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      Joan then thought back for a moment about her cute nephew David…

      Joan had always known her nephew David had a stocking fetish as the sisters had discussed and even made fun of it often. Even when David was younger he always made his way to any women in the room that was wearing stockings, as he loved to feel the silky sheer delicate fabric. Joan thought back when David could not keep his hands off her stockings as well as even rub his face against them. Many times Joan and other ladies would laugh at her younger nephew as he would even smell the woman’s stocking feet in the room.

      The women would laugh and say, “Jackie I think your son has a nylon foot fetish!”

      The sisters thought David’s fetish was cute and many times they would tease him by slipping off one of their high heels and place their warm stockings clad toes right over David’s face, letting him smell in deeply at that strong, well-worn nylon and leather scent and laughed as they watched his eyes roll back with pleasure.

      Whenever Joan would visit her sister she would make sure she was wearing the most expensive and sheerest stockings she owned. If David were in the same room she would start her leg crossing and high heel dangling magic. David tried not to stare but she caught him with his eyes ogling up and down at her shapely nylon encased gams. David did not have a chance between her and her s****r Jackie who had also always been a leg tease. She knew that David grew up watching his mother walking around wearing just an open robe with her girdle, garters, nylon stockings and high heel slippers in full view of David as she got ready for work.

      Joan knew all the tricks that drove a stocking man crazy, including that distinctive nylon hiss sound those sheer stockings made as she slowly slid one leg over the other. She could see the nervousness and even deprivation set into David’s face as she would skillfully give him a stocking leg and foot show. Slowly slipping her stocking feet in and out of those spiked heeled leather soles, playing with her heels on the floor and with her slick shiny stocking clad feet. Joan did possess the art of dangling those heels from the tip of her dark reinforced nylon toes, letting the slick big dark reinforced heel show in full view. Joan also knew the power of those well-fitted slick and shiny dark stocking tops and loved to let her skirt ride up high enough to show them off to the fullest.

      Finally she made sure to innocently smooth out her stockings in front of David or adjust her garters and stocking welts in front of the wide-eyed boy. Watching the poor boy’s face and body almost shake in desperation as the lad tried to cover up the full frustrating erection in his pants. Joan loved the act of teasing David and knowing the young man’s specific weakness made it all the more easier and exciting, knowing in his fetish starved mind he wanted to drop to his knees and worship those nylon stockings she wore more than anything… That gave Joan a very strong erotic controlling satisfaction.

      As Joan blinked and came back into the present after the brief flashback, she found herself still holding the sheer black stockings her nephew David just moments earlier secretly had his way with. Joan’s sheer black panties were still soaked in excitement. She held the sheer stocking in her mouth to free her hands.

      She could not stand it another second and she reached down with her trembling fingers to touch herself, while imagining in her mind’s eye her nephew jerking off to the thoughts of his Aunt and her stockings. Joan quickly unbuttoned her white satin blouse as she skillfully lifted her bra up to expose her heavy breasts and quickly growing nipples. She reached for the hem of her dark gray skirt and felt the cool air on her bare thighs above her slick jet-black stocking tops. With the skirt now above her waist, Joan spread her legs apart just enough so her fingers could reach her now very sensitive pussy, over the very thin layer of sheer damp nylon that prevented her fingers from disappearing deeply into her slippery slit.

      She turned and saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was still sucking the pre-cum stained stocking in her mouth. Her heavy bare breasts fully exposed as they swayed without support. Her nipples brushing against the sheer stocking as it hung down from her mouth and moved against them. Her skirt hiked up high around her waist, her satin black garter belt worn firmly over her sheer panties with her stocking tops now in full view.

      The stocking tops held up taut and high from the short black metal garter hooks and rubber tabs that secured and pulled at the welts firmly. The bathroom lights upon her black stocking legs made the thin ultra sheer flat knit yarn sparkle as the light reflected and almost danced across the shiny nylon surface from each small movement her shaking legs made. She laughed because she thought she looked like a men’s magazine pinup lingerie model.

      Joan’s now shaking fingers pulled the panties to one side and she gasped upon contact of her fingertips over her ultra sensitive moist clit. Joan’s tits were getting full attention from her other hand as she squeezed and pulled on her sensitive erect nipples. Joan’s fingers worked her pussy skillfully and then slid inside her slit towards her weak spot. The quiet bathroom started to fill with weak moans of pleasure and the sound of her soaked pussy being worked by her fingers. She fought to keep her eyes open to look at the reflection of that sexy woman she was seeing in the mirror.

