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We received these stories from our Members on why they like nylon stockings!  Nice responses below!

The Rasping Sound And Feel Of Nylons And The Wrinkles Ooohh 

Well 4 does seems a bit early to start enjoying the feel of nylons, I cant remember that far back, but i’m sure I started slipping on my moms stockings around 7 or 8, this was a s a result of having a teacher walk past me whist painting on the school class room floor, her silk stockings rasped past my cheek and a cross dresser was born. My mom and dad worked hard, my older sister was into boys and big brother was already working, I can remember a lot of naughtiness alone at home wearing those nylons of god what a feeling to slip them on. Probably about 11 or 12 I was masturbating with stockings and cum all over my nylon clad legs, so bad, but sooo good too. She loves it so much she often slips the stockings on me when i’m dozing haha and then we have great sex.

Love it. My love of stockings began when I was only four or five years old. My mother’s bridge club of eight women met every week a alternate homes. There were two tables. I could hardly wait for our turn. The ladies were always dressed to the nines, heels, below the knee elegant dresses, and, of course, seamed stockings . I was mesmerized by the beautiful stocking covered legs and the sensual sound of the stockings rubbing together as the ladies moved. There was no air conditioning and, in hot weather, the ladies would raise their dresses above their knees while at the bridge table. Once in awhile, a stocking welt would be visible, and, on just a few occasions, a stocking top, garter and garter strap. I wondered where the straps went. It was the start of a life long fascination with stockings and garters

My grandmother…a night nurse at the local hospital….introduced me to the pleasures of nylon. Caught me stroking her nylons when she was getting ready for work…encouraged me to appreciate this wonderful fabric…nothing salacious…but the beginning of a fifty year obsession which I LOVE!

Nylon Stockings How Wonderful They Are!! 

I realize that I am not alone wearing nylon stockings as a man, I just love those garment on my legs. Many of us men have found out that these nylon stockings are so wonderful to wear, and why should only women have the right to wear them?

It started as a youngster in my early year, I saw all those women way back in the fifties and sixties, when women usually wear nylon stockings with garter belt or girdles. I remember the sound when they crossed their legs, how it sounded and I felt that these must be wonderful to wear. I also remember when I was visiting my mums drawer with nylon stocking that I liked to touch and feel the sheer material they was made of.

I took some courage to put a pair of sheer nylon stockings on for the first time, my hands was trembling of excitement as well as could be caught when I tried them on. The feeling of nylon on my legs was tremendous and from that day I remember that gorgeous feeling of excitement.

Since that moment trying nylon stockings for the first time my mind was always trying to figure out how I should mange to wear them all the time. It was not until I was moving out by my self I started to wear nylon stockings daily, and I never regret that move in my life.

I realize when wearing nylon stockings you have to shave your legs and you also need pedicure as a daily routine. Just that gorgeous feeling of nylon caressing your shaved legs that is beyond imagination and a wonderful feeling. I think many of male persons wearing nylon stockings have the same feeling as I have experienced, and that is why I wear those lovely stockings daily.

I think most men at my age and younger agree with me that wearing nylon stockings is exciting and a lifestyle you can‘t be away from, you just need it.

I was always mesmerised by the how erotic it looked when my mother put her silky nylon stockings on. Every morning before school I would watch her carefully check that the seams was perfectly straight on her long shapely legs before fastening the dark key hole welt to the chrome garter clip.

I vividly remember as though it was yesterday when I was home alone one day and I saw her open bottom girdle and stockings that she had worn on her bed.Because I was alone something made me want to go and touch her stockings. As I picked up the silky sheer nylon stockings the feel of them made become overwhelmed with an insatiable desire to put them on.

My body began to tremble and my hands began shaking uncontrollably and I don’t know if it was the fear of getting caught or the excitement.

As I pulled silky sheer nylon stockings up my legs shivers of excitement ran through my body.I fastened the stocking tops to the garters on the girdle and ran my hands over my silky nylon clad legs. The feeling was electric and something that I would never be able to stop.

Yes, freshly shaved legs and stockings can not be beat! A warm bath, followed by moisturizer on your legs and feet enhances the feel and shine of your stockings. I too remember the wonderful sound of woman wearing fully fashioned and the RH&T stockings-just divine.

