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I remember vividly the first time trying on my mom’s pantyhose. She referred to all her hosiery as nylons…whether they were pantyhose, thigh-hi stockings or…ugh…knee-highs. Fortunately, my mom always preferred pantyhose and wore them regularly.

This was the early to mid-70’s. What a wonderful decade! When people ask what I remember about the 70’s, I want to shout out “PANTYHOSE!”

I was about 6 when I first tried on a pair of her nylons. She was in the shower and had laid out her clothes, as usual, on the bed. I’d seen her put on her nylons many times and was mesmerized by her routine.

Stripping naked, I sat on the edge of the bed and picked up her pantyhose, carefully coiling up the toe of one leg. The water was still running in the shower, so I knew I had time.

I wasn’t really afraid of being caught. YET. At this point, I was just being curious. Mom had never said, “Nylons are for girls only.” And up until this moment, I’d never expressed an interest in wearing them.

Slipping my toe into the foot of her hose, I gently slid the silky fabric over my foot, up my calf, over my knee up to mid-thigh. I held my leg outstretched just as I’d seen my mom do so many times before and wiggled my toes. It felt wonderful.

Repeating the same thing on my other leg, I noticed my little pecker getting hard. When I pulled the panty over my waist and felt the fabric on my little swollen head, I could barely stand. The tingling sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced. I pulled the waistband as high as it would go…clear up under my arm pits and started caressing my own chest and tummy as I strutted around the room. It all felt so good.

“SO…you like my nylons?” came a voice from the bathroom doorway.

I stopped, mid strut and exclaimed, “YES. They feel so good, Mommy.”

My mom, wrapped a towel around her head and wet hair and walked out of the bathroom, over to her dresser. She said, “That’s fine. I’m glad you like them. But here…you need to put these on. Those don’t have a runner yet and I need to wear them today. So take them off very carefully. These have a runner and you can wear them if you want.”

I did as I was told while she applied some of her body splash, Jean Nate. Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to sit next to her.

“Now, pay attention and I’ll teach you how to put nylons on the right way. To avoid a runner. Sometimes you get them when your leg bumps into a sharp corner, but if you are careful, you won’t get one while putting them on.”

She reached over and grabbed her hand lotion and said, “Open up” as she squirted a dab into the palm of my hand. Doing the same, she said “First thing you want to do is try and make sure you have no snaggies or hangnails. Smooth hands, feet and legs are a must. The nylon has to slide on with ease.”

I imitated my mom’s every move as she worked the lotion into her feet, heels and legs.

Then she said, “Take your nylons and coil the toe.” I already knew how to do this but was loving this personal attention and direction.

“That’s right.” she cooed. Now slip it carefully over you toes making sure the toe seam is straight. “Wiggle your toes. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Now, extend your leg and let the nylon glide up our calf….twist your ankle a little. Keep wiggling your toes. Yes. That’s right.”

“Pull it up to just over your knee and we’ll do the same with the other leg.”

We did that and then she says, “Now stand up.” We faced each other and she said, “Work them alternatingly up one thigh, then the other like this….”

“Then pull them over your behind….and finally all the way up in front.”

Of course, I had a full on erection but she never said a word. As I pulled them over my penis, she says, “Doesn’t that feel nice?” and she opened her arms for me to give her a hug.

I went to embrace her and felt for the first time nylon on nylon as pressed against her leg. My face buried in her stomach, just above her lush pubic mound.

I stood there for a long minute as she continued to hold me tight and before I knew it, I was rubbing my hard nylon covered pecker against her silken thigh. I know she must have felt it but she never said anything. She just sort of inhaled and exhaled deeply a few times.

She patted my back indicating the hug was over and we broke our embrace. She walked into the bathroom and said, “I need to finish getting ready now.”

I wish I could say it never ended. But being so young and naïve, I opened my mouth to my friends and word got back that I liked pantyhose and my mom had to put the kabosh on my wearing them.

She tried to break me of it. But it never worked. It was too late. I was now an addict.

I remember growing up at home my bedroom was across the hall from Mom’s. I used to lay in bed and watch her get dressed every morning. She worked in an office so she wore skirts, heels and hose everyday. I love seeing her sit on the edge of her bed nude slipping a pair of pantyhose on her sexy legs. After she would leave for work I would go in her room and sniff the pantyhose she had worn the day before and stroke my hard cock. One day when I was about 15 I was in her room nude stroking my cock and sniffing her pantyhose and I heard a voice, what are you doing. She had forgotten her purse and came back for it and I never heard her walk in.

