First Time Stories

Do you remember your first time?  Tell us about it…


My very first time , I was about 11 or 12. I was at home alone and went looking around my mothers dresser, not really sure why I was. That’s when I found her lingerie draw. In it were bras, panties and open bottom girdles. The very first thing I took out was one of the open bottom girdles and went to pull on that girdle over my boxer underwear only to find out that my boxers would just bunch up as I tried to pull the girdle up. So that’s when I first put on a pair of my mothers panties, then the girdle. I love the tightness of the girdle along with the silky material of those panties. From there I just had to try everything else on. The open bottom girdle had garters. I looked in another draw and found a pair of nylons which I preceded to pull on over my legs and hook up the tops to the garters. I had seen enough pictures and my mother in this attire to know what to do. After the nylons came the bra. I knew it was wrong to be doing this, but at the same time it felt wonderful. I looked in the mirror and just loved how I looked. From that time one I dressed as often as I could. I kept a lookout for any lingerie that my mother would throw out and that’s how I built up my ” closet” so to speak.

When I was in my early teens i often stayed at my aunts and uncle’s place. They had two girls. So I saw a lot of girlie undies lying around. I loved the little panties with flower prints and little bears and dolls. One weekend I said I forgot to bring any underwear. My aunt said I should wear the panties of my cousins. They were about my age so thay would fit! I couldn’t believe she actually said that! I was over the moon. I’ll never forget the first time I put on a girly pantie! What an arrousing moment!! Later on when I was in the bathroom I secretly put on my aunts panties. And when they all went shopping I said I wasn’t feeling well, so I could stay in. I could put on my aunts pantyhoses too! When my oldest cousin got a boyfriend a few years later, I used to sleep in her bedroom when I visited. This was heacen to me! A whole closet full of teddy’s and bodystocking, nylons and pantyhoses and a lot of thongs, boyshorts and panties!!! I used to change several times a night! Sometimes I had to clean them too without the rest noticing!!! From that time on I wear panties and other women’s lingerie. I’m pretty sure they all knew. When my uncle died he said to me, keep wearing panties if they make you feel happy and comfortable! I Always loved you because you were different! I still do. I now go shopping with my girlfriend. She finds it the most normal thing on earth. I’m truly blessed…

Oh I love this site and the Q & A with Kinky Paret. I have been a Xdresser my whole life. I discovered nylon stockings at age 6 or 7 and have never enough. Maybe 16 months ago I met a young lady online and after a few months revealed my secret. She loves it! I wear silky lingerie 24/7. I have a wonderful collection of sheer dressing gowns that I wear to bed every night. Yum!

Yes. I do an I was 13 yrs old as. I was home alone I say my sisters room door. Open an walk in an look in her dresser an found her blk satin silk pantys an bra as. I slip them on. I also put on her silk blk stay-up stockings as her coton candy metallic pink nail polish an did my toes an nails as they dried I slip on the silk stay-up stockings as I rolled up one of the stay-up an slip my toes in to my an an up my leg to my thights an strengthen it as I did the other leg as I put on her silk blk nightie an matching robe as. I slip on her silksatin blk slippers on my feet as they felt comfortable on them an went to the kitchen an ate breakfast dress in it as. I stay like that all day.

I discovered stockings from a young age of 6 or 7 so my mother was out and i tried on my mothers brand new pair of sheer stockings i tried them on which i ripped and almost got busted by my older brother, when he came in the room i quickly put my legs under her bed and ‘few’ i got lucky. I now discovered XDress i bought a pair of panties and some stockings they feel great. Thank u xdress………

I can remember very well the first time I opened the drawer of my mother’s lingerie, I was stunned in a complete fascination seen all this laces, bras, all the blacks, whites and pinks and touching and taking some pieces and smell them and feel the texture against my face and finally decided to steal one or tow and run to my room go to the bath and taking off all my cloths and try it my little treasure. It was awesome to see myself in bra and suspender and silk stockings, I feel me in glory. A sensation that now after more than 50 years still I feel every day in the morning when I’m in front of my own lingerie drawer and I need to decide what slip, what bra or corset I will use this day, it’s a magic and pleasurable moment one of my favorite of each day. I was maybe 8 years old and now I have almost 60 and I have more than 40 years of using very fem lingerie very day. By the way my wife adored it and she herself makes some cloths for me.

I’ve loved silk my whole life, and when I was a teenager I used to put on my Mom’s corset/girdle which had attachments for stockings. I went to a lingerie store and bought a pair of black stockings (a gift, of course LOL!) to wear with the corset, and then discovered in a closet a gorgeous pure silk Chinese Cheong-sam gown which fit me perfectly. I used to come home and put that on and stand in front of the mirror for a long time. I kept the stockings for a long time, keeping them in very good shape and one trip to Hong Kong I had a custom of knee-high leather high-heel boots made and sent back to the States; those ancient stockings and those boots were heavenly. I bought a black silk halter night gown at VS and used to wear that outfit (sans boots) to bed every night for a long time. Ah… I miss those days.

