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      General posting guidelines

      In general the forums are self-regulating although there are admins to step in when things get out of hand. There are very few guidelines and very few subjects are taboo. However, to ensure the smooth running of the site there are a few basic guidelines we ask you to observe.

      DO NOT post anything illegal, obscene, defamatory or libelous. Similarly, do not post anything which breaches the copyright of another.

      Please respect other people who take time to contribute. We are all here for one reason: a love of hosiery. Heated debate is good but off-topic personal abuse has no place here and will be deleted.

      Please remember: those who break the rules may well have their messages deleted and/or have their account closed and IP number blocked.

      To keep yourself safe, we advise you not to put your personal contact information on the forums, or to give it out to others. If you do, please follow sensible safety precautions.

      That’s it! This page will be amended from time to time but it is never supposed to be onerous. Enjoy the forums and share the passion!

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