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Luv nylons

My nylon fetish started out quite innocently with a school project. I was about 7 years old and my class was making a Mother’s Day gift of little pin cushions.

Just a little patch of fabric tied into a ball, but they were stuffed with nylon stockings. Well I had never felt anything so silky in my life at that time and found myself fascinated with them. I snuck one home and hid in my room to try it on one of my legs.

OMG it felt incredible!! I wanted so badly to have both legs in the silky nylon, but didn’t dare sneak another of the stockings I got for the project, I had already told the teacher I lost one of them.

Not long afterwards the luckiest thing happened. While digging around in the bathroom cabinet I found a whole bag of old hosiery, stockings and pantyhose.

Not being ashamed at all I just started putting them on. I was in heaven as the silky nylon covered my legs and made them look and feel incredible. I didn’t stop at one pair and kept putting them on til there wasn’t any left in the bag. I can’t even remember how many layers I had on, only that I didn’t want to take them off!!

To this day I’ll never understand how I got away with wearing them around the house openly for about 3 days, but my mom eventually had me take them off. After that I felt like I had done something wrong, and the bag of hosiery disappeared from that cabinet.

From then on I felt funny about my secret desire, but it never left me. One day when I was about 12 or so I saw a pair of my mom’s pantyhose in the hamper which was in the bathroom. I nervously put them on while pretending to use the toilet. That old feeling came back and then some!!! By then time I pulled the band up to my waist I had an erection and fell in love with nylon for a whole different reason.

My teen years were spent sneaking pantyhose whenever I could, mostly wearing them in the shower because that was the only privacy I had. I also went through the usually cycle of collecting and purging, trying to deny my fetish. I never really let go of the desire to wear pantyhose and I always dreamed of wearing with girlfriends but never got up the courage to tell them.

Years later the internet changed all that when I discovered all the pantyhose fetish websites. I found places where I could buy them anonymously and chat rooms filled with other fetishists, both male and female! I started buying pantyhose and garter belts and stockings, then heels and lingerie, finally sexy mini skirts and tops, breast forms and wigs. I have tons of fun dressing up but I still love wearing just a pair of pantyhose with a t-shirt around the house relaxing, and my days of purging my collections are over.