I’m an older man and the first time I tried wearing lingerie was back in the seventies when I was around 10. I would sneak into my mom and dad’s room and try on her pantyhose and bras. She had the real pantyhose which where panties with stockings sewn into the leg openings. I’d pull those on and then put on one of her bras. The materials felt so good against my skin. I wasn’t trying to look like a girl, I just loved wearing panties and a bra.

I’ve always been fascinated by nylons. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 4 or 5. I used to take my mother’s, wear them in my room then hide them in the back of my closet. One day when I was about 8, I was in my room wearing pantyhose.  My mom  came in and caught me. She wanted to know why I was wearing pantyhose, where I got them from  and if I was taking her’s because she always seemed to have pantyhose missing. I was  sure I was in big trouble so I apologized for taking her pantyhose and confessed I liked how they looked and felt and I just liked wearing them.

My Pantyhose Story
tumblr_ni4rutyh6k1u3b1dqo2_1280I’ve always been fascinated by nylons. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 4 or 5. I used to take my mother’s, wear them in my room then hide them in the back of my closet. One day when I was about 8, I was in my room wearing pantyhose. My mom came in and caught me. She wanted to know why I was wearing pantyhose, where I got them from and if I was taking her’s because she always seemed to have pantyhose missing. I was sure I was in big trouble so I apologized for taking her pantyhose and confessed I liked how they looked and felt and I just liked wearing them.

She assured me it was OK. If I really liked wearing pantyhose she would give me some and I didn’t have to sneak off into my room to wear them. I could wear them around the house if I wanted to as long as I agreed to stop taking her new pairs. Of course I agreed.
She gave me some used pairs. I wore them in the house all the time and to bed at night. She even told my grandmother and aunt that I liked wearing pantyhose and if they had any used pairs in decent shape they should give them to me instead of throwing them away.
Sometimes I would even get new pairs.

When I was 13, I went through a growing spurt and their hand me down used pantyhose was getting too short for me. I had trouble pulling them all the way up. I noticed that the new pairs they occasionally bought for me were a larger size and fit real well so I started buying my own. I really enjoyed shopping for pantyhose. I learned a lot about the different brands and styles. I bought a lot of them and liked wearing them. Eventually I realized I liked tan sheer to waist best and bought that style and color whenever I could find them.

When I was 17, I was going out with a girl who had great legs and wore pantyhose often. She noticed I loved her pantyhosed legs and she teased me with them constantly. One day she bought me 4 pairs of sheer to waist pantyhose as a present. She explained that since I liked pantyhose so much, I should have some of my own. I never told her I already owned several pairs. I slipped into a pair but she didn’t like how they looked with hair crushed underneath. We removed the hair with some Nair. Then I put the pantyhose back on. WOW! They looked and felt fantastic. She agreed that my pantyhosed legs looked much better without the hair..

Then she told me to leave the pantyhose on but slip a pair of shorts over them so we could go out. I did not want to do it. I was sure everyone would notice and it would be extremely embarrassing. She had a way of using her pantyhosed legs to get me to do just about anything she wanted and she used them to get me to do it. I was so nervous at first. When I got near other people I was so sure they would notice and laugh or taunt. But no one noticed or if they did, they didn’t seem to care. I started to relax and enjoy it. I loved being out in public in pantyhose. It was such a rush. We went shopping, to dinner and to a movie. I began to relax and enjoy it. I loved being out in pantyhose. It was such a rush. I was a bit disappointed though. Here I was out in public in pantyhose and no one seemed to notice. I wondered why I was so nervous about it at first.

After that first time out I couldn’t wait to do it again and wanted to get noticed as well. I always kept my legs shaved and usually wore extra short cutoffs with shiny tan sheer to waist pantyhose. I especially enjoyed shopping for and buying pantyhose dressed this way. I was getting noticed. I turned heads many times and managed to draw smiles quite often. I was complimented on having nice legs and sometimes was even asked if I was wearing nylons.
When I was 20, I was walking on a path in a park. Of course I was wearing my shiny tan sheer to waist pantyhose with my short denim cutoffs. I noticed a girl walking towards me. She was wearing short denim cutoffs and high heeled sandals. I also noticed her legs were shiny in the sunlight. I wanted to pass close to her to get a better look and see if she was wearing nylons.

As we passed each other I managed to get a close look at her beautiful nyloned legs. I also was certain she was checking out my pantyhosed legs also. After we passed each other, I wanted another look so I turned around. She turned around also. Our eyes met and we exchanged smiles. She said, “you have really nice legs. What kind of nylons are you wearing?”. WOW! she noticed. “Legg’s Sheer Energy. What are you wearing?”. She responded Legg’s Sheer Energy also. I like them a lot. Apparently you do too.” “Yes I sure do. They are very nice.”

We spent the rest of the day getting to know each other better and sharing our pantyhose experiences and we went out that night, dressed in our pantyhose of course. That was just the beginning of our relationship. We’ve been married 20 years. We still go out in pantyhose all the time. We like shopping for and buying pantyhose for each other when we dress this way. When we are around the house, all we wear most of the time is just pantyhose and a shirt and of course we always wear our pantyhose to bed.