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I asked our webmaster, Harry, to provide some content about himself.

He told me about his nylon fetish and how it developed.

He developed his nylon fetish when he was 4 years old.  He was born with the nylon gene and enjoys it to the day!

Born in Germany in 1952 when vintage nylon stockings were the norm for ladies back then, his nylon fetish began.

Harry’s mom was a natural beauty and loved to parade around the house while wearing her lingerie and nylons.138646-galina-stockings-female-garter-belts-model-cute-nude-nylon

It all started innocently enough, Harry found himself under the table while his mother’s friends were playing cards.  Now back in 1952, sheer vintage nylons were the norm in fashion and hardly ever would you see a lady without her nylons.  While under the card table, Harry would admire how those nylon legs would shine and glisten.  His curiosity got the best of him and he felt his first nylon legs.

The ladies thought it was cute when Harry crawled around rubbing all those sensual nylon legs.  The ladies would stick their legs out and showed off for Harry, prompting another feel and rub.

As time went on, Harry’s obsession with nylons only grew.  Frequently he would find stray stockings laying around and would always rub them on his face, hands, and legs.  He was constantly finding stockings laying around or hanging around when he took a bath. tumblr_nurzoukads1tvgmwio1_540

One day 6 year old Harry discovered a fascinating find while roaming around in his parent’s bedroom. There on the bed was mom’s newly purchased stockings for a date with dad that night.104_1000

Harry just stood there in amazement for awhile and then reached out and took one stocking and held it to his face, rubbed his chest and nipples, and finally slipped two stockings on his young legs and walked out of the bedroom.

After some time Harry removed the nylons and put them under his pillow and went to the kitchen where he found mom cooking dinner.

Harry’s parents were going out that night and so was left in the charge of his babysitter. After watching some television in the living room with his babysitter, she fell asleep.

Calyn, his babysitter, was a 14 year old girl who was his neighbor.  Harry always enjoyed being around her because she too wore nylons on a daily basis.14260897372_b650d4d9de_b

Under the dim light of the television, Harry noticed Calyn’s beautiful and dainty nylon ankles.  He reached out and lightly stroked her legs and feet while thinking about those nylons under his pillow. After awhile Harry retired to his bedroom.

Harry couldn’t resist any longer and removed the pair of silky nylons from under his pillow.  He slowly slid each nylon up his legs and soon went to sleep.  Later that night Harry woke up and went down the hall to the bathroom, holding up each stocking while he walked.

As he walked past his parent’s bedroom he heard sounds and saw this.


He stood in awe for about 10 minutes before he went back to bed, while still wearing his stockings.

The next morning Harry was awaken by mom and Calyn, standing next to his bed.

“Harry, wake up because I wanted to talk to you about something.  A new pair of my nylon stockings apparently went missing. Do you know anything about this?”

“No mom I don’t.”  Harry started to flush and sweat as he remembered that the missing nylons were still on his legs.  “Can you come with Calyn and me to my bedroom to show you something?”  “I can’t right now mom, I am naked.”  “OK then get dressed and see me in awhile.”

Harry quickly took off his stockings, placed them under his pillow, put some shorts on, and went to mom’s bedroom.  “Harry, come here by my nightstand.  There were 3 new pairs of nylons on my nightstand, before your dad and I went out last night.  Now there are only 2 pairs here.”

“I asked Calyn and she doesn’t recall seeing them either.  I wonder how they disappeared.”  After a brief discussion that went nowhere, we all went downstairs.  “I don’t know what happened to them, but maybe they will show up,” said mom, shaking her head.  “Go ahead and play outside now, as I want to talk some more to Calyn.”

“Harry, your mom wants to see you in your bedroom to show you something.  I’ve got to go but will see you later, bye!”

Harry came in the house and went to his bedroom where he saw mom sitting on his bed. “Come here honey, I want you to do something for me.”  Harry sat next to his mom and looked at her legs in nylons, gleaming in the morning light.  “Lift the pillow Harry.”  “Why mom?”  “Just do it now!”, mom said.

Harry hesitated and mom pulled out the pair of nylons, along with the hosiery box, and placed them on the bed next to Harry.9961

“So, what do you think Harry?”  “I don’t know what to say and I feel so ashamed mom!”  “I won’t ever do that again mom, promise!”

“That’s not good enough Harry, you must be punished and I alone will do it.  Your dad won’t find out.”

“So to begin I want you to watch as I put on my nylon stocking because you’re next!”  I watched intently as she proceeded. 261843324_d70115af81_b

Mom finished dressing and she was a sight to behold.


“Come over and feel my legs honey,” said mom.  “Do they feel good to you?  Would you like to wear my nylons?”  “No mom, I’m sorry and won’t do anything like that again.”

“You don’t have a choice and now you will put on your stockings for me.”  “You need to slip into this nylon slip too along with this garter belt.”  Mom helped with the garter belt. Harry carefully rolled up his stockings and put the slip on.  Now Harry was tall for a 7 year old and he had shapely legs and the stockings looked great on him.  He looked down and this is what he saw.


“How do you feel now Harry?”, asked Mom, grinning!

Harry speaking –

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