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When Did You First Put On A Pair Of Stockings?  Our Members share their stories below.  Submit your experience by contacting us here.

I first wore stockings when I was 13/14. I’d been watching a Carry On film in which Charles Hawtrey dresses as a woman, and gets his suspender belt crossed and tries to adjust it secretly, but gets sussed. This was food for thought. The next day I came home from school at midday and rifled my Mam’s drawers for her stockings and suspender belt, went in the bathroom and put them on with the suspenders crossed over, just like in the film. Life was never the same after that.
Age 8 for me. I was fascinated at my mothers legs when she wore a dress and i could not help touch them. Of course one thing led to another and  not knowing any better went to the living room in a pair. Yes my mother was horrified and my step father at the time called me names i shall not repeat here. Mind you now that was late 1965 so pantyhose were just taking a hold. Wow im getting old! 
17 years old was my first time wearing stockings on a regular basis. Growing up my mom wore pantyhose everyday to the office, Naturally, as a young girl, in my teens I wore pantyhose (Legg’s pantyhose, they used to be packaged in an giant plastic egg). At 17 I was working retail and pants were not allowed nor were bare legs. I started there wearing pantyhose but one of my co workers wore stockings and I was intrigued by her. She was young, cute, sophisticated and well dressed, not the image I had in the 80’s of stocking wearers. My image was playboy models, porn and old women. My co worker told me that men love a glimpse of stockings and they would hang on every word I said if they caught a glimpse. I took her advice and bought my first belt and stockings for work. My floor sales rocketed, I was cute young and the older men loved the whole experience. This was back in the day when we fit shoes on our customers feet. I’d kneel down to remove their shoes and my skirt would ride up just enough to reveal the welt and sometimes a clip. I ended up selling shoes for Fanfare Shoes and ended up a store manager in Westwood by UCLA at 20. At Fanfare Westwood we sold women’s shoes and pantyhose and stockings, I loved that job however my shoe and stocking collection was a bit large. Today, I still never wear pants to work, unless I’m in scrubs, it’s skirts, dresses and stockings and the men still love a well dressed woman to work with.

I think I was not yet 10.  My five older twin sisters always ran around in the morning in panties, garterbelt and stockings while getting ready for school.  I was very fasinated.   One of my household jobs was taking out the rubbish.  One day, a laddered stocking was in the trash.  I put it in my pocket and took it to my room.  That evening I tried it on.  It was very long for me coming all the way up my legs.  But it felt so wonderful.  That was the start.

I don´t remember my exact age. Must have been around 14 when I tried a pair of my mother´s stockings for the first time. And one of her girdles too. A very exciting experience. Have to admit I was hooked almost immediately. My mother worked so when I came home from school i sneaked into her room and looked what was in her lingerie drawer. The first girdle was a Playtex 18 hours. So i wore girdle and stockings almost every afternoon for a while. Although it had not been easy I could not give up. Till today the magic of the girdle never left me.

For me I was probably 6 or 7 and started wearing my mum’s stockings and suspenders. I did move on to fully dressing up and wore her clothes and shoes for years. Only stopped when I couldn’t fit into her clothes and from that point onwards started to buy my own stockings, lingerie and dresses ever since.

I think I was about 12 /13 and I looked into the draws of my mothers dresser and found the draw containing stockings , bra , knickers , suspender belts, ect. , just picking them up and looking at them I was very curious & liked the silky feel on my hands .

I still to this day don,t know what made me do it but I took a pair of black stockings and suspender belt and went into the bathroom , locked the door and then slipped on the stockings and fastened the suspender belt on around me and felt and unbeleivable rush of excitement.

When I was a bit older and the parents went out for the day I would delve further in to her draw were I found a loveley red lacy basque which I remember putting on with trembling hands , fastening up slipping on the silky black stockings and gorgeous satin red knickers and finding a pair of her high heels & walking up and down the hallway in them feeling the suspender straps pulling taught was just an incredible rush of excitement that has never left me all though I have tried to suppress it – I was hooked and it never leaves me – I know many of you are the same and its good to share with you .

When I was 9 or 10 I was out playing by the flats where I lived. I guess I was getting the urge to dress then. What changed my life was when I came across a bag of underwear that had been thrown out. It was all as new. I took some tights and stockings and tried them on. I was completely hooked. It was the 1970s and sheer and seamed stockings were still worn. I kept them for ages. I went back the following day and OMG there were lots of pairs of high heels as well! I couldn’t believe my luck. Like the hosiery the shoes looked new. I tried loads on, some fitted and others didn’t. I took a few pairs and hid them in the basement of the flats where I lived and visited regularly until one day they disappeared. I guess a cleaner or someone had found them but from my first pair of stockings and heels I was hooked. I can still remember my favourite heels, they must have had a 4 or 5 inch heel and were strappy black stiletto heels. To this day I can’t think what they were all doing there but it was like all my Christmases had come at once and made for an unforgettable summer.

Seeing my mum in her girdle and stockings turned on my curiosity when I was about 6 or 7 but I didn’t get to try them on until we moved house (more privacy). I was 8 and when I tried a girdle and stockings , it didn’t matter about the fit I was hooked. I loved being among  all my aunts, seeing those stockinged legs wow. Every opportunity when alone I tried some of Mum’s things. Fond memories.

Who First Saw You In Stockings Or Who First Caught You In Stockings?

My mother walked in on me once. I was 17 or so, and thought I was the only one awake. My bedroom was downstairs, and thought I could hear anybody approaching. I was wrong obviously. I was wearing stockings with a garter belt, a bra, panties, and some elbow length gloves. She was not amused. It was quite a while before I dressed again.

I was never actually caught by my mother but I was by my first wife, my mother found my stash of clothing and mentioned that “There was Something DIRTY in my room that I should get rid of”.

And my first Wife came home unwell from work and caught me dressed in Most of Her best lingerie !, Neither were best pleased.

Was just turning 15 and caught by my Aunt in her bathroom wearing her beautiful RHT stockings that she always had hanging in there. I had never been more scared, embarrassed and humiliated in my life. I thought my world was ending with my deep fetish secret out and for sure all I could also think about was now my whole family finding out. Story is was to long to tell, but it turned out to be the most shocking and erotic day of my life up to that point.

Had a similar experience when i was about the same age or a bit younger i had been trying on one of my mother’s corsets and a pair of her stocking and she arrived home earlier than expected. Despite hiding under my bed, she found me there. All i remember was being ordered to get out ‘of those things’ and put them back from where i had got them. Like you, i felt humiliated, but nothing more was ever said about the incident. But the experience didn’t in any way affect my fetish for nylon stockings, which of course remains to this day.


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