      Finally, with the taste of her young nephew’s pre-cum against her tongue and the thought of him wearing and jerking off with her stockings, she closed her eyes and let herself go as she had now reached the point of no return. Joan experienced her orgasm… Her body shook with the rush of successive waves of pleasure. With her chest heaving, her stocking mouth muffled screams of pleasure that filled and echoed off the bathroom walls. Joan felt her legs turning to rubber, her ankles shaking as she fought to remain stable in those towering black patent leather five-inch spike heels she wore. Joan had to lean up against the wall to retain balance as her orgasm pounded wave after wave through her lower belly, sending mind-blowing thrills up her spine, all the way to the tips of her hair!

      Joan dropped the now damp thick saliva filled and lipstick marked stocking from her mouth as she gasped for air. “Holly shit!” She panted as she fought to catch her breath. She had never had an orgasm so rapidly in her life. It was time to make the call to her sister.

      —A plan was laid out between them to teach David a lesson he would never forget. That next Saturday morning David was just lying around the house watching some TV when his mom walked into the living room. David’s eyes were wide open as his mom was dressed to kill.

      There stood his mom wearing the tightest skirt she owned. Her beautiful legs were clad in her sheerest black full-fashioned seamed stockings and highest stiletto pumps she owned. David’s cock twitched at the sight of her legs in those stockings and high heels.

      As Jackie was starting to hook her earrings she said, “Dear, Aunt Joan just called and needed some help with a few things around the house. I’m about to go out shopping dear, but I can give you a ride over to Aunt Joan’s.”

      Jackie then turned her back to David as she was hooking up the last earring and said, “Dear how are the seams in my stockings? Are they nice and straight?”

      David cleared his throat staring closely at the perfectly straight seams of the stockings. “Yes mom they are perfect, why are you so dressed-up just to go shopping?”

      “What’s the matter dear can’t your mom dress up a little to go shoe shopping? I’m in the need for a few things and most of all I need a new pair of heels and more stockings. Can never have enough nylons right dear? Hey maybe if Aunt Joan just needs you for a minute you can go with me. Maybe Aunt Joan would like to go also? Don’t you want to help me pick out some heels dear?”

      David’s cock was now fully erect at just the thought of watching his mother trying on high heels in a ladies’ shoe store. All those women around him slipping and sliding their stocking feet in and out of all those heels was a dream come true situation!

      David briefly fought for a moment in decision of wanting to stay home alone so he could get into his mother’s bedroom. How he wanted so badly to wear his mother’s stockings, garters and spiked heels while looking at himself in the mirror jerking-off. He was almost in desperate need at this point from just seeing his mother’s beautiful stocking legs in front of him. But then the thought of seeing his Aunt was not to be missed either. That was another chance to get into his Aunt’s bathroom and jerk-off with her stockings as he had just done last week and that was an even stronger temptation.

      “Sure mom, why not? I guess nothing else going on today.”

      Jackie smiled and said: “That’s my boy!”

      In the car Jackie knew her son was getting an eyeful. The small bench seat and cabin of the little Ford Falcon kept them close. She could just feel his eyes ogling her long legs. Jackie could feel her skirt sliding up as she shifted and engaged the clutch. She was fully aware of her jet-black stocking tops now in view. She also knew her son’s high heel fetish must have had him focused on her spiked heels working the clutch, gas, and brake pedals. She knew the short car ride would keep his young cock stiff all the way to their destination.

      Once inside his Aunts house David saw that his Aunt was also dressed to kill. A black satin tight skirt, white silk blouse with ultra sheer black stockings worn with the same style five inch FM pumps just like his mother was wearing. David had to keep his hands in his pockets to help hide his full erection. Nervously David asked his Aunt what she needed help with?

      “David there is something that I wanted to share with you, please sit down here in this chair. I will be right back dear.”

      David could hear the swishing of his Aunts stockings as she left the room. David’s mother moved and sat on the sofa in front of him. She sat back and crossed her long legs making sure once again her stocking tops were in full view. David had a direct front view of his mother’s gorgeous legs encased in those glossy black stockings.

      David knew something was up but not knowing asked, “Hey Mom what’s up?”

      Jackie slowly bounced her leg over the other smoothing her hand over her stocking watching her son stare directly at her stocking tops. “Patience dear you will find out very soon.”

      With that Aunt Joan returned and tossed on David’s lap a pair of black stockings. David, surprised by the act, looked at his mother and Aunt with questioning eyes. Before David could speak Joan said, “David do these stockings look familiar? They are the same stockings I had in my bathroom on your last visit.”

