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      I love hearing about those early fetish moments growing up. The first times dressing are so powerful!

      In the early 60’s My mother always had her beautiful nylons hanging on the bathroom towel rods or in the hamper (which was also in the bathroom). I have had a nylons fetish ever since I can remember. Locked behind that bathroom door I got very brave as I always just had to feel her nylons. I was very young the first time I slipped a pair of my mothers well worn ultra sheer RHT stockings I found in the hamper. I was hooked!

      I would wear her open bottom girdles, garters, nylon stockings and spiked heels for hours when ever was home alone from school. I loved to sit and just cross my nylon legs over and over letting my stocking tops show up to the garter tabs under my mothers slips. The feel and sound of the nylons really made me weak in the knees. Also loved to watch the early morning sunlight through the bedroom window dance off those glossy stockings. Slide my nylon feet in and out of a pair of her high heel pumps or mules. I had a nylon fetish really bad!!!

      It was very common for women to always leave their nylons hanging in bathrooms. I would wear nylons any chance I got when ever we happen to visit a home were women left their nylons hanging in the bathrooms. All my aunts, neighbors etc.

      I also had the pleasure at 14 of watching my best friends family home when they went on a two vacation that summer and fed their fish every day while they were gone. His mother was beautiful as were his two older sisters who all wore nylons. His mothers bedroom was a mess with stockings, high heels just left everywhere! I was in heaven as I dressed up in their stockings, garters and highest heels. Seeing myself in his mothers bedroom full length mirror, in her best black Hane’s 415’s ultra sheer RHT stockings, garters and spiked heels would drain me with the most powerful exciting releases back then!

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