I think I had two very first times. The very very first time I was about 5 and was playing around the house naked. I was allowed to do that and often took my clothes off. I ended up finding a pair of pantyhose and put them on. They were way too big of course and I was falling down trying to walk. My mom found me. I tried to hide behind a pillow but she and I started to laugh and she told me to take them off.

Started around the age of seven and started with my older sisters tights first, then I found a pack of three pairs of my mum’s taupe grey tights unopened poking out from behind her dressing table , These were a lot larger than I was expecting. I placed my hand down inside one of the legs to collected the toe of the pair, then popped my left foot in, did the same with my right foot. I pulled the pair up as far as my knees, looking down at my encased feet , which looked and felt great , next I pulled them up further over my waist, still was not finished with, the waist band came up over my head .
soon found if more fun with more layers.

I actually starting wearing mom’s stockings before pantyhose. I was young and got caught by Mom on several occasions. An older siblings also caught and encouraged me to wear them. By the time pantyhose were the norm I was hooked.

 Mother was out with her boyfriend for a night on the town.
Usually when Mother and Bob went out on a date; Mother would come home late. Mother would always fuck Bob on her dates. I know this because after Mother’s dates, the next day I would borrow her panties from the laundry and sniff them. They were always crusty and smelled of cum. The smell would instantly make my cock hard and I would have to masturbate to relief my aching balls.
With Mother gone for the evening, I settled down to my routine. First I go to Mothers bathroom and strip naked. I then drew a nice hot bubble bath. I shave my legs, genitals and ass, making sure I was smooth as a baby’s bottom. After I finished my bath, I dried off with Mother’s big fluffy bath towel. I then proceeded to apply body powder to my naked body, taking great care to cover my cock and balls. I would then put on Mother’s dressing gown. It is a very sheer pink material adorned with lots of lace, very feminine. I always love it when Mother wears this around the house, as I can see her big nipples and her hairy pussy through the material. I then went into her room and straight to her dresser, panties in the top drawer, bras in the next, garter belts, girdles and stockings in the next. I picked out my favorite pair of her pink panties. I’ve worn these panties so often, I thought of them as mine. Next I picked out the matching bra and garter belt. I laid all of these wonderful things on Mother’s bed. I slipped off the gown, only to pull up her frilly pink panties up my smooth legs. My cock already reacting to the pretty panties was getting hard. I had to stop and take a deep breath to calm down. I looked down and saw drops of pre cum oozing from my cock, making the panties wet. Next I picked up the bra and fastened around my back, just like I’ve seen Mother do before. The garter belt was next. I sat down at her vanity and slipped on her very sheer white lace-top stockings, taking very careful steps to not put a run in them. Most of the time I would just steal the stockings Mother would throw away, but not tonight, I wanted to look prefect. My collection of Mother’s old stockings were full of holes or runs, they made me look like a whore walking the streets or Madonna. With my pretty pink lingerie on, I walked to her mirror to adjust the seams on the stockings so that they were straight. I looked so pretty and feminine in the mirror, even without make-up, I looked like a girl. Seeing the pretty girl in the mirror staring back at me, my cock came to life again. I quickly turned away and walked to her closet. Mother’s closet was full of wonderful gowns, dresses, nighties, and of course slips. Since I was wearing white stockings, I picked out a very lacy full-slip and slipped it over my head and down my body. The feel of the nylon slip sliding over my lingerie, is a feeling I can’t describe, but it’s very close to an orgasm. Next I slide out her trunk, a couple of years prior I had found a trunk in her closet that she used to stash her toys and a few fetish items. It contained a couple of dildos, handcuffs, some rope, blindfold and a few items I had no idea what they were for. Tonight as I opened the trunk, there was something new in there, a plain brown envelope. My hands were trembling as I reached for and opened it up. My cock sprang to attention as the envelope contained naked pictures of my Mother. Jackpot, I couldn’t believe my eyes, there were pictures of my Mother sucking cock, fucking, eating pussy and shoving her dildos in her pussy and asshole. I couldn’t help it, I spread the pictures out before me and started rubbing my cock through my slip and panties. When I was fully hard, I pulled up the slip and pulled my cock through the leg opening of the panties and stated stroking my cock. Just as I was about to cum, I heard a noise and looked up to see Mother standing in the doorway of her closet. “My, my, what do we have here?” …………….


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