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My boyfriend, Joe, told me that he got more excited when I wore my nylon stockings with garters and garter belt. He said when I bent over it was kinda like they FRAMED my ass and pussy. Something like a picture frame. Oh his cock would get hard either with or without my wearing them but somehow it was more erotic. I’ve had other boys say it made no difference either way. Any of you had any such experiences?

The Answers –

I would guess that most men are very much in favour of stockings and a garter belt. My partner says that she wore them for so many years with business attire, she finds them too finicky now. She does humour me by wearing “thigh-highs” usually in a dark colour. She has beautiful slim legs, so there is no “muffin-top”. I cannot help myself and have to kneel in front or behind, and run my hands up her legs under her skirt. The silky feeling is like nothing else, and ends with a band of lace, and then the smooth skin, then the silky panties………. , even thinking about it gets me excited.

Of course, if things progress, she can be still wearing them in bed with nothing else to detract from the effect.

My husband (and myself as well) get really turned on when I wear very sheer nylons held up by garters attached to a tight garter belt of even more while wearing a tight open bottom girdle with 6 attached garters. If not wearing panties (which is frequently the case), he finds it hard to keep his hands of me for very long. Sheer nylons held up by garters is most definitely a real turn on for most men (I would think) and for women as well if they have DNA anywhere similar to mine!! Karen Jean

I know my husband likes to see my legs bare most times. But some times I will wear stockings with a matching belt to entice him, or even just hold ups.

If I am wearing a skirt I prefer to have bare legs. I will wear stockings and belt under a skirt if I want my legs covered, and it is a bit of a thrill that my husband knowing what I am wearing underneath. If I am feeling a bit naughty I some times give him a flash of stocking top.

I never wear tights though, I really do not like them.

I too love woman in stockings. I find that even a fairly slim woman in hold-ups tend to get a muffin top on each leg. I prefer the smooth line of the leg in a regular stocking. I also like garter belts that add a bit of support and firmness, or perhaps best of all is an open bottom girdle. I think the best look is with a fairly short one that gives me just a little view of the bottom of the cheeks. And of course it must fit well at the top and not create a muffin top there. Here is an example:


I can do without the tattoos but it is a good picture of a girdle and stockings on a woman that wears them well.

I have had requests to wear stockings and suspenders /garters many times.

I have always obliged and I guess I can probably understand why men like them so much.

However personally I much prefer to wear tights and hold ups.

Tights are much more practical to wear, much warmer in winter, and much more comfortable to wear.

Stockings and suspenders I find are much more fiddly, uncomfortable (especially when sitting down) and obviously don’t allow the same sort of movement and freedom to wear short dresses and skirts.

I personally prefer hold ups as they give the same sort of effect, give more freedom and movement, don’t show under your clothes so much and are much less fiddly and more comfortable.

If I am getting dressed up for a really formal occasion the idea of stockings and a garter belt just seems right. More so than pantyhose. By this I mean if my husband and I are going to a formal holiday party where he is wearing a tuxedo, then I will wear stockings and garter belt. The same for if we are guests at a wedding, but it depends on where it is and the theme. When my daughter got married nearly two years ago it was a barn wedding but as mother of the bride I felt obligated to be dressed more formally. If you read my blog I think I mentioned that I wore wellies because the ground was quite soggy. An odd sounding combination for sure, but it still makes sense to me.

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