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      New to the group here and wanted to post my story. My love for pantyhose started around age 6 or so. I used to see my mom wearing her pantyhose and I remember feeling them on her legs when she wore them. They felt soft to the touch and enticing. During those early years, like many of us, I used to watch the super hero shows, e.g. Superman, Batman and saw them wearing tights, specifically Robin who looked he was wearing pantyhose because of the flesh color of his tights. So needless to say I felt, if Robin could wear hose, I could wear hose too. I remember seeing a pair of my mom’s hose in the clothes hamper in the bathroom. I went to look for them and found them immediately. I locked the door and quickly took off my pants and slid the pantyhose on. What a great sensation from the feeling these awesome pantyhose on my legs. I remember that brand was Lady Laura pantyhose. Those were some of the best selling pantyhose back in the early 70’s. I wish I could find a picture of the packaging so I could post it. Anyway, once I had the hose on, I knew I was hooked. They felt incredible and I remember having my first “reaction” when I wore them.

      Well, of course once I started wearing them, I couldn’t stop. Not knowing hose to hide my wearing my mom’s hose she caught me wearing them. As I was sitting down the back of my pants rolled down exposing the waistband of her pantyhose. She quickly told me to take off my pants to let her see what I was wearing. I was completely scared and nervous. I took my pants off and there I was, standing in front of her wearing her pantyhose. She was not too happy about me wearing them, but she let me wear them all the same once I told made my argument that Robin from Batman wore them, lol. She was okay with me wearing them, as long as i didn’t do it while my dad was home. My dad was an old fashion latino, macho man, and was not having his first born male wearing a female garment of any kind.

      I tried not to wear hose while my dad was around but sometimes I just couldn’t help it. Once that urge to wear came over me I had to put hose on. Did my dad ever catch me wearing do you ask? Yup. That did NOT go over well. I was the recipient of a good physicial punishment, that I would not call a spanking. Fast forward 30 something years, and I’m still wearing hose. I still love the feeling of slipping my favorite brand of hose, (Leggs Sheer Energy stw in Suntan of Coffee shade) everyday. I’m recently married to a wonderful woman who share my hose fetish with me. She loves it when we both wear hose, especially for hose sex. I’m a lucky man! Hope you like my story.

      All the best,

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