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Nylon Divas

Got a ton of stuff to share…more added monthly!

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Lisa finds her mom’s nylons…


17 year old Lisa found her mom’s nylons and had to play with them. Being a curious teenager she raided her mom’s lingerie drawer and found all of her mom’s sheer vintage hosiery.

All total, Lisa counted about 30 pairs, some of them in unopened packages that were bought off Ebay several months back. Lisa always liked nylons since she was 7 years old.  She would find her mom’s discarded nylons in the waste basket and would take them to her room where she slipped them on her chubby legs.

Her mom would tell her to take them off and you’re too young. She would tell Lisa when she could wear fine sheer hosiery. Well that discussion never took place, so 17 year old Lisa, growing impatient for her mom’s permission, decided to rebel and try these prized nylons on once again, and that’s when her nylon fetish was renewed.


Harry’s Web Grab – updated

6When I’m not working hard on this website, I like to do what most users like to do, surf the internet for what interests you.

For me, I love to surf for anything to do with nylon fetish.

For now this post will be updated with my web grabs. It could be videos, articles, news, etc. Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

I love fashion shows, especially when the models are wearing nylons or pantyhose. Here is a fashion show where the main theme is sexy nylon stockings, and every model wears nylons all the time. Take a look.

I love to take a Jacuzzi while wearing sheer nylon stockings.  This night I was washing my stockings and pantyhose. I was becoming bored after awhile, so I threw a nylon in the air and it landing on my orange lava lamp. Ooppss… so erotic.




I don’t know about you but I think Nylon Jane is such a hot nylon slut. She does it all. Here’s the perfect promo for her.

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