Aunt’s Stockings & Mom’s Pantyhose-Part2

Aunt’s Stockings & Mom’s Pantyhose


“Then he will really come,” Aunt Cassie replied playing on the word come.

“Oh God?” Mom moaned.

“Now crawl over here and lick your baby sister,” Aunt Cassie ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mom replied.

“Maybe I should just order you to fuck your son,” Aunt Cassie ordered.

“Give me two more weeks, Mistress, I promise I will submit to him by Christmas,” Mom promised.

“You’ll let his candy cane fill your little wreath,” Aunt Cassie playfully asked, drunk enough to think she thought the wreath reference was logical.

Mom laughed, “I am going to fill his Christmas stocking…with me.”

“Good, but first come and get your favourite treat,” Aunt Cassie cooed.

I peeked around the corner and watched amazed. Aunt Cassie had unzipped her black dress and Mom was between her legs licking her younger sister; watching the incest act between my two greatest stroke fantasies was easily the hottest thing I had ever seen.

After a couple of minutes, Aunt Cassie started talking dirty, “That’s it, you little slut, lick my cunt,” and, “Only a dirty fucking slut would fantasize about fucking their son,” and “Beg to taste my cum, slut.”

Mom’s hand was frantically rubbing herself it seemed, although I couldn’t tell from my angle as she answered, “Mistress Sister, will you please come all over your big sister’s slutty face.”

“What do you want your son to do to you, slut?” Aunt Cassie asked.

“I want him to fuck me,” Mom moaned, all the while still licking.

“That’s it, slut? Be more fucking detailed,” Aunt Cassie ordered, pushing Mom’s head away.

Mom, seemingly hungry to continue licking, she rambled, “Oh God, Mistress Sister, I want to suck his cock and feel his cum slide down my throat; I want to feel his cock fuck my long neglected cunt and feel his cum explode in me; I want to feel my ass pounded hard and be made to be his Mommy-whore; I want to obey his every order, become his submissive slave and he my Master.”

Aunt Cassie grabbed Mom’s head and said, “Lick me slut, suck baby sister’s clit.”

Less than a minute later, Aunt Cassie’s moans getting increasingly louder, finally came, “Thaaaaaat’s it, big sister, swallow all my cuuuuuuuunt juice.”

I was about to explode, but quit stroking myself not wanting to come all over the wall.

A moment later, Aunt Cassie let Mom’s head go and said, “Fuck big sister you really went to town tonight.”

“I have always loved eating your cunt,” Mom said.

“Another glass of wine?” Aunt Cassie asked.

“I suppose one more wouldn’t hurt,” Mom shrugged, standing up.

I quickly moved away, scared of being caught and quickly moved back upstairs. I closed my door, grabbed another picture from Dad’s or Mom’s collection of photos and jumped on my bed. I began furiously pumping my cock, replaying the incest scene between Mom and my aunt while looking at another photo of a stranger’s legs and feet in nylons wishing I hadn’t wrecked the one of Mom by coming on it.

Knowing that Mom wanted to fuck me, to be my pet, was surreal and hot and in a few quick strokes, I was coming.

Lying on my bed, covered in my own cum, I began to consider my options. Mom wanted to be my submissive and I was going to make that wish come true.

6. Aunt Cassie First

The next morning, well truthfully it was 12:30 so it was actually afternoon, I came downstairs, my mind a fog of last night. I was pretty hammered last night and even as the memories of last night came flooding back I couldn’t really believe they were real.

That Mom wanted to fuck me.

That Mom was a submissive to Aunt Cassie.

That Mom ate out Aunt Cassie in the kitchen.

That Mom wanted to be my submissive slut.

I walked into the front room and was instantly distracted. First, Aunt Cassie had a candy cane in her mouth which had me flash back to calling my cock a candy cane. Secondly, although she was in a different outfit, she was still wearing her thigh highs and I could see the lace tops.

I stammered distracted, “H-h-how was last night?”

Aunt Cassie yawned, obviously still tired, “It was a pretty good time. How about you?”

“Same old, same old,” I shrugged, the party itself rather dull.

“Really?” Aunt Cassie asked. “I would think last night was anything but same old, same old.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, wondering if she somehow knew I watched last night.

My wondering was instantly answered when she asked, “Did you learn anything about your mother last night?”

“N-n-no,” I stammered.

