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      I began wearing my mom’s pantyhose when I was 8 years old. She would hang them on the shower curtain rod to dry. One evening while bathing, I decided to try a pair of them on. I was totally hooked. They felt so smooth, silky, and wonderful!

      This went on for almost a year. Eventually she stopped hanging them in there. I began sneaking into her room to find her pantyhose and wear them every chance I got. This continued for a few years. When I was 12 I went to middle school. When I got home, I had an hour and a half alone before mom got home. She would go and pick up my little sister at her school. Of course, I used to sneak into my mom’s room every day and try on her pantyhose. Soon, I decided to try on her panties also. This was wonderful. That gradually advanced to also trying on her bras, girdles, slips, dresses, high heels, make up and jewelry. All of this clothing was so wonderful and I felt so excited and happy wearing it, I did it more and more.

      That fateful day began like any other. I got home and went to my bedroom. I removed my clothes, then went into mom’s room. I pulled a pair of her panties out of her drawer and put them on. Then I picked a pair of her sheer to waist tan pantyhose from her drawer and put them on. I looked through all my mom’s shoes. I put on a pair of my mom’s white high heeled sandals. I then put on one of her bras and stuffed the cups with more pantyhose. I felt good. I decided to walk through the house in my outfit since I was so comfortable.

      I went and walked around the living room. I sat for awhile on the couch and admired and flexed my legs like dancers or models did on television. Then I got up and walked through the kitchen. I decided to go to the basement so I could hear my high heels click on the concrete floor. I have always loved hearing my high heels make that distinctive click on the concrete. It is such a hot sound. I walked around the basement for awhile. I was in heaven. I went to the far end of the basement to the laundry room. I walked up and down the hallway there. I picked up the telephone on the wall at the corner of the hallway entrance. I pretended to talk on the phone as I admired my legs and feet in the pantyhose and sandals. I was floating on air I was so comfortable and excited. I began walking back and forth down that hallway and back as I pretended to talk on the phone, all the while admiring how sexy my legs and feet looked in the hose and heels. I did this several times up and back down that hall. I decided to hang up the phone, so I walked back up to the beginning of the hallway where the phone was. I had been walking out past the entrance of the hallway into the laundry room area as far as the phone cord would let me a few times. I decided to walk out into that area one more time as I pretended to say I had to go into the phone.

      As I passed the phone, I walked out into the hallway,out into the laundry room area. Just as I came around the corner, there was my mom walking toward that corner. She was only 5 to 8 feet away from me as I emerged from around the corner of the hallway entrance. Since the phone was in my hand, I stood shocked for a few seconds unable to cover up with my hands, not that my hands would cover anything anyway. My mom had a shocked look on her face. As I turned to walk and put the phone down I was afraid. After hanging it up, I walked back around the corner,I saw my mom was gone. I went upstairs and found her waiting in the living room. Needless to say I had lots of explaining to do that day.

      This is the first time my mom caught me wearing her clothes. There would other times after that. You will have read about those times in some of my other experiences stories.

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