      David nervously looked at his mother that was smiling, then back at his Aunt Joan as she now had both hands on her hips. As David looked at the beautiful black stockings lying on his lap he stammered with, “Gee I don’t know Aunt Joan why would I?”

      With that David’s mother added, “David you have been a very, very naughty boy haven’t you?”

      Joan quickly added, “David you have been more than naughty with my stockings in the bathroom haven’t you? I found nasty cum stains on them. Your mother and I also know you wear stockings!” In a firm voice Aunt Joan demanded an explanation.

      David looked at his mother and back at his Aunt. David looked down at the stockings in his lap now totally embarrassed. Not looking up David shamefully confessed his act.

      “I’m sorry Aunt Joan; I just could not help it. Your nylons are so, so beautiful.”

      As Aunt Joan walked around in front of David still with folded arms, “David your mother and I both agree that you need to be punished for your actions! You may not continue with your perverted nasty ways without asking permission. Do you understand?”

      David was very nervous just having his deep embarrassing secret reveled and kept his head down weakly answering, “Yes Auntie.”

      David’s mother slid farther back on the couch with her legs still crossed looking at her s****r giving a nod of approval to continue. Jackie spoke briefly to her son, “I’m really going to enjoy this David.”

      Joan laughed at her s****r saying, “Just like old times s*s!”

      Joan began to walk around the young boy as he sat still staring down at the stockings in his lap. “I’m going to ask you a few questions David and I want direct answers, do you understand?”

      “Yes Auntie.”


      “You have a deep stockings fetish don’t you?”

      David still looking down in his nervous state replied with an almost unheard quiet voice, “Yes.”

      Joan raised her voice and snapped, “Yes what? And speak up! When spoken to it’s YES Auntie or YES mother, do you understand?”

      David looked up at his aunt standing directly in front of him, “Yes auntie.”

      “That’s much better.”

      “Now let’s start over. David you have a nylon stocking fetish don’t you?”

      “Yes auntie.”

      “And besides jerking off with my stockings in the bathroom last week you also wore them didn’t you?”

      David hesitated with his answer now fully embarrassed but managed to get out, “Yes auntie.”

      “You are a very, very nasty young man aren’t you?”

      “Yes auntie, I’m sorry.”

      “I did not ask you if you were sorry, did I?”

      “No auntie.”

      As David continued to look down at the floor he could see his Auntie’s spiked heels and stocking covered ankles come into view as she continued to circle the chair slowly. As she moved, David could hear his aunt’s stockings sliding against each other and could also see her tall stiletto heels dig deep into the carpet. Seeing his aunt’s stockings in his lap and the sound of the swish-swish as his aunt moved was having an effect on him. He could start to feel his cock move, twitch and stiffen in his pants.

      “So David likes to wear stockings. What else do you like wearing David?”

      David looked up his mother sitting on the couch in front of him totally embarrassed.

      David’s mother laughed enjoying the moment. “Answer your Aunt!”

      David stammered and confessed. “Yes, I love to wear stockings. I wear them with mother’s garter belts, and her high heels. I, I can’t help it! It just looks and feels so good.”

      With that Joan looked at her s****r and gave a nod. Jackie knew just what to do. Jackie got up and went into her sister’s bedroom where Joan already had laid out a satin black garter belt and a pair of her tallest high heel pumps.

      “Stand up!” Joan demanded. “Take off your clothes, quickly, all of them!”

      As Jackie returned in the room her son was already in the process of undressing himself. David stood there with just his cotton white briefs on. He was now sporting a huge erection and totally embarrassed as he held his hands down in front of him to cover it up.

      Jackie demanded to her son, “Take off everything! You are not showing us anything we have not already seen!”

      Jackie ordered, “David, put these on, just as you do when I’m not home”

      The two sisters watched wide eye as David now with his full erection exposed started dressing. Finally as he slipped on Joan’s last high heel they could see the poor boy was shaking from embarrassment and excitement all at the same time. There stood David wearing Joan’s black garter belt, jet-black full-fashioned seamed stockings that she knew he had secretly worn jerking off in her bathroom the week before.

      She could tell this boy had been practicing. The stockings were worn in perfect order. The seams of the stockings were straight, garters hooked to the stocking welts with perfect placement. The poor boy’s erection was standing full, stiff, and straight up in the air between the black garter straps. The sisters both laughed as they were enjoying every moment of this.