Aunt Cassie stood up and walked towards me as she asked her tone dripping with naughty innuendo, “Nothing at all?”

Her tone making my cock stiffen, I tried to play it cool, shifting from nervous to confident, I said, “You mean that you and Mom dyke out?”

“Well that too,” Aunt Cassie smiled, before adding, “but that wasn’t the real revelation of the night was it?”

“No, I guess there was a bigger one,” I said, grabbing my cock.

Aunt Cassie, surprised me by moving her hand to my cock, “Hmmmmm, very nice.”

“You are not too bad yourself,” I countered.

“So I hope you are going to take the information you learned last night and use it to your advantage,” Aunt Cassie said.

I was about to cup her voluptuous breasts when I heard footsteps.

“Don’t waste this opportunity, stud,” Aunt Cassie said, giving my cock a firm squeeze before sitting back down just as Mom entered the living room.

All weekend I had pondered the many different ways to fuck my Mom. A dozen times, I went to just take her, yet every time I was in the same room with her I chickened out. I couldn’t cross the invisible line of incest even though I knew she was willing, eager and submissive.

On Monday, I decided to go see Aunt Cassie at her school after dinner recalling she said she was staying after school to decorate her classroom for Christmas. I wanted to discuss with her how to best make Mom my slut…yet as soon as I saw her, another plan popped into my head.

I walked into her classroom, which in a kindergarten class is more of Romper Room than a classroom, closed the door and said, “We need to talk.”

Aunt Cassie turned around, smiled when she saw me, and asked innocently, “About what?”

Her dress would have caused high school students to drool, but her young students had no idea how hot she was or how big her breasts are, particularly in the dress she was wearing.

“The fact that I have decided to make Mom my slut,” I boldly answered.

“Is that so?” she asked coyly.

Going for broke, I added, “But I also plan to make Mom’s slut sister my whore too.”

Her eyes went big briefly, clearly surprised by my declaration, but she recovered quickly, “How do you know your Mom’s slut sister would submit to such an arrangement?”

I walked to her confidently, put my hands on her shoulders, and lowered her to the ground. As expected, she didn’t resist as she looked up at me expectantly.

“You will obey everything your Master tells you to do. And right now, he wants you to suck his thick cock,” I said, looking down at her.

“Hmmmm, Master, I like that,” Aunt Cassie said, before adding, “Just a moment.” She stood up and walked to the door, closed the blind and locked the door, before returning to exactly where she was. “So where was I?”

“You were about to serve your Master,” I answered.

“Riiiiiight,” she purred, fishing my cock out of my pants.

“Mmmmmmmmmm, your mother was right, your cock is big,” Aunt Cassie teased as she stroked my eight inch cock. Opening her mouth wide, she took my mushroom top in and swirled her tongue around it.

“That’s it, slut,” I groaned, thinking of all the stories I had read online about submissive sluts. “Worship your new Master’s cock.”

She moaned on my cock, making my cock vibrate, as she began to slowly take my cock in her mouth. As I watched my cock disappear in my aunt’s mouth in awe at one of my fantasies actually happening.

She bobbed back and forth slowly until she had all eight inches between her lips.

I groaned, “Good slut, now bob back and forth like the slut you are.”

She obeyed, shifting from slow and smooth to fast and hungry, and I knew I had less than a minute before I was going to explode in her mouth. I warned a few seconds later, “Here comes my cum, Aunt Slut, swallow it all.”

She went faster at my announcement and I sprayed a full load of my cum into her eager mouth. She didn’t slow down at all, swallowing every drop of my seed.

A moment later, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she said, her tone dripping with innuendo, “So does Master want to fuck his slut’s cunt?”

“Yes he does, when Master thinks she has earned it,” I replied.

“W-w-what?” she stammered, surprised by my answer.

“Once you have helped me turn Mom into my slut, you will earn your privilege to have my cock in your cunt,” I answered, before adding, “and ass.”

“You bastard,” she smiled, realizing my intent.

“Your Master,” I corrected, shoving my cock back in her mouth.

I shot another load, this time all over Aunt Cassie’s face, before we chatted about the plan to make both Mom’s and my fantasy of mother-son incest come true.

7. The Chess Game of Lust

The first plan was to simply wake her up by shoving my cock in her mouth; the second plan was to have Mom catch me fucking her sister’s face; the third plan was so much more complex, so much slower and so much more fun. We were going to drive Mom crazy with temptation first, trying to push her to make the first move.

