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      I’ve always wanted to relay my early ‘pantyhose development’ but never had taken the time. Well it’s a boring day here at work during the holiday, so I am finally going to do it! The earliest excitement I ever remember feeling, as it had to do with my lower half, was when I would romp around in my room at a very early age, I imagine around 5 or so, in my stocking feet. Now I’m calling them stocking feet, but it was just in my socks and underwear. I remember feeling butterflies and not even really understanding the feeling, just that it was exciting. Even then I knew it was a ‘taboo’ feeling as I always did it with my door shut. I can remember actually rocking on my old hobby horse like that, or whatever you call those old horse toys where there was a plastic horse suspended between springs and would rock back and forth. It was the late 60’s/early 70’s and it was nylon heaven, although I didn’t know that yet or even have a predilection for pantyhose or stockings.

      Well it probably was like that for years. I also got introduced to oral sex, not myself actually, but witnessed it. My mom babysat some brothers and they were wild. I remember feeling odd and excited when the older brother made the younger brother suck his penis. We were all too young to orgasm and he would just make his brother do it and they would laugh.

      The older brother did get erect, but like I said, none of us had a hair on our ass. Maybe that’s why I find fellatio so stimulating to this day. There was still no connection between that and sexual desire or even the same excitement I felt when running around in my sock feet with the door shut. I would also have on a tight t-shirt and underwear, so the bodysuit thing, which I also like very much later in life, was beginning as my t-shirt tucked into my underwear was like a leotard, even though I thought about it more in terms of a superhero getup. I especially liked it when they’d take their shoes off and be in stocking feet. So my mom, like a lot of women in those days did, valued her nylons more than what they were worth as she would save old ones and worn out stockings and pantyhose and actually had a baggie full of old pantyhose and stockings. It seemed like every woman’s closet or dresser had a ‘pantyhose bag’ back in those days. I raided many of them when I’d babysit every once in a while. I remember not even liking them the first time I touched them as they were the old scratchy, mesh looking stockings that weren’t very elastic. So fast forward to about the second grade and an art project.

      We had to make a mobile from coat hangers and we would stretch pantyhose legs over them. Well I acted like I really was getting into the project and actually asked my one friend (she was a girl) if she could bring me in some of her sister’s pantyhose so I could make a mobile at home. I knew her sister wore all the time since she was in high school and the miniskirts were all the rage with old 100% nylon pantyhose. I remember to this day putting those pantyhose down the front of my pants and being excited all day. Well I put them on when I got home. They were also sheer to the waist with sheer toes; a style I prefer even today. They were stretchier and softer than some of the old ones in my mom’s bag full and they felt wonderful on my legs and also on my penis. I remember being very erect the whole time I had them on. But I still hadn’t tried masturbating and wouldn’t have even known to try. Well I then became a regular wearer. I didn’t know why, just that it felt good and made my stomach full of butterflies and my penis very hard. So it was about at this time that I was watching Saturday morning cartoons and wearing pantyhose (I didn’t think anyone was up yet) and my Mom caught me with her bag of hose. No big deal and I didn’t even think anything of it. It wasn’t like I had a purpose to it all yet and I wasn’t sexual yet, so it was not that big a deal.

      Well I would wear my mom’s hose from time to time after that (sheer energy STW were coming around then and I preferred those) but nothing regular. I also had a strong attraction to women with hose on and would always try to get a look at their feet. Good thing my mom only wore sheer toe, as most did back then when open toed shoes were the thing, since I hate reinforced toes. I’m a product of the times and sandalfoot was where it was at during that time frame. I remember all the massive amounts of pantyhose at ANY store. Even cheap ass department stores like Woolworth’s had massive pantyhose aisles. They were everywhere. So fast forward to where I’m wearing on a more regular basis at about the age of 12. Now I’m a good looking kid and I don’t have a problem getting girls to “go” with me. I’m also a little guy (not overly little, just a few inches shorter than my friends), so I’m popular with all my older sisters friends. Not in a sexual way yet, just “he’s going to be a heartbreaker” and stuff like that. And they all wore pantyhose every
      time they had a dress on; it was just the times. I was in heaven because high school girls don’t wear hi heels very long and they were always in their stockinged feet. Plus she was a cheerleader and they used to wear tights a lot. Maybe that’s why I still like flesh colored opaque tights. I just remember all the damn choices of styles and colors back then, it was pantyhose heaven. I still remember the Underalls, the Leggs in the egg, and all the different kinds of cheapies. About this time I was getting hair on my legs and I figured out by accident that I could mask the hair by wearing 100% nylon under the lycra blend types like Sheer Energy. If you layered two sheer energies, you get this ‘swirl’ that I didn’t like. It was easy to find since actually most were 100% nylon, even the opaque tights. So I was layering 1 or 2 pair of NoNonsense sheer to the waist all nylon under sheer energy or nononsense light support STW. Or I’d even wear a pair of tan or nude 100% nylon opaque pantyhose or tights. I actually liked those the best since the nude was almost a pale color and I love that.