      “Wow Jackie, from the way he expertly slipped into my nylons, looks like we were right; David has been wearing stockings and heels for quite some time!”

      David was surprised at the sight of both his beautiful aunt and mother standing in front of him starting to disrobe. In moments they both stood wearing just their undergarments. Both sisters were simply wearing their black stockings, panties, garter belts, bra, and high heels.

      Joan walked up only inches in front of David. She could almost hear David’s heart pound in his chest. She took one step closer and David’s cock came in contact with her silky stocking top. Joan knew just what to do. Slowly she raised her nylon covered stocking welt across the boy’s ultra sensitive stiff shaft.

      Aware of the poor boy’s nylon fetish, she knew this would be madding for him. David let out a gasp at the contact of Joan’s shiny nylon stocking top. Jackie watched her sister at work and saw her son’s ankles shake and quiver from the touch of her sisters’s nylons coming into contact with her son’s stiff erection.

      Joan glanced over at her sister and said laughing, “Wow s*s, he suffers badly from his fetish doesn’t he?”

      Joan still laughing looked deep into her nephew’s eyes. She then moved in closer with her lips against his ear whispering, “You just love that don’t you my nylon sissy? You could squirt your cum right now all over my stockings couldn’t you?”

      David was now shaking with excitement from the touch of the sheer nylons against his hard cock, the smell of her perfume with auntie Joan’s lingerie clad body so close against his, he felt her warm breath as she spoke.

      David moaned, “Oh auntie yes, but please don’t make me do that in front of you and mom, don’t make me cum, please!”

      David’s mother then approached and joined in standing next to her son. Jackie took over where her sister left off with rubbing her stocking tops against her son’s hard cock. David gasped and moaned at the touch of his mother’s stockings with, “Oh God, mother, please!”

      The feeling was overpowering to the young man standing there, wearing his auntie’s stockings and spiked heels, his hard cock fully exposed with both his mother’s and auntie’s stocking legs just inches from him.

      “So this is what you are doing when I’m not home huh? You are dressing like a sissy wearing my stockings, panties, girdles, and high heels to jerk off with?” She continued to lightly rub her silky stocking top against her sons cock. “Is this what you want? You want to cum on mommy’s nylons? Do you smell mommy’s stinky nylon stockings in the hamper along with my worn leather pumps when I’m not home? Do you?”

      David had a desperate look on his face as all of his well-kept secrets over the years had come to be exposed. David’s eyes rolled back into his head as his ankles were shaking even more in his aunt’s tall five-inch pumps, as the touch of his mother’s nylons on his cock was getting to him.

      “Yes mother yes… Please, I’m sorry. I can’t explain it, the touch and feel of your stockings and the smell of your nylons and heels just make me go nuts. I’m so embarrassed mother. Oh God, mother please, I’m sorry!”

      The girls knew just what they were doing and knew the poor young man was ready to cum if they did not stop with the nylon-to-cock contact. Joan stood right next to her nephew as her s****r interrogated him. Joan grabbed the boy’s balls and held them tight to help control things as his mother still teased and rubbed her nylon thigh against the boys cock. David’s shaft slid along his mother’s stocking and he could hardly stand any more nylon cock teasing. David felt his cock slide up higher on the stocking top, he felt the smoothness of the sheer nylon then felt his cock’s pee hole hit her garter tab. The metal and nylon covered rubber tab ran down against the boys shaft.

      David moaned, “Oh God, mother!” Joan squeezed harder on the young man’s balls to prevent him from coming.

      Joan yelled, “Don’t you dare cum yet nylon sissy!”

      Joan’s next command was to have David kneel in front of her as she sat in the chair crossing her legs. She let her shoe dangle off the tip of her nylon toes as she always did in front of him whenever David was over to visit. Joan told David how both her and his mother had known all along of his nylon foot fetish. From when he was very young, the way he always felt all the women’s stockings in a room. How all the women would laugh as he tried to smell the women’s nylon feet.

      You really love that don’t you David? You love the scent of stinky nylon feet don’t you? Do you know how disgusting that is?”

      “Yes, yes auntie, I’m sorry but I can’t help it, I don’t know why but I love the smell of worn nylons and high heels.”

      David was now in a state of almost erotic numbness at the talk and sight of both his mother and aunt just wearing their stockings in front of him. It was like a dream when he would jerk off home alone thinking of his aunt and mother’s stockings. He began to confess everything to his aunt and mother.