A couple of days later, Mom got home and as she walked into the living room exclaimed, “What a long day.”

I joked, “Actually every day is exactly the same length.”

“Funny, smart guy,” she quipped, collapsing on the couch.

Seeing my opportunity, to start the temptation teasing, I joined her on the couch, lifted her nylon legs up and put them on my lap.

“Does Mom need a foot massage?” I asked, putting my hands on her left foot.

“What?” she asked, surprised by my offer.

“Just relax Mom,” I said, as I began massaging her foot.

“That feels nice,” Mom said a minute later.

“Good, any time you want a foot massage just ask,” I said, my cock stiffening under her legs.

“Be careful what you offer, or you will be massaging my feet every day,” Mom playfully joked.

“Then I will massage your feet every day, Mom. I will do anything to make you happy, you know that, right?” I asked, my cock purposely flinching to imply my intent.

Her face flushed, as she stammered, distracted by my stiff cock, “Of-of-of course, dear.” After a moment of silence, she offered me the same implied deal that meant way more than the usual words from a mother to a son would mean, “You know I would do anything to make you happy too, right?”

“I do, Mom, but it is you who really needs to just go out and get what you want. After all your sacrifices to raise me,” I responded, making my cock flinch on the word ‘raise’, while continuing with so much innuendo it was ridiculous, “you deserve to get whatever makes you happy over and over again.”

Mom’s face was beet red as I switched to her other foot and continued the massage while the silence lingered between us, the invisible line of incest all that kept both of us from ravishing each other.

I massaged her feet for a few more minutes before finishing, standing up and saying, “I need to go do some studying.”

“Oh, okay,” she said, her tone implying disappointment, I assumed she hoped I would take her then and there. But the plan was to tease her relentlessly first…although teasing her was also teasing me.

I went to my room and pulled out a picture of Mom in nylons from Cassie’s high school graduation that Cassie had given me to masturbate to once I told her what I had done to the other picture. It didn’t show a lot of leg as it was a long gown, but it still showed her sexy feet in nylons.

Replaying Mom’s and my naughty conversation in my head, I stared at the picture and masturbated knowing it was going to be pretty soon that I had not one, but two sluts for my personal pleasure.

Not surprisingly, the feel of Mom’s silky nylon feet still lingering, it didn’t take long for me to erupt.

Over the next few days, it was both pure torture and exhilarating fun. Each of us gave hint after hint after hint that we were interested in inappropriate action, yet neither of us crossed that invisible line.

Mom started dressing in shorter skirts, giving me tit crushing hugs every morning and kissing me on the cheek before she left in the morning and again before bed. Each kiss was closer and closer to my lips and yet she wouldn’t kiss my lips. The temptation to grab her, shove her onto her knees and fuck her face was almost impossible to resist, yet I did knowing the end plan was near. Instead, I deposited a load or two or three in Aunt Cassie’s mouth every day to lessen my temptation to take Mom.

On December 23rd, Mom was dressed in an outfit so hot, I barely resisted bending her over the couch and fucking her from behind. Yet, I resisted, immediately driving to Aunt Cassie’s and fucking her face with my cock so hard my balls bounced off her chin.

Meanwhile, I gave Mom foot massages every day, my hand slyly moving to her ankle, her calf and her knee. She always opened her legs enough to meander as I wanted, keeping her eyes closed, seemingly waiting for me to just take her.

Aunt Cassie told me that Mom told her I was driving her nuts with my teasing and she desperately wanted me to just take her and make her my bitch.

On Christmas Eve, Mom suggested we dress up and have a fancy dinner just her and me. I put on dress pants, a nice shirt and a tie and headed downstairs where Mom had created a Christmas wonderland and was dressed in a sexy black dress and black pantyhose. Around the house was mistletoe…everywhere. I walked under one the instant I walked in the room and she kissed my cheek, lingering longer than necessary, her sweet perfume drawing me in.

In the kitchen, she kissed me again when I walked under the mistletoe and again when I opened the fridge that was also under mistletoe. She giggled, “It seems I may be kissing you all night.”

I said back, “If you weren’t my Mom, I would think this was a plan to seduce me.”

