,” Chris admitted.

“I wasn’t lying,” Kelly said, stroking his cock. “I love sucking cock.”

“Well, I love getting my cock sucked,” Chris smiled. “So I guess we are compatible.”

Kelly added, “Oh yes, we are very compatible.”

Kelly leaned back and asked, looking up at him, “So, did you ever fantasize about me looking like this?”

“I have fantasized about you in every way imaginable,” Chris admitted.

“So you imagined this?” Kelly asked, as she scooped up the cum on her face and put it in her mouth. “Mmmmmmm, yummy,” she added.

“My fantasies never got quite that elaborate,” Chris admitted, before adding, “but this reality far outdoes all my fantasies.”

“Well, my fantasies about you are more recent, but they too have been greatly outdone by this great big cock of yours,” Kelly admitted too, before leaning forward and taking his cock back into her mouth hoping to get it hard again.

Chris groaned, loving looking down at this beautiful woman bobbing on his cock, “I should probably get back to work.”

She took his cock out of her mouth and said, “Shut up, I’m your boss and you have some more drilling to do up here.”

“Well, they say the customer is always right,” Chris quipped.

Kelly took his cock back in her mouth, knowing that she wanted to get fucked again, as her second orgasm always came quicker, and she also wanted to swallow a full load, the cum she had scooped up and swallowed just a small sampling.

After countless orgasms for Kelly and two more loads shot by Chris, both down Kelly’s throat, Kelly keeping to her declaration that she loved sucking cock, they fell asleep.


The next morning, Kelly woke up late and they barely had time to say more than a good morning, no time to talk about last night’s marathon sex session and the implications for more the next day. So both spent the day wondering the same thing: were they a couple? Fuck buddies? Or was it a one-time thing? Both wanted it to be more than just a one night stand, both saw it as the beginning of a potentially great relationship, yet neither knew what the other was thinking.

Chris couldn’t believe his fantasy had become reality and could only hope that she saw things like he did…as the beginning of a relationship.

That evening, Kelly decided to make it clear that she wanted more than a one night stand. She couldn’t explain it, but she hadn’t stop thinking about him all day. She wasn’t sure it was love, but it definitely wasn’t just lust. Wanting to see him again…NOW…she texted Chris that they needed to talk and to come to the spare bedroom when he arrived. Dressed only in lingerie, she eagerly awaited his arrival, her pussy dying to be filled again.

Chris fretted about the text. Nothing good ever came from the phrase ‘We need to talk’. Yet, he decided that no matter what she said, he was going to tell her exactly how he felt. That this was way more than a one night stand, this was love…or at least the potential for it. He had never really been in love, or at least he had never felt like he did now. Excited to see her, yet nervous too. When he got there, he tentatively approached the spare bedroom. When he walked in the room, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Kelly smiled, “I couldn’t decide how to tell you that I really enjoyed last night.”

Chris smiled back, “And I was worried you were going to tell me last night was a mistake.”

“The only mistake we made was not doing this earlier,” she smiled, spinning around off the dresser, walking to him and kissing him.

The kiss lasted an eternity, as both felt the relief of knowing that the other felt the same way they did.

Breaking the kiss, Chris looked into her eyes and said, “Kelly, I think I’m in love with you.”

Kelly stared into his eyes, surprised by the words and yet also surprised by the way they made her feel. “I think I love you too,” she returned. After a pause, she grabbed his crotch and added, “And I know without a doubt I love this.” She dropped to her knees, a position she loved to be in, fished out Chris’s semi-erect cock and took it in her mouth.


Of course, like all loves, it comes when least expected.

When they first met it was the wrong place, the wrong time.

This time though, it was the right place, and the right time.

Six months later, Chris asked Kelly to marry him while they were on a weekend getaway in Niagara Falls. With the falls in the background, Kelly, of course, said yes. The two celebrated with a marathon love making session at a hotel in Niagara Falls and Kelly, as usual, ended up with a face full of cum.

Eight months after that, on their wedding day, they couldn’t wait to consummate their marriage until after the I’dos.

Instead Chris snuck into Kelly’s parents’ home, catching his bride-to-be in the early stages of dress for her big day.

Kelly smiled, “You just couldn’t wait.”

“I just wanted to make sure that besides something borrowed, you would also have something goo,” Chris quipped.

“I think that is supposed to be something new,” Kelly smiled, dropping to her knees.

“You sure?” Chris laughed, as Kelly deep-throat his cock.

Chris and Kelly had a quickie, even as her mother knocked on her door and Chris coated his bride-to-be’s face and tits making sure their indeed was goo.

“Make sure you wear that under your dress?”

“Of course,” Kelly smiled, rubbing the cum on her tits.

An hour later, Kelly walked down the aisle with Chris’s cum sticking to her.

Three hours later, she took another load in the limo, a sticky load in her hair…a naughty secret that she wore throughout the dinner and dancing.

A few hours later, they consummated their marriage for real…doing it the old fashioned way…as Chris shot his final load of the day in his new bride’s cunt.

Nine month later, they had a baby girl.



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