      David’s mother replied, laughing at her son in his submissive kneeling position in front of her sister: “Is that what you like? You still love to smell my high heels when I’m not home? Smell my stockings in the unwashed hamper? Smell my heels in my closet? Jerking off wearing all my stuff?”

      David held his head down in shame softly saying, “Yes mother, I’m sorry!”

      With that Joan raised her high heel foot up to David’s face. “Remove my shoe, stocking-foot slave!”

      David’s mother laughed at the sight.

      “How many days Joan?”

      Joan laughed and said: “Four days s*s! Four days of wearing the same stockings to work!”

      Jackie laughed, “Oh my god s*s that’s cruel!”

      Joan laughed: “My heels and stockings must stink!” as she ordered her nephew to smell her shoe.

      David reached with shaking hands slipping off Joan’s high heel. David could hear that faint but distinctive nylon swish sound as he aunt’s stocking foot slid out of the leather pump leaving his aunt’s beautiful stocking clad foot just inches from his face.

      Within seconds of removing his aunt’s shoe David quickly picked up the strong odor of her shoe as his nose twitched. He felt his nostrils flair open at the musky vinegary scent. David held the insole of her shoe to his face and gave out a slight moan as he felt the warm leather come into contact with his nose. David’s eyelids flickered as he inhaled deeply with louder moans of pleasure. The s****rs both knew of the effect this was having as they laughed and pointed to his cock. They saw David’s cock stiffen and grow another full inch as the strong odor of nylon and leather burned deep into his brain.

      Joan was now also excited. It did not take long with the sight of David in front of her, with him wearing her stockings and heels as she teased the poor fellow. Joan kicked the heel away from her nephew’s face and ordered the young man to smell her nylon feet. Joan did not waste time rubbing her silky foot all over the David’s face. She placed her warm nylon toes directly over David’s nose and pressed hard.

      Smelling his aunt’s high heel was one thing but to have her stocking foot directly over his face was another. David felt his aunt’s nylon toes lock firmly against his face. Her stockings were smooth and warm to the touch but the dark reinforced toes were almost stiff, crusty from the heavy musty damp scent and days without washing.

      David’s knees went weak and he felt his body go numb with an uncontrolled shake. David was moaning with pleasure as the strong scent of Joan’s stocking foot was taking full effect on his lifelong nylon foot fetish. David started to shake harder as he reached to slide his hands along and up his aunt’s nylon ankle and calf. David could now feel his mother standing behind him. He felt his mother’s warm nylon legs against his bare back as he continued to smell his aunt’s stocking foot. David continued to meekly moan out muffled sounds as Joan then extended her other nylon foot to the young man’s full erection.

      At contact of David’s hard cock with aunt Joan’s stocking foot David’s back arched and soft moans turned to, “Oh God, oh God!”

      David’s mother laughed out: “Careful sis, any contact of your nylon feet on his cock will really make him squirt!”

      Joan laughed, “I know, I know, just a touch to watch him quiver and hear him moan louder. I love this!”

      With that Joan ordered David to start kissing her foot. David now in a full state of submissive arousal did not have to be told twice. David started to worship kisses on her sheer glossy nylon foot as his mother rubbed her stocking legs against his back. David’s mouth opened, he just had to lick and suck those dark nylon reinforced toes as he had always dreamed of doing. As David’s tongue came into contact with the slick nylon David’s mother sharply pulled her son away.

      Joan laughed, as she knew her sister was now going to take over. “Did your auntie give you permission to lick and suck on her toes? She told you to KISS them not LICK them! You must learn and listen to what we say. Do you understand my sissy nylon boy?”

      David confused, shocked and denied of his aunt’s stocking toes answered sadly, “Yes Mother.”

      David’s mother ordered him on his back on the living room floor. She stood with her high heels against each side of her son’s ears giving her son a direct view of her shapely shiny nylon clad legs right up to her now also wet panties. Jackie knew what was coming next for her boy: his first real taste of woman! It is one thing to smell a woman’s nylon foot or shoe but there was nothing more powerful than the real smell or taste of a hot wet ready to fuck pussy.

      Joan was waiting for this moment and could almost not stand it. Jackie watched as her sister Joan slipped off her thin sheer nylon panties and lowered herself onto her nephew’s chest sliding slowly forward. Jackie released her vise griping high heels from her son’s head, stepping back as her sister’s nylon thighs slid forward. Joan now had the boy right where she wanted him. Her strong nylon thighs pinned against the boy’s ears.

