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      It was Easter day and that night, me and my girlfriend decided to go out for a drink. On that day, most girls dress up in their best, you know, dresses, mini skirts, heels etc. I knew there were a lot of girls in town dressed up in really sexy outfits that night (including my girl) and that turned me on, so I decided to do something daring.

      My girlfriend had no idea about my fetish. I had already painted my toenails red for the holiday season in order to feel nice and feminine which I could always hide under my shoes. So, I took the chance and took it one step further. I was to dress formally so I wore a pair of sand-colored sheer-to-waist very glossy pantyhose under my trousers and drove off to meet my girlfriend.

      There were times that I wondered if I would regret it but kept on driving until it was too late to change my mind. I picked her up and went for that drink in town. She was wearing a tight mini-dress and a pair of nude, very glossy pantyhose (even glossier than my pair)! She had also painted her fingernails red. I was very thrilled on the inside. The fact that we both wore glossy smooth pantyhose as well as red polished nails was pure heaven. Not to mention the added thrill that my girlfriend might find out about my wearing pantyhose and later my red toenails.

      Every once in a while, she put her hand on my leg and caress it a bit, I secretly hoped she would find out that the reason my trousers were slippery against my skin was a pair of smooth sheer pantyhose, so from that point on, I would have to share my fetish with her. Anyway, after leaving that place, we drove to a place to spend some “intimate” time in my car. The thought that I was actually stuck with pantyhose on, just before me and girlfriend “got to the point” on the back seat was wonderful. She was flashing her nylon-clad legs openly but what about me? How was I going to remove my pants in front of her revealing the shiny pantyhose underneath? At this point I feared that it was too late and she would catch me wearing pantyhose no matter what. Then, I told her that I really needed to go to the bathroom so we drove to my place for 5 minutes which was really close to where we were and I took off my pantyhose. Then we drove back to that place and eventually had wild sex.

      The thrill of me getting caught in my pantyhose by my girlfriend is mind-blowing and I will surely wear pantyhose again sometime soon when we go out for a drink.. But you see, my girlfriend is not open-minded in general and I worry that I might really freak her out if I tell her about my fetish or she finds out on her own. I would love to be able to wear pantyhose when I’m with her (under my pants) and having red toenails with her knowing. How do you suggest I introduce my fetish to her? Any help and advice appreciated.

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