For Me Stockings Are Not Stockings Unless They Are Seamed Stockings 

My stocking interest started around 6-years old VISUALLY. The year is 1954 and at my eye level fashion was below the waist. Stockings and heels were ‘in my face’. I had feelings that I didn’t understand about stockings but I was enjoying my older sisters nylon slips and panties which I would take to bed with me. The care woman took (back then) to dress and to be totally feminine has never left me. I would gaze at the stockings drying in the bathroom….and then the day came when I actually slid them onto my own legs. Things just happened (for the first time) that put me across the threshold to have a life-long passion for stockings and nylon. I have gone through the RH&T stocking phase, and silky pantyhose certainly have their place, but full-fashioned seamed nylons make me feel the best and I think outlines even a not-so curvy leg into a thing of beauty. My favorite pairs are from Magnolia Hosiery. Black foot, black stocking tops and black seams with the body of the stocking beige or a copper color. There are other combinations, but these are my favorites. We are so lucky now to have so many on-line sources like Secrets & Lace and Stockings HQ. BUT nothing can top the passion expressed by wearers in Experience Project. The shared stories brings so many mental and physical life experiences to a new level. Thanks to all who share.

I remember the care and time my mom took to put on her hose, sliding them up her legs, straightening them, gently pulling them and attaching them to her garter. I do my best to take the same care as my mom when I put my hose on each morning.

What a thrill to find this site. I thought I was alone in the world. I’m 6’2″ and am told I have “nice” legs and no leg hair, but finding FF’s long enough has been frustrating. Now we have so many stores with Beautiful long FF,s I’m in heaven. I’ve used the seam in-seam out trick for a long time and sliding one leg over the other still a wonderful feeling. My wife accepts my fetish and I wear nylons and a skirt around the house most of the time. I love wearing stilettos, but 5″ heels on 6’2″ can cause head bumps. My story later

Our stories are so close to the same. I also grew up and developed a very strong fetish for fine ultra sheer FF and RHT nylons at a very young age. It was the era of women wearing nylons, garters and high heels everywhere my nylon fetish eyes looked. Aunts, cousins and all the older women around me just fueled my nylon passion, fetish and weakness for as long as I can remember….and I remember well.

The memories certainly enhances my current experiences. See nylons blowing in the wind on a clothes line…..being asked to bring in the cloths off of the line…..that wasn’t the only thing getting off. The occasional holiday gathering at a relatives house or our own, seeing everyone trying to out-dress one another.
I was helping to clear the table after dinner one Easter. My aunt who was in her late 20’s at the time started talking about the NEW opera length stockings that she bought from TALL GIRL. How well they fit…….and being at the right place at the right time…without a second thought up went her dress to show the ladies what she was talking about. She (as I delayed by scraping the plates into the garbage) also pointed out how dark the stocking tops were vs. the ultra sheer leg.
I thought I was in heaven!

We both share the same story, as if we are twins…almost scary as my mind races back in memory with same stories, settings, and even same family members that fueled my passion and fetish for stockings.

Family gatherings were just sheer pleasure and also sheer frustrating torture for me as a young nylon fetishist. From women and older girl cousins simple dangling of hi-heels exposing those darker nylon reinforced heels to the fullest, to women just sitting with legs crossed and stockings welts exposed from maybe just a tiny peek to even fully exposed stocking welts after drinks were consumed.

For me the bathroom was also my heaven as locked behind that door I had full privacy to my mother’s ultra sheer RHT nylons. Also for me that first place I found myself standing wearing my mothers stockings…pure nylon fetish bliss. Funny thing was I did not even know with the word fetish was back then. But what ever it was or called I knew I suffered from it with a passion I could not explain or stop.

Swish swish! 😉

I will never forget the thrilling rush I felt the first time, at age 5, that I slipped a pair of sheer nylon stockings up my little legs! Almost as memorable was the first time I shaved & creamed my legs and slipped on a brand new of nylon stockings. Oh what could have a more sensual, erotic and glorious sensation?!?

I Like Suspenders And Stockings With A Very Short Skirt

I am a shy and decent girl, but I like it when the boys will find me sexy and look after me.

Usually I have often worn a t-shirt short shorts and sneakers.

But I realised boys liked girls in nylons and heels.

Accordingly, I am now often nylon stockings with high heels and a blouse that emphasize my breasts.

Sometimes I even wear suspenders and stockings with a very short skirt. The boys are excited, but my father should not know that.