      David’s eyes were wide open staring at his aunt’s pussy so close to him. He could see his aunt’s wet slit turn to pink as she began to spread her thighs wider. David moaned as his mother walked around starting to tease his cock with one of her high heels. David felt his mother’s cool patent leather pump and occasional brief brush of sheer nylon from the top of her foot against his stiff cock.

      Joan ordered, “Ok big boy “eat me” eat my hot pussy!”

      Another inch forward and her pussy was now on the young man’s face. She continued to give her nephew commands on how to please her needs. As David worked his tongue to the commands of guidance from his aunt Joan, his mother knew from the sounds her sister was making that she was already close to losing it. All the pre-cum that had now formed and dripped down the side of her son’s cock also told her he was building to an approaching orgasm. She did not want him to lose it so soon so she placed her pointed toe of one of her spiked heels directly at her son’s balls and slowly but firmly pushed. She could hear David’s muffled moans of discomfort coming from Joan’s pussy. Her s****r was grinding her mound faster and her hips were moving up and down on her nephew’s face.

      Joan’s hands fell to the carpet for support as she began to scream out her climax. Joan’s hips rocked back and forth over David’s wet face, coming hard and long until she could not move another inch. Joan dismounted her nephew and Jackie could now fully see her son’s face soaked with her sister’s pussy juice and saliva as David was also breathing hard for fresh air.

      Joan panted to her sister: “Wow can your nylon-sissy son eat pussy! Ok s*s it’s your turn!”

      David’s mother moved and sat on the couch with her nylon-clad legs fully spread and panties removed. Joan grabbed David by the hair on his head as she walked her nephew on all fours over to his waiting mother. As David reached near his mother’ pubic area, she lifted one of her stocking legs and placed it over her son’s shoulder, pulling him closer. David could not wait to touch his mother’s sheer stockings. He kissed his mother’s inside nylon thighs; his face was still soaked from the taste of his aunt’s pussy. Jackie felt her son’s damp wet face against her nylon thighs and could hear whimpers of moaning from her son.

      “That’s a good boy, come to momma!” Jackie could now see her inside nylon stockings glisten from where her son had wiped his pussy soaked face against the smooth nylon.

      Jackie now had her son by his hair and was guiding him in. David found his warm mother’s pussy and began his best tongue pleasing effort. All he could think about was how his aunt came on his face. As David ran his hands against his mother’s stocking tops his aunt Joan was right behind him still holding onto her nephew’s balls, squeezing and pulling from time to time, making it uncomfortable for David. He could hear his mother moan and his aunt laughing from behind.

      It was hard to keep her eyes open as Jackie was enjoying her pussy being eaten out by her own son. She moaned and laughed at the sight of her submissive son in stockings and heels perform to her and her sister’s commands.

      Joan then reached down and started to rub her finger against her nephew’s rectum. David began to squirm and moan lightly. Joan spread her nephew’s nylon legs apart from behind. She let some spit from her mouth fall between the boys cheeks as she spread him even further. Within seconds Joan had slipped her finger deep into the boy’s rectum. David gasped and moaned raising his head to protest. His mother grabbed the boy’s head by the hair and pushed it back down to her now fully wet and eager pussy.

      Joan laughed as she fingered her nephew’s ass hole with one hand and still grabbed and held his balls with the other. She knew she was causing discomfort as he moaned with both pleasure of rubbing his mother’s nylons with his hands and from the squeeze Joan was doing on his balls as he continued to service his mother to moans of pleasure.

      Joan and Jackie were both laughing with words of, “Nylon-sissy boy is getting his ass fucked by Auntie’s finger!”

      Jackie’s voice turned to loud moans while her son hit her weak spot. She squeezed her son’s head harder between her thighs as she felt herself starting to climax.

      Jackie screamed out: “Oh fuck s*s, fuck I’m coming!” David worked his mother’s slick clit with his tongue as best as he knew. Within moments his mother was coming all over his face just like his aunt had previously done.

      Jackie pushed her son off as she could not take anymore contact to her ultra sensitive clit. David sat on the floor between both his mother and aunt as he still sported a full and hard erection dripping pre cum all over his own stocking tops. The s****rs knew the boy’s face showed deep desperation to cum but also knew he was afraid to ask.

      Jackie got up with her legs still shaking a little from her intense orgasm. She stood up, adjusted and pulled up her stocking tops right in front of David and then continued to walk over to the chair in front of the couch. As she sat she extended out both her legs to make sure her stocking tops were pulled up and smooth and as taunt as she could make them. She re-adjusted each front garter strap pulling and shortening the length of them as much as she could. Her stocking tops were now ultra smooth, slick to the touch and straining from the shortened garters.

