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      Pantyhose thief

      It was early on a Saturday, I really had to do some laundry so I got downstairs in the basement to do the dirty deeds. Whey I got down I noticed that one of my neighbors had forgotten a few items, as the sneaky and horny bastard I sometimes is, I just had to check through the forgotten clothes. Behold, it was one of my female neighbors laundry. Could clearly see at least 2 pair of black pantyhose there. I felt the rush in my head as I picked up a pair and felt them in my hands, they hardly looked used, I wonder if she left them on purpose, unwashed and free for my picking?

      I held them between my hands, they didn’t feel to dirty, they smelled really good though. Mmm, almost like she wore them recently and maybe even masturbated in them. All thoughts about my own business was gone now, I could feel a pulsating sensation between my legs as I kept on touching and smelling the pantyhose.

      Suddenly I heard a voice; -You! You are the one who have taken my hose now and then! I turned around and saw one of my neighbors, a slender petite milf, she didn’t look extremely angry, perhaps she already knew that I was the one responsible for all the other vanishing of pantyhose from earlier occasions?
      -Eh eh mm yes it is me, i answered with a red face, dead boner and guilt in my body.
      – I couldn’t resist them, they feel so good and smell nice as well.
      She suddenly smiled at me while coming closer – I suppose you have had fun earlier with all my other hose that’s disappeared? I always suspected you to be honest. I’ve had some glimpses when I’ve walked past your windows sometimes, you like to wear them i know.
      – Yes no point in denying that now for sure, i said with more confidence now but that suddenly ended…
      -Be quiet! she said, you have stolen things from me and i like to get payed somehow. Why don’t you start with stripping down right here in the laundry room.
      Well this is strange and awkward i thought to myself but I was also really turned on by this.
      – Come on, quickly, don’t stand there like an idiot, off with your clothes big boy, she said.
      – I would love to see you dressed in my hose, so come on now.

      My shoes, socks and pants where now completely off, I could feel the hardon under my shorts though, and she could clearly see it as well. Off the shorts went and an almost rock hard cock pointed towards her.
      – Well well, impressive, she said but not to my liking. Put on the hose now!

      When I rolled up the hose to put them on I could feel her eyes fixated on me. Slowly I put the glossy shiny pantyhose on my own legs, they sure felt nice. I stood before her, with a rock hard cock stretching the fabric of the hose.

      – Ahh that’s more to my liking she said. Now don’t touch yourself! She loosened up her pants, showing that she was wearing hose under her pants. That almost made me cum instantly!
      -Now lie down on the floor while I sit here. She jumped up on one of the benches in the laundry room and sat there watching me. -And remove my shoes. I was lying on the floor beneath her and took one of her feet as she ordered. As the shoe went off I could see a lovely nyloned foot a few inches from my face. -Now the other!
      This was so hot, her feet pressed down on my face, she made me lick the soles and they didn’t taste that bad. Slowly she rubbed her nyloned feet across me face, my chest and belly. I could hear faint moans from her, that horny milf she was touching herself at the same time!
      – You know, I wore those hose yesterday and made myself cum in them at work, she said. And is that gonna make me less horny I asked? No, she said, but I love that my pantyhose is used by you and mixing your precum with my pussy juice in them is awesome.

      My cock stretched the hose to max now and it was only a matter of few minutes before I would explode! – easy there big fellow, she said. Don’t cum yet, I need just a while longer so keep on licking my feet!
      I kept on licking and kissing her sexy small feet, they were all moist and slippery now and I could hear her moans getting louder and louder every second. Suddenly a muffled scream from her, one foot pressed hard on my cock and the other almost tried to jam itself down my throat! I was pinned down by her powerful orgasm, I couldn’t move for a few seconds, when she finally relaxed a bit she placed both her feet on my crotch. My hard cock was almost beaten by her feet as they rubbed and massaged it. – Now I need you to cum all over my hose, she demanded. I didn’t need much for that to happen though as my stiffened and shot one of my biggest loads ever. As my cum erupted most of it f***ed its way through the hose and messed up her feet totally. She laughed with pleasure and rubbed her feet all over me, rubbing my own cum on me.

      – Now one of the debts are repaid for the stolen pantyhose. I will return later for more of the same treatment. I expect you to wear that pair of hose for the rest of day and later we can change pair, you get this Im wearing now and the other way around.
      As she walked out I was still stunned and panting from that godly cum, I quickly got my stuff together and yes i kept the sticky pantyhose on for the rest of the day.

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