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      How did this fashion taboo of wearing nylons come about?

      I asked this of our new friend, Mandy, who is a nylon aficionado!

       Be sure to come back to this topic for more nylon related Q & A with Mandy

      I, for one, love wearing nylons

      I think a lady in Nylons looks so dressed.. I do not understand the bare legs today when a woman has a dress on.. I just think nylons make a women’s legs loot so elegant.

      What Do you think about pantyhose?

      Pantyhose are ok for every day or with shorts and micro-mini skirts but for glamour nothing can compare with the “flat-knit” non-stretch non-run resistant vintage RHT & Fully-Fashioned gartered stockings. nothing else has the delicate sensual silkiness. The best modern hose come close but just not as fine!

      I imagine you are right. I have been a pantyhose fanatic since about 1975, and have found nothing that compares to that on a woman. I miss seeing women wear.

      If you really saw a woman wearing a sexy garter belt and long ultra sheer dark nylon stockings with just a tantalizing bit of bare thigh at the top you might like that a lot better than seeing her in pantyhose!

      I first saw the nylons taboo start with the television series: “Sex in the City”. Women loved the show and used the logic that if those glamorous stars could eschew hose then they should too. Never mind how much nicer hose smooths out the leg and hides the small bones in the forefoot so well. I thank God that my wife always wears hose when she wants to be dressed up, when we go out together, only real stockings with garter belt suffice for her!

      Nylons are amazing on women and a lot of guys love them too. I for sure love wearing tights stockings and high heels. I am a straight male and It can be very erotic if both partners are into it.

      Nylons are great to wear when it is cooler outside, but it seams the women like the smooth leg look better today. Nylons hide those imperfect legs that some women have. and they tend to be hotter in the summer too.

      You are one of the few ladies that like wearing nylons today.. I think nylons are so sexy on a woman and they make a woman look dressed.. These women you see on the news, and on talk shows just look so frumpy without nylons.. You keep with your like of nylons and wear them proudly..

      I love it, garters and old style stockings are so sexy. I love to wear them myself with a pretty lingerie set. Victoria’s Secret has the best stockings i have found, and not ultra expensive.

      Their not taboo in my book. I think they are very sexy not to mention how good they feel on your legs.

      Thank you Mandy for this interview.



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