      She pointed to her son, then to her lap: “Over my knee young man, you still have a punishment coming for you wearing your auntie’s stockings without permission last week. Nothing a little spanking won’t cure!”

      “Oh mom please not a spanking, I’m too old for spankings!”

      Aunt Joan grabbed her nephew by the ear and walked him over to his mother. David’s ankles in his aunt’s spiked heels wobbled with each quick step toward his mother.

      With that Joan helped place her nephew over her sister’s lap. Jackie looked at her sister and just nodded. Joan walked out of the room leaving David with his mother across her lap.

      Jackie told her son to hold onto her ankles for balance, as aunt Joan would be right back.

      David felt his still hard cock now against his mother’s stockings tops but was afraid to move an inch. Jackie could feel the boy’s throbbing cock on her stockings and slowly made small movements, knowing the sensation of her stockings against the sensitive young man’s cock would keep him hard as well as continue to drive his nylon fetish crazy.

      Joan returned to the room with one of her bedroom play toy dildos, a nylon stocking in one hand and a bottle of lube in the other. Joan walked around and stood in front of her nephew with her legs just inches from his face.

      David moaned as his mother continued to move her knees under David’s rock hard cock. Joan took a step forward rubbing her stocking knee against the boy’s face.

      “That’s it kiss my legs our nylon-sissy boy. Worship them like you know you have been wanting all these years.”

      Joan then knelt down in front of her nephew reveling her sex toy as she ran it slowly across the nylon stocking she was holding. Joan remarked laughing, “Looks just like your cock rubbing against our stockings doesn’t it?” Joan smiled at her nephew’s confused expression as David was wide eyed at the sight of the perfectly cock shaped dildo.

      Joan then slipped out of one of her high heels and placed the warm heavy scented nylon/leather sole of the shoe directly over the boy’s nose wrapping and tying the nylon stocking she was holding around the boy’s head and face tightly, to secure it in place. Joan made quick and final adjustments making sure the high heel was tight and solid.

      David moaned in pleasure from the strong scent of his aunt’s shoe held so tightly against his face. With his nose placed perfectly in the center of the ball of the foot, just inches from the toe box and his mouth lower at her heel he was f***ed to inhale and breath directly through the shoe.

      Jackie said to her son: “This will be your reminder that if you ever wear our stockings without permission it will be the consequence of your act!”

      Joan moved and knelt down between David’s nylon covered legs that hung over his mother’s lap. She spread them farther apart and caressed his stocking legs. David moaned from the sensation of his cock against his mother’s stockings, his aunt’s shoe over his nose and the feeling of his aunt’s hands running against his stocking covered legs. It all felt so good until…

      WHACK! The first whack of his mother’s hand against his bare bottom was swift and quick with no warning.

      WHACK! The second was to be followed by a third, and fourth that all were much harder. With each swift whack David felt his cock slide forward against his mother’s stocking tops. He moaned in pain on each strike followed with pleasure with each small thrust of his rigid cock against the sheer nylon stockings.

      Joan laughed: “Harder sis!”

      WHACK! David was squirming with each new hit. The last few hard hits now brought tears to his eyes.

      Joan yelled: “Don’t you dare cum!” The girls new his cock against his mother’s stockings had him on the edge.


      David started to squirm and shake, as he was fighting not to cum. Joan was looking down close between the boy’s flat and trim stomach and she could see his cock wedged between his stomach and his mother’s stocking legs. David’s cock was huge with his pee hole wide open, the head of his cock now red in color against the shiny jet-black stocking tops.

      “Sis he’s ready to blow!”

      Jackie stopped with the hand punishment and was now rubbing softly her son’s crimson red cheeks. David was still moaning muffled sounds through Joan’s high heel, tightly secured over his face.

      David then felt a cold sensation against the crack of his ass. Joan spread his legs apart farther and squeezed out the clear lube from the tube. Joan then started rubbing it all over her nephew’s rectum. David squirmed from the cool sensation and the feel of his aunt’s fingers starting to penetrate his ass hole once again. That’s when he felt the pull tug and stretch of his anus. Joan was working the dildo into the boy’s opening. Within seconds the slippery covered dildo slipped deeply in. David gasped at the pressure with small moans of discomfort.

      “Relax David,” Jackie ordered, “Relax, be a good sissy-boy and get used to the feeling.”