My mother had me in them almost every day from 16 until I left home at 22

Stockings are wonderful, I have been wearing stockings and suspenders for over 40 years now, I never wear tights.

These are about the most dangerous weapons a man can be confronted to by a woman: stockings and heels. Men start doing things they would not normally do. Be careful with those weapons, we even could be on our knees before you, begging for a glimpse or a quick feel. But disregard this stupid comment, keep on wearing them !

When we play when away, my wife dresses in short skirt and stockings and suspender belt. We go out and pretend to be single, I love seeing guys hit on her while dressed like that.

Yes! I understand fully. I frequently wear a very short miniskirt with black garter belt and dark nylon stockings at rock concerts or clubs. It is an awesome look and gets a lot of admiring glances. I began wearing a garter belt and sheer nylon stockings on dates when I turned 13. I loved how boys loved to slip their naughty paws up along my silky stockings and find bare thigh at the stocking tops!

For Me As A Woman… 

there is nothing more feminine or sexy than wearing ff hosiery. With an open bottom girdle, panty girdle or 6-8 strap garter belt sans panties, under a pencil skirt and delicate lacy slip. So many women have moved away from this most delicate finery, for their own justifiable reasons. To each their own and more power to them. I find the tactile stimulation of the garter straps against my smooth thighs, as they pull at my stockings like my bra hugs my “girls”, to give me a never ending thrill of how intoxicating being a woman can be.

Thank you for indulging us wanna-be’s, although you do speak a language that I understand. Every step that you take, the tug of the garters sends a tactile message about those beautiful things beneath.

I Routinely Wear Fully Fashioned Seamed Stockings 

I love vintage clothes and routinely wear fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings to work.  The intent is not to be fetish-y sexy, but just b/c they’re fun and add to the vintage look.

Mmm, I love fully fashioned seamed stockings. My current girlfriend I met at my office, she always wears stockings and silky satin blouses mmm. I wrote a story on here about how we met.

What is your favorite color to see women wearing nylons?

Bronze and copper with seams are stunning, but certainly don’t rule out black. A woman in seamed stockings is the biggest turn on for the majority of guys and a woman who recognizes this has her man totally under her control. Tights and leggings are the biggest turn-off, long live STOCKINGS!!!

The right style of nude on the right woman has the ability to be the sexiest…especially is I can catch just a glimpse of the tops. While not nude I’ll never forget the day I was on a bus in rush hour traffic and we pulled up to a car driven by a woman in a work suit with a slit in the skirt…she had white stockings on with hold-ups which I could see …and catch a glimpse of her unshorn leg above the nylon tops…her leg was raised a bit with her foot on the brake…I was in instant lust

There is a colour called “nightshade” and i think that is my favourite, both to wear and to see other women in. But these days tights and leggings have sort of pushed nylons and pantyhose aside. Tights and leggings come in a super variety of colours and textures and materials, you really do need to check them out if you haven’t already, and they’re really easy to wear, unlike nylons which sometimes can be a pain because they are so prone to runs.

Wearing nylons for significant other

Ladies, would you dress up and wear pantyhose for your husband/boyfriend if in return he promised that he would take you out on a fancy date night??

Yeah, I would do it even if he didn’t take me out. Its fun to dress up

How did this fashion taboo of wearing nylons come about? I, for one, like wearing nylons

I think a lady in Nylons looks so dressed.. I do not understand the bare legs today when a woman has a dress on.. I just think nylons make a women’s legs loot so elegant.

I imagine you are right. I have been a pantyhose fanatic since about 1975, and have found nothing that compares to that on a woman. I miss seeing women wear.

I first saw the nylons taboo start with the television series: “Sex in the City”. Women loved the show and used the logic that if those glamorous stars could eschew hose then they should too. Never mind how much nicer hose smooths out the leg and hides the small bones in the forefoot so well. I thank God that my wife always wears hose when she wants to be dressed up, when we go out together, only real stockings with garter belt suffice for her!

You are one of the few ladies that like wearing nylons today.. I think nylons are so sexy on a woman and they make a woman look dressed.. These women you see on the news, and on talk shoes just look so frumpy without nylons.. You keep with your like of nylons and wear them proudly..

Their not taboo in my book. I think they are very sexy not to mention how good they feel on your legs.

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