      I also had an obsession with my penis leading up to the time I became sexual. This isn’t bragging, just luck I guess, but I have a pretty big penis. OK it’s not John Holmes or anything. It’s only about 8” long, but on my small frame (I’m only about 135 at the time and only about 160 now) it looked huge and would go up past my belly button when I’d get erect; which was almost all the damn time! So once I had an orgasm, it was on, so I’ll expound on that. I used to take piano lessons and so did my sister. That meant that during her lesson, I could scrounge around my teacher’s apartment and look for pantyhose. I was wearing now on a regular basis as I’ve said, but I was soaking the front of my Mom’s and sister’s hose with precum and it would show up unless I was real diligent about wiping it out with a wet rag before I put them away. So I was dying for a pair of my own and I was too scared to buy any yet (although that didn’t keep me from stealing probably well over a hundred pairs over the years). So one day I find her panytyhose drawer but all it had in it was some cheap ass 99 cent types with reinforced panty and toe and 100% nylon (baggy!). So I took them and waited until it was lights out as I was going to wear them to bed. I wore them to bed that night, and since I was going through puberty, I woke up with a massive erection. I hadn’t had a wet dream yet and I woke up not only with the hard on, but with a strange feeling also. Well it was harder than I’d ever felt it, and I simply touched it and I had my first orgasm. It scared me at first because the feeling was so foreign, but it was awesome. I ruined the pantyhose, but I didn’t care as they sucked anyway. Well that led to me wearing and masturbating every time I got the chance. I was obsessed and everything, when I wasn’t doing something else (I was very social and into sports), centered around pantyhose. Looking at the catalogs, looking at Glamour ads, everything was centered around pantyhose and cumming. I would come three times a day sometimes in them. I also knew I wasn’t totally comfortable with being a crossdresser (I came to realize I wasn’t, but didn’t know that at the time) since immediately after orgasm, I couldn’t wait to take them off.

      I also had a big thing for wearing in the sunlight. I loved the way the sunshine even hid my leg hair more if you looked at your legs in the right angle in the sun. So since I lived in the country, I would take hikes in the woods and stop and change into my pantyhose and jack off in the sun a lot. Well it went on like that for quite a while until I started messing with girls. I was ashamed of my pantyhose wearing obsession and didn’t tell any of my girlfriends. I would get them to wear though and that’s when I realized that I was not queer. It charged me up more when I girl was wearing for me and I didn’t have them on so I could feel THEIR pantyhose on my bare legs. I just preferred it that way, but since I still wasn’t having massive sex yet, I still jacked off constantly while wearing pantyhose. So I conditioned myself somewhat to seeing a big erection pinned down in pantyhose or sticking out of the cut out crotch as highly sexual, and still get aroused when I see that. For that reason, I though I was probably bi (I later learned I wasn’t, but experimented a few times anyway).

      So after high school, I was still wearing and jacking almost daily, but I was also getting girls to wear crotchless pantyhose for me for sex, but not all the time like my wife does now, but I digress. So my town has XXX bookstores and back then the arcades were where a lot of action went down as I later discovered. I went into them and would always shut the door and put on pantyhose and masturbate while watching the quarter arcade movies. They often had she male movies and they’d occasionally wear pantyhose, which made me crazy. So I let a few of the guys in there suck my dick or jack me off and I even tried it a few times. It turned me on, but not like a woman, so I pretty much quit my experimentation with guys; it didn’t take long to realize, and I was also learning as I got older, that most guys who wear pantyhose are heterosexual. I mean we’re attracted to a women’t object, so it only makes sense. Plus I’m just not attracted to males; only to an image of an erection in pantyhose, not the rest of the male.

      So now I have a great pantyhose filled life. My wife wears pantyhose all the time as just a matter of course, but she also will wear them for me when we have sex. I don’t even really let my mind wander anymore and have no desire to even screw around on her, but I still like to masturbate every once in a while and it’s always in pantyhose or tights and always looking at the candids on here of women in nude or tan with their shoes off! That is still the pinnacle for me. My wife knows this and teases me relentlessly with her pantyhose feet. Her feet are awesome and she takes really good care of them with pedicures and the like. I don’t have a foot fetish per se (not a foot licker or toe sucker) but I love to rub them. She wears the bodysuit and pantyhose combo for me all the time, but she also just dresses that way. She went to the vocational school and had to wear “work attire” to school every day and her chosen profession required a secretary type wardrobe and she wore pantyhose to school damn near every day. She never wears knee highs either and if she’s wearing heels, wears pantyhose under her slacks. She even did in school as she just hates knee highs. She has confessed to me that they have always turned her on a little bit as she likes the look and feel, but not in a fetishy way. She just doesn’t mind wearing them at all, and like I said, she likes how they look. It’s great for me and I’m happy as a pig in shit. I will still look at other women in pantyhose, but when it comes down to it, I know I’ve got a good thing going, and I don’t even get the urge to act out with anyone else.

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