      Joan was now pushing and retrieving the solid cock toy in and out slowly. Each new push and pull became easier. Joan pushed harder and faster with each stroke. David closed his eyes with each new thrust and now felt his cock once again rubbing against his mother’s stockings. Joan pushed deeper and deeper. David had tears in his eyes fighting to hold back his cum.

      Jackie felt her son’s body tremble upon her lap, David’s hands gripped her nylon ankles tighter as Joan worked the plastic cock into her son’s virgin ass.

      Both Jackie and Joan were telling David: “Don’t you dare cum!” David had no remaining strength left as each push now sent uncontrollable waves of pleasure through his cock that kept rubbing against the sheer nylon.

      With one final push, his cock’s ultra sensitive shaft rubbed against the slick nylon once to much. With tears in his eyes David moaned, gasped and inhaled the strong leather/nylon scent deeply from the sole of his aunt’s high heel.

      Jackie felt her son’s cock jerk in successive spasms over her nylon thighs. She soon felt the warm liquid against her stocking tops.

      “He’s lost it Joan, Jackie laughed to her sister!”

      Joan pushed two, three more times before stopping. Joan slowly pulled out the now slick covered toy to the muffled whimpers of David gasping for air.

      Jackie let her son roll off her lap to the floor before her. Joan cried, “Oh my god s*s look at all that fucking cum!”

      Jackie’s black stocking tops and thighs were drenched with the slick pearl white liquid. David’s cum was starting to drip down his mother’s legs as she stood up. David was pulling down his aunt’s high heel from his face to breathe in fresh air.

      Jackie stood above David watching her son’s cock still twitching from his huge release. Jackie pressed down hard with the point of her spiked heel shoe on the boy’s balls. David grimaced in pain at the firm pressing of his mother’s shoe. Jackie pushed harder against her son’s balls and more cum pooled and ran out of the spent cock’s pee hole.

      Joan laughed… “Wow, quite a sight with him there in my stockings and heels and his cock just blown!”

      Winking at her sister, Joan snapped her fingers at her nephew pointing to his mother’s cum covered stockings. “David we told you not to cum yet. You must learn to obey and control your orgasm. Every time you squirt without our permission, you must always lick your own cum clean!”

      David’s protesting ended quickly as Joan grabbed his hair pulling him to his knees, only inches from his mother’s legs. Jackie stood with her long stocking legs parted, in her high heels towering above her son. David’s mother pointed to her cum stained stockings ordering David where to start. The sisters laughed as the boy worked his tongue with long strokes up and down his mother’s long cum covered stocking legs. Joan yelled, “Don’t just SMEAR the cum LICK the cum off!”

      Embarrassed, David held onto the smooth nylon calves of his mother as he performed his humiliating task licking and swallowing his own cum without protest. Joan stood at her nephew’s back with her nylon legs firmly against him helping control his submissive act.

      Jackie and Joan both gave praise of: “Good nylon-sissy boy. That’s it lick it all clean. You’ll get used to the taste!”

      Joan could see David’s cock starting to twitch and harden once again. Joan cried out to Jackie: “My God sis, he’s getting a fucking hard-on again!”

      The sisters laughed as Jackie pushed David off his mother’s legs.

      Joan looked down laughing at her nephew on the floor in his submissive state wearing her stockings and high heels. “Look at those stockings you’re wearing. You have your own spent cum dripping stains all over the stockings tops. Fix your nylons stocking-boy your seams are all out of shape!”

      “Yes Auntie!” David stood quickly doing as he was told gaining balance in his aunt’s five inch spiked heels adjusting the stockings in fear of any more embarrassing retaliation from his mother and aunt.

      “So tell me dear, did our submissive nylon-boy enjoy his first lesson in women superiority?”

      Standing in front of both sisters David replied with a: “Yes Mother very much!”

      Jackie smiled admiring her son looking so cute in her sister’s stockings and heels: “Enough lessons for one day young man! Get cleaned up we still have some shopping to do. But don’t you dare take off those garters and nylons. You will wear your pants over the stockings today!”

      As they all started gathering up their clothes Jackie told her son: “Don’t plan on doing anything next Thursday night dear. That’s our new girl’s night out. We are all going to be here at aunt Joan’s house, your aunt and I AND some of our girlfriends also! You’re going to be the center of attention wearing those stockings and heels in front of all of us girls again!”

      Joan laughed out: “Just think about that David, all those women in one room wearing their sheerest stockings and highest heels just for you! The girls are going to love having their stocking feet and legs worshiped, as well as their pussy eaten by such a cute submissive nylon fetish boy toy!

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