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      Having spent countless hours, days, indeed years on the internet searching for the ultimate photo or video of perfect, sexy nylons on a indisputable gorgeous woman, I have cum to the conclusion that there are scant few authentic fetishists like myself who truly appreciate and are utterly under the spell of wispy ultra sheer nylons. Even here on this site, among the thousands upon thousands of members, there are really only a small, select handful who understand a nylon fetish from the perspective of growing up in the mid to late 50s surrounded by the sight, sound and feel of the sexiest item of clothing any woman could possible wear.

      I don’t discount the interest of others in pantyhose or thigh highs or whatever else you grew up with. That is your fetish to appreciate. However, how few women actually wear the perfect nylons to arouse, tantalize and tease the powerless male who adores and worships their perfect nylon clad feet, toes and legs.

      But we, the elders among you, are the pioneers in all this. We grew up in a time when nylons became scarce during wartime because nylon was needed to produce military parachutes followed by a frenzy of buying after the war ended. At time when women looked, acted and dressed like men instead of men trying to look,act and dress like women. It was a time when nylons were as plentiful as men’s dress shirts and ties – When how we looked mattered to each other instead of wallowing in the dull laziness of our self focused existences.

      The nylons themselves were as delicate as butterfly wings – light, airy, wisps of sheerness with a life of their own when adorning a feminine leg and foot – wrinkling every so subtly around her ankles and at the knee when she arose from sitting with her legs crossed over one another to stand and walk.

      Even today, I treat nylons with respect like the women who wear them. I don’t tear or rip them to shreds and I am careful not to soil them with semen except on rare occasions when the circumstances justify it. I adore them. I practically worship them.

      They must be 100% nylon, 10 to 15 denier non-stretch, fitted to the leg and foot. I like them in suntan, dark beiges, coffee shades, smoky grays, barely blacks preferably with reinf***ed heels and toes or a more modern interpretation with sexy, sheer sandal foot toes.

      Over the decades, I have lost some of my purity as stockings evolved into pantyhose and ultra sheer nylons took on lycra and other stretchy materials. There are many beautifully constructed modern pantyhose, mostly from Europe, that retain much of the shine and slippery feel of classic vintage nylon stockings. They can be equally sexy in my eyes if they are the right color, texture and shape (boarded with shaped legs and feet.)

      Platino Cleancuts cum close to nylon perfection in pantyhose

      These are such sheer pantyhose that only the subtle toe seem belies their presences.

      I am glad I am a nylon purist not unlike anyone else who was born into any era of discovery, newness and exciting times of anticipation, hope and exploration. I fucking love nylons ON A WOMAN, preferable a fit, attractive, weight proportionate one. I also adore seeing a recently worn pair of ultra sheer suntan or cinnamon stockings pooled into a delicate pile lying on the floor or bed still warm with scent of femininity. All the rest is fluff. The cum, the cocks, the runs, rips, tears, etc. It’s all extrinsic to me even though they can be sexy and arousing, but it’s extra and it’s superfluous. It’s the nylons and the woman that do it for me.

      These cum close to nylon perfection.

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