Her face flushed, but it seemed to dishearten her….I hadn’t taken the bait. We had dinner, where we talked about Christmas tomorrow, New Year’s Eve party that her work friends were throwing and my final exams that had not gone as well as I would have liked (mostly because I was preoccupied with fucking my mother, but I didn’t tell her that).

After dinner, I turned on Home Alone, our traditional Christmas movie, and turned around to see my Mom posing. Her sultry look telling me she was mine for the taking…all I had to do was take her.

Yet, I instead just joined her on the couch, started the movie and massaged her feet…which I did the whole movie. Massaging each toe individually, the bottom of her soles, her ankles, calf, and even up to her thigh, which had Mom letting out undeniable moans…yet I resisted the temptation to take her. That would be tomorrow.

8. Best Christmas Present Ever…MOM

After midnight, long after Mom was asleep, Aunt Cassie snuck into the house, into my bedroom and swallowed my load. She then slept at the foot of the bed, like a good submissive, as we eagerly waited for tomorrow morning.

I was woken up the same way I went to sleep, a blow job from my sub Aunt Cassie. I deposited a load in her mouth and she whispered, “Merry Christmas, Master.”

“Merry Christmas, slut,” I replied.

“When do I get my big Christmas present?” she asked, stressing the word big.

“After your slut sister does,” I smiled. “Now go down stairs and make some noise so she wakes up.”

After she left, I smiled…it was Christmas Day.

The day that I would make Mom mine.

The day I would give Mom the best Christmas present ever…eight inches of my cock.

The day I would make so many fantasies come true.

I got out of bed and jumped in the shower.

Twenty minutes later, I went downstairs and found Mom and Aunt Cassie having coffee.

“Merry Christmas Mom,” I said, kissing her cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Christian,” she returned.

“Merry Christmas, Aunt Cassie,” I greeted, also kissing her cheek.

“Merry Christmas,” she answered back.

We had breakfast and I suggested, “We should get dressed up and take some family pictures today.”

“Great idea,” the sisters said in unison.

My first hint of power, I said, “I expect you both in nylons.”

“Yes, sir,” Aunt Cassie replied in a joking manner.

Mom replied, “Isn’t he just like his father.”

“Only way sexier,” Aunt Cassie replied.

Mom laughed, “Creepy, but true.”

They headed upstairs and I got the camera and tripod ready.

When they came down finally, after over half an hour, I could tell that Mom had had a pussy snack. Her face was shiny and her cheeks were red. She was also dressed in an outfit that I had never seen before.

I asked, “Is that new?”

“Actually, it is an outfit from high school that your aunt thinks still fits me,” Mom said.

“Well, it makes you look a lot younger,” I complimented.

“You know just the right words to say,” Mom said back.

“Is there something on your face, Mom?” I asked.

“P-p-pardon?” Mom stammered, clearly mortified by the question.

“Your face seems shiny,” I explained.

Cassie laughed, “Your face does seem shiny, Annabelle.”

Mom said finally, “It’s a new cream.”

“Well, it makes you look even prettier, Mom, you should use it every day,” I said.

“Oh, I think that is a great idea, don’t you, Annabelle?” Cassie teased.

“Y-y-yes,” Mom agreed sheepishly, embarrassed by the conversation, but I think confident that she had avoided being caught with her sister’s pussy juice on her face.

“Let’s take these,” I said.

We took a few of the three of us and then I suggested we take some of each of us as individuals.

I had Mom pose first, because the next part of the plan was to have slut Cassie show more leg than she should for family pictures.

Mom did a few poses, seeming to enjoy showing a reasonable amount of leg, turning around and giggling like she was a cheerleader in a high school photo shoot.

Cassie said, “Bend over.”

Mom laughed, “What and show my son my pantyhose clad ass?”

When Mom didn’t do it, Cassie sighed, “Fine, it’s my turn.”

All of Cassie’s poses were sexy and teasing, but then she gave the thigh high stockings pose. “Get a good look at this, nylon fetish boy,” Cassie teased.

I acted all upset, “Mom, you told Aunt Cassie?”

Mom protested, “I didn’t, like I said you don’t hide it well.”

“Nor do you hide well the impact checking out your aunt’s legs does to you,” Cassie said, pointing to my fully erect cock.

“Well, why don’t you do something about it slut,” I ordered Cassie, finally going for the kill.

Mom gasped.

Cassie ordered, taking control of the situation, “Slut, your